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S3 Episode 84



People find hope in Springfield...


Bauer Garage Apartment:


Ashlee is getting dressed in her room.

She is excited for her date with Dalton.

Ashlee smiles at herself in the mirror.

There is a knock on the door.

She hollers, "One sec."

She finishes getting ready.

Ashlee opens the door.


Dalton is standing there with flowers.

She smiles, "Hey."

He hands them to her, "How are you?"

She grins, "I'm good."

He nods, "Are you ready for our first date?"

She laughs, "Okay our first date was months ago. Let's not try to rewrite history here Dalton."

He shakes his head, "Why not?"

She stares.

He nods, "I mean it. Why not? Everything got so messed up the first time around because of all my mistakes that I made. Let's try it again."

She nods, "We are trying it again."

He grins, "Let's start over. Fresh start. I want to be the perfect gentleman for you. Please let me do this for you Ashlee."

She goes to kiss him, "You're amazing."

He backs away, "No. Now I know you don't kiss on the first date."

She smiles, "You're taking this very seriously."

He nods, "I take you very seriously."

She grabs her purse.

He holds the door open for her.

She smiles, "Let's go."

The two leave.




Stephanie is having a minor panic attack in the store.

Susan rushes to her, "Are you okay?"

She cries, "I saw him! I saw him standing behind me."

Susan is confused, "Who?"

Stephanie nods, "Guillespie."

Susan stares at her.

She takes Stephanie's hand and the two walk out.

They go right outside of the mall.

Susan looks at her, "Okay you know that it is impossible for Guillespie to be in the mall don't you?"

Stephanie nods, "I know, I know! But I saw him standing behind me. I still see him sometimes."

Susan whispers to her, "Guillespie is dead."

Stephanie nods, "I know, I pulled the trigger."

Susan shushes her, "We can't do this here."

The two walk towards their car.

Stephanie wipes her tears, "I'm so sorry."

Susan hurries, "Just calm down."

Stephanie sighs, "This pregnancy is too much right now."

Susan looks at her, "You're strong Stephanie. You can get through this."

Stephanie shakes her head, "And if I do? I'm just supposed to jump into Mommy mode? I forget everything that has happened and try to raise this baby?"

Susan nods, "You can do it."

Stephanie stares, "Really? Because I'm not so sure."

Susan looks at her, "Come on Steph."

Stephanie sighs, "Being a single Mom is scary."

Susan nods, "I know."

Stephanie wipes a tear, "I might think about finding a family to take this baby once it's born."

Susan stares at her.




James is sitting and drinking coffee.

Robbie and Jude walk over.

Jude sighs, "Hey man."

James looks up at him.

Robbie nods, "How have you been?"

James shakes his head, "Well I lost all my friends, I've been labeled a creep, I felt like a freak, and I was thrown through a glass door by you two."

Robbie sighs, "We are really sorry."

Jude shakes his head, "We heard Belinda was the one who sent that picture of my sister around. I feel like a bag of crap right now."

James scoffs, "Excuse me if I don't feel sorry for you."

Robbie nods, "You shouldn't. We were asses."

James stands up, "Yeah you were. You two suck."

Jude and Robbie watch as James walks away.

James goes to the parking lot and heads to his car.

He walks past Belinda's car.


Belinda gets out, "James!"

He looks at her.

She sighs, "Can we talk?"

He stares, "You have some nerve."

She nods, "I feel like I should talk to you. I feel really bad about what happened. I should have come forward much sooner than I did, for your sake."

He shakes his head, "I know we don't know each other very well. But we are second cousins. And I've never done anything to you. But that didn't stop you from hurting Leah either."

She nods, "To be honest I felt more bad about you. You're like one of the nicest guys at school."

James scoffs, "Go to hell."

She walks towards him, "James come on!"

He turns, "You screwed up my whole life! You hurt Leah! You lied to RJ. You played with Jude, Robbie, and Zach. You played everyone! You're sick."

Belinda shakes her head, "That's not entirely true."

James scoffs, "Whatever."

He heads to his car.

She shouts, "James wait! There is something you need to know."

James stops walking.




Phillip is walking through the hospital.

He approaches Lillian, "Hey."

She hugs him, "Hey! It's good to see you."

He smiles, "I came to see her. How is she doing?"

Lillian nods, "She's getting better. She is able to communicate, her speech is coming back, her physical therapy is going well. Beth is getting stronger everyday."

Phillip smile, "Good."

Lillian nods, "She would love to see you, I'm sure."

Phillip nods, "Okay, I'll go see her."

Lillian smiles as Phillip heads to Beth's room.

Phillip walks in.


Beth looks up and smiles when she sees him.

He grins, "Hey. You look great."

She nods, "Thanks."

He smiles, "It's good to hear your voice again."

She nods.

He walks over and sits with her.

He nods, "So I'm guessing you already heard about the sexting thing?"

She nods with a sad look on her face.

He sighs, "Belinda finally confessed. But James had to go through a lot. The kid has had a rough couple of months."

Beth shakes her head, "James."

He smiles, "Penelope is keeping her room clean for when you come home. She's excited."

Beth smiles.

Phillip sighs, "We all can't wait for you to come home Beth."

She stares, "You... home?"

He nods, "Yeah I forgot to tell you. I moved back into the Spaulding mansion."

She is confused, "And Harley?"

He shakes his head, "No. Not with Harley."

Beth stares at him.


Gus's House:


Harley pulls up in front of Gus's house.

She gets out and walks to the front door.

She knocks.

Gus hollers from inside, "Coming!"


He opens the door.

Harley smiles, "Hey."

He grins, "Hey. Come on in."

Harley walks inside.

She looks around at his entirely messy house.

She sighs, "Wow."

He laughs, "Yeah."

She sighs, "The weirdest part is, you knew I was coming over. So this must be your version of cleaning up."

He sighs, "You know me."

She nods, "Yeah I do. I guess I thought you had grown out of this whole stage of your life. Maybe that was just when you were in relationships."

He sighs, "Yeah, after Drew and I broke up I sort of let the place go."

Harley looks around, "Well I guess that means you haven't cleaned since she left."

He nods, "Did you come over here to talk about the case or to judge my house?"

She nods, "Work. You're right. Sorry. Uh, Ava's memory is still fuzzy about the events that took place when she was being held hostage."

Gus nods, "Well that makes sense. But it's not going to help her case any."

Harley sighs, "I know. that poor girl."

Gus looks at her, "Well maybe we need to crack down on her. Let her know that if she is leaving out any details it could jeopardize her entire case."

Harley shakes her head, "She is the victim. We can't make it seem like-"

He nods, "She is the criminal. You're right."

She grins, "Finishing each other's sentences. Feels like-"

He nods, "We're back."

She smiles at him.

Gus walks towards her, "The best detectives on the force."

She nods, "The best team."

The two look at each other.




Edmund sits at the bar.

He has been drinking.

He has been upset ever since Marah broke up with him.


Annie steps off the elevator.

She is very emotional after being let go.

She walks to the opposite side of the bar.

Edmund looks up from his drink when he hears her ordering.

He hollers, "Annie?"

She sees him.

He nods, "Annie."

She shakes her head, "Just what I need."

He looks at her, "Hey. How is Marah?"

Annie nods, "That is none of your business Edmund. And I'm going to have to ask you to leave me alone."

He sighs, "Annie you have to know that I didn't mean to hurt her. You need to help me talk to Marah. Let me explain the situation to her."

Annie shakes her head, "No. Marah has washed her hands with you."

He gets up, "Well then let me explain the story to you and if you and if you think it sounds reasonable then you can talk to Marah for me."

Annie sighs, "I have wanted Marah to dump you from the beginning. I feel no pity from you."

He scoffs, "You of all people know how I feel. Before I came to Springfield you were the most hated person in town."

She scoffs, "Don't compare me to you."

He sits by her, "Annie please. Don't you wish you had a second chance with Josh."

She nods, "I had a second chance with Josh."

Edmund looks at her, "Annie...."

She looks at him, "What?"

He shakes his head, "I get a weird sense of deja vu."

A nervous Annie turns away.




Dalton and Ashlee are holding hands.

She looks around.

He smiles, "It looks beautiful huh?"

She nods, "Yeah I like fall weather. It's just kind of cold."

He grins, "That's why we wore jackets.

She laughs, "Well if it's a part of your special day you have planned then it must be important."

He nods, "It is."

The two stop.

Ashlee looks around, "I remember. This is where we first met. You stopped your car here and you were asking for directions to Spaulding Enterprises."

The two look down.

He sighs, "Yeah."

She looks around, "I guess that memory is a little tainted now."

He nods, "Like most of them."

She stares at him, "But this is about fresh starts."

He nods, "But we need to address the past to move on. So I brought you here so we could make some new memories in this spot. That will blow our old ones out of the water."

She grins, "I like that idea."

He sighs, "Because now when you look back you will remember that this is the spot where I listed all of the things that I love about you Ashlee."

She smiles, "Okay."

He takes her hand, "I love the way you hold my hand. I love your smile. I really love your laugh. I love your innocence and your sense of humor. I love how naturally caring you are. I love how honest you are. I love that you make everyone you meet feel like they are special."

She grins, "Dalton."

He grins, "I could go on."

She nods, "On a first date wouldn't this be coming on really strong?"

He laughs, "Guess I'm not that good."

She smiles, "You'll still get second date."

He grins, "Well the first date isn't over yet."

The two walk away together.


Susan and Stephanie are in the car now.

Stephanie looks at her, "What do you think?"

Susan looks at her, "About?"

Stephanie sighs, "What I said."

Susan shakes her head, "It's your baby Stephanie. I'm not the mother. I have no say in any of your decisions."

Stephanie nods, "But you were adopted. What do you think about someone giving their child up for adoption."

Susan nods, "Well my mother was a teenager. Harley was not ready to be a Mom. She grew up dirt poor. And my Mom and Dad were great people."

Stephanie smiles, "That's good."

Susan sighs, "Some people probably assume they were bad because of how I turned out. But I think it was their deaths that sort of messed me up a little. Especially my Dad. He died in a house fire on Christmas."

Stephanie stares, "Oh my God."

Susan nods, "Yep. So whenever they have those commercials about Christmas Tree safety... I always think of my Dad. He was kind of a hero. He went back inside to save James. James wasn't even his real son but he loved him. Just like he loved me even though I wasn't his real daughter."

Stephanie nods, "I didn't know all of that."

Susan nods, "I hate Christmas. Honestly."

Stephanie sighs, "Well I might too if something like that happened to me."

Susan sighs, "Dylan and Harley are good people. And they are all I have now. But my Mom and Dad raised me. And I miss them everyday."

Stephanie grins, "I think you're parents would be proud of you."

Susan laughs, "If you're being a smart ass-"

Stephanie shakes her head, "I'm not. I know you messed up a lot. But you're a really strong person. And when it comes down to it you're a good person."

Susan shakes her head, "You're something else."

Susan starts the car.

The two leave.

Gus's House:

Gus and Harley are looking into each others eyes.

He grins, "It's good to be working together on this."

She nods, "I know."

Harley steps closer.

She begins to slip.

She looks down and sees she is stepping in old Chinese food.

She shouts, "Oh my God! Eww, eww!"

He looks down, "Oh crap! I'm sorry."

He grabs a napkin and picks it up."

She sits down on the couch, "Oh God."

He throws it away, "I can't remember-"

She laughs, "The last time you had Chinese food? I figured."

He nods, "I'm sorry."S

She sighs, "This would be cuter if our daughter didn't live here half the time with you."

He nods, "I know. I need to keep this place in better condition. I'm not good at the cleaning thing."

Harley nods, "It's not too bad. It reminds me of the old days."

He laughs, "The old days. Back when we were young."

She grins, "We are still young."

He nods, "We're parents now."

She nods, "I was a parent then."

He sighs, "Well so was I. I just didn't know it. Now I have a son, a daughter, and three step children. I am a Gus, a Dad, and my favorite: Daddy."

Harley grins, "I love it when Angela calls you that. It reminds me of my Dad."

Gus smiles, "I love it."

The two smile at each other.

Gus gets his jacket on, "Which car are we taking?"

She sighs, "I'm afraid of getting in yours. So mine."

The two walk out.


Phillip sits next to Beth.

She sits up in her bed.

He sighs, "Harley and I broke up."

She shakes her head.

He nods, "I'm okay. I think we worked through a lot of our old issues. And we can be friends now. We promised to have lunch once a month to keep our friendship going."

Beth sighs, "Our kiss?"

He shakes his head, "No. I did tell her about the kiss. But that wasn't the reason for our break up. It just was a conversation starter."

Beth looks down.

He sighs, "Don't blame yourself."

She looks at him, "I'm sorry."

He stares, "Are you kidding? Beth you have been amazing me lately. You are getting through this all on your own. You have come out of this stronger than ever. The kids are all so proud of you. I'm proud of you."

She smiles, "Thank you."

He nods, "Things are finally going well. Harley and I are still close. Lizzie is slowly getting better. Zach is going to college and dating a great girl. James's name is cleared. Penelope is doing great. And Emma came back today?"

A confused Beth stares at him.

He nods, "She is a lot different. She has sort of a gothic style now. But she is still Emma. Or Spencer now. But she's 16 and she is really smart and mature. It's incredible."

Beth grins, "Good."

He sighs, "And now you're doing better. I think our whole family is coming together."

She smiles, "Good Phillip."

Phillip takes her hand.

The two smile at each other.


James looks at Belinda.

She sighs, "I need to tell you something."

He shakes his head, "Whatever it is, I don't care. I would love it if you just never talked to me again. Please."

He walks to his car.

She follows him, "James."

James get in his car.

He starts it.

She walks up to the window, "James."

She keeps tapping on it.

He ignores her.

She shouts, "Zach knew James! He knew all along!"

James stops his car.

He rolls down his window.

He looks up at her, "What?"

She nods, "That's right. I sent the picture from his phone to my phone. He saw it on his phone memory. I even confronted him on it. He knew all along that I was the one who sent the naked picture around to everyone."

James shakes his head, "Why would he have kept that a secret?"

She sighs, "Why do you think?"

He scoffs, "Zach is a jerk. But he wouldn't go that far just to hurt me. He wouldn't choose you over me Belinda."

Belinda shouts, "Don't you get it? When Leah thought it was you she didn't talk to you anymore. He didn't have to worry about stuff."

James stares, "About what?"

She sighs, "He was worried that Leah would see what everyone else sees. That she chose the wrong Spaulding. That the good guy has been there all along."

James turns away.

Belinda nods, "I'm sorry. You're brother is a bastard. He doesn't deserve Leah."

Belinda walks away.

James can't believe what he has heard.

He gets his phone.

After some time passes James pulls himself together.

He texts Marti to confirm being her date for homecoming.


Annie and Edmund are sitting next to each other.

Annie sips her drink.

He looks at her, "I know you started drinking again, but I can't even remember how I found out. When did you start drinking again Annie?"

She shakes her head, "Mind your own business."

He sighs "Hear me out. I was here that night and I really drunk. I barely remember it. I went back to my room and a couple of hours later I woke up naked after having sex. Marah was crying and saying that I had cheated on her. I barely remember anything. Someone probably took advantage of me."

Annie scoffs, "You're a grown man, not a teenage girl. No one can make you do anything you don't want to do."

He sighs, "Come on Annie."

She shakes her head, "Marah was always out of your league. Just consider yourself lucky that you got to have her for as long as you did."

He shakes his head, "It can't be over."

Annie pats him on the back, "News flash Eddie. It is."

Annie pays for her drink and leaves.

Edmund stares at her as she gets on the elevator.

The bartender looks at him, "You okay Mr. Winslow?"

Edmund shakes his head, "Of course not."

The bartender nods, "That your new girlfriend?"

Edmund scoffs, "No."

The bartender looks confused, "I wasn't sure. You two looked pretty cozy the last time you were in here."

Edmund stares, "The last time?"

He nods, "Yeah. You two talked about your problems and then she took you up to your room."

Edmund stares, "Oh my God.... it was Annie. I slept with Annie."


Edmund tells Marah the truth

Eden has a new career plan

Peter and Stephanie have a date

Shayne and Ava make love

Leah finds out EVERYTHING!


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