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S3 Episode 67



Emotions get the best of people in Springfield...




Phillip stares through the window of the hospital room.

Lillian walks over, "So far no change."

Phillip shakes his head, "I know it's not Beth in there.... but she has to be in there somewhere."

Lillian wipes tears, "I know what you mean. It's still my daughter. I can't lose my daughter all over again..."

Phillip puts his arm around Lillian.

Inside the room.

Lorelei/Beth lies in her hospital bed.

Inside her mind...


Beth stands alone in a dark room.

She looks around.


Lorelei walks over to her, "You lookin' for a way out?"

Beth turns to her, "I'm done hiding. My family needs me now more than ever. It's time I stood up."

Lorelei laughs, "What makes you think they'll take you back? Heck what makes you think you could handle it?"

Beth nods, "I don't need you to fight my battles anymore. I'm stronger than I used to be."

Lorelei looks at her, "I don't think so."

Beth stares, "You don't scare me."

Lorelei scoffs, "Is that the best you got?"

The two personalities stare each other down.


Bauer Home:


Leah sits in her kitchen.

She hasn't left her house much since the picture got out.

There is a knock at the door.


She looks and sees James through the glass door.

She stares at him.

James hollers, "Can I come in please?"

Leah walks over slowly.

She opens the door.

The two stare at each other.

She shakes her head, "Is it true?"

He sighs, "Please. Let me come in."

Leah walks back over to the counter.

James shuts the door behind him.

Leah sits down.

James sighs, "You know I would never do something like that to you Leah. Please believe me."

She sighs, "I want to. James I thought we were friends. I thought you were one of the good guys."

James nods, "I am."

She shakes her head, "I don't know what to believe anymore. Zach says..."

James looks at her, "Zach? Zach is full of crap. You deserve so much better than my brother."

She looks at him, "What is all of this about?"

He walks closer to her, "Leah I could never hurt you. You mean a lot to me. Don't you know that?"

Leah stares at James.




Clarissa is getting her light exercise in.

She is walking down the sidewalk.


Bridget Reardon is reading a book on a bench.

There are no other benches available.

Clarissa walks towards her, "Do you mind if I sit down here for a minute to catch my breath?"

Bridget moves her purse, "Oh of course not."

Clarissa sits down.

Bridget looks at her, "You look familiar."

Clarissa nods, "I'm Clarissa Marler."

Bridget smiles, "Oh! Oh you're Blake and Ross's daughter. Peter's cousin. I'm Bridget Reardon."

Clarissa nods, "Oh hi. I'm sorry. I didn't realize."

Bridget looks at her, "You look a lot like your mother."

Clarissa turns away, "Yeah.... so you moved back to Springfield huh?"

Bridget nods, "I'm the new principal of Springfield High School. I start in a few weeks."

Clarissa smiles, "Oh I just graduated from there. Class of 2011. It's a nice school."

Bridget looks at her stomach, "How far along are you sweetheart? Are you in your third trimester yet?"

Clarissa nods, "Yeah I am. I have a few more weeks. But I'm certainly getting there."

Bridget looks at her, "I know this is so rude for me to ask so feel free to say no..."

Clarissa is not ready to be lectured about being a teen mom again.

Bridget grins, "Can I feel?"

Clarissa smiles, "Oh... sure."

Bridget puts her hand on Clarissa's stomach.

Bridget remembers what it's like to be in that situation.


Cross Creek:


Shayne gets off the phone.

He hasn't shaved in a while.

His clothes don't match.

Shayne has been a wreck these past few weeks.

He is pacing around the room.

The door opens.


Dylan walks in, "Hey little brother.

Shayne looks at him, "Hey! It's good to see you man."

Dylan hugs him, "You too. Mom has been trying to set up a lunch for all of us but you have been to busy."

Shayne nods, "Yeah I am still leading the search for Ava. Once we get her back home everything will calm down."

Dylan looks at him, "I remember Ava when she was married to Bill. Before she fell into a coma."

Shayne nods, "Yeah... well you don't know the new Ava. So you don't really know her at all."

Dylan nods, "I know. And I know that this girl means an awful lot to you. Mom was telling me-"

Shayne looks at him, "I am in love with her. And I don't care how crazy she can be at times. It's my life."

Dylan looks around, "It doesn't look like you have much of a life anymore."

Shayne scoffs, "Whatever."

Dylan sighs, "I think you need to get back to your life Shayne."

Shayne looks at him, "This is my life."

Dylan shakes his head, "There is more to your life than Ava."

Shayne shouts, "I'm not giving up on her!"

Dylan sighs, "Shayne please."

Shayne sighs, "If I drop out on her then who else does she have?"

Dylan worries about his brother.


Mallet's House:


The doorbell rings.

Mallet comes down the stairs.

He opens the door.


Maureen is standing there, "Hey. Can I come in?"

Mallet nods, "Well yeah. You know you could have just walked in if you wanted to."

She shakes her head, "I don't live here anymore Mallet."

He sighs, "You might as well."

She turns to him, "I don't think so."

He looks at her, "How much longer is this break of ours going to last Maureen? I'm really getting sick of it."

She nods, "Me too. I've been thinking a lot. I decided I'm staying at the apartment with my friends."

Mallet nods, "That's great. Our relationship is going to go no where with thinking like that."

She sighs, "I'm sorry but it's more than that."

He looks at her, "What are you talking about?"

She takes her key out of her purse and puts it on the table.

He stares, "What is this?"

She shakes her head, "I can't do this anymore Mallet. I thought this summer would make us stronger. But all it has done is shown me every reason why we aren't right for each other."

Mallet can't believe what he's hearing.




Upstairs in the boarding house.

Stephanie sits on her bed.

For a second she almost doesn't think about everything that has happened.

She feels sick to her stomach every time she thinks of Guillespie.

Stephanie gets up and walks over to the mirror.

She looks at her bruises.

They are starting to fade now.

There is a knock on her door.

Stephanie turns, "One second."

She puts a long sleeve shirt on.

She walks over and opens the door.


David is standing there, "We need to talk."

Stephanie nods, "Good to see you too."

He walks in, "This is not a joke."

She turns to him, "I didn't say it was. I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been."

He shakes his head, "No we aren't here to talk about me. I go to the station and find out from everyone else that you have been having a secret relationship with that Guillespie guy?"

Stephanie turns away, "It's in the past and I don't want to talk about it anymore."

He scoffs, "That's the guy that you've been ditching us for? He's the reason you cut yourself out of the family all summer?"

She sighs, "I'm sorry okay. It was a mistake."

He looks at her, "I need you to tell me everything."

She shakes her head, "What?"

He nods, "I know there is more. I don't want anymore surprises. Please."

She turns away.

He sighs, "If there is something else you need to tell me now. I can help you if you let me."

Stephanie has tears in her eyes.



Bridget has her hand on Clarissa's stomach.

Clarissa smiles.

Bridget looks at her, "You seem really excited."

Clarissa nods, "I am. I think it's a blessing in disguise. I mean I know I'm really young and the father is... out of the picture. But I still feel like this baby is meant for something."

Bridget grins, "That is a beautiful way of looking at it. You seem like you have a great head on your shoulders.

Clarissa smiles, "Thank you. It's nice meeting someone who doesn't just assume I'm going to be a bad mother because I'm so young."

She nods, "Believe me I am not one to judge. I was in the same situation once upon a time."

Clarissa nods, "Did it turn out well for you?"

Bridget nods, "Well it was rough at first. I just made some tough decisions and it complicated things. But when the dust settled I think things worked out for the best."

Clarissa smiles, "Well good. I hope the same thing happens for me."

Bridget smiles, "I think it will. Just remember to think really hard before you make a major decision. Because when you have to correct it... it can get tough."

Clarissa nods, "Okay."

Bridget gets up, "I have to get home. Take care Clarissa."

Clarissa grins, "You too Ms. Reardon."

She laughs, "Call me Bridget."

Bridget walks away.

Cross Creek:

Shayne is still walking around the room.

Dylan looks at him, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make it sound like I was disrespecting Ava."

Shayne looks at him, "Then what did you mean?"

Dylan sighs, "I'm worried about you little brother. Okay we are all worried about you."

Shayne shakes his head, "No. This whole family wants me to give up on Ava. I'm not going to."

Dylan walks over to him, "It's been all summer. Maybe it's time you face the reality of this situation."

Shayne backs up, "What? What the hell does that mean?"

Dylan sighs, "You might not find Ava. Or maybe she doesn't want to be found. Or maybe..."

Shayne turns away, "Shut up! I know Ava is lost out there somewhere and alive. I can feel it."

Dylan sighs, "I know. But maybe you should consider the possibility that you and Ava aren't going to just get back together."

Shayne shouts, "I can't give up on her!"

A frustrated Shayne has tears in his eyes.

Dylan sighs, "I'm sorry."

Shayne shakes his head, "Just go!"

Dylan walks over to him.

Shayne shoves him.

Dylan walks over and hugs Shayne.

An emotional Shayne is struggling with this pressure.


Stephanie is in her room with her brother David.

David looks at her, "I'm really worried about you. Please just be honest with me Stephanie."

She sighs, "You wouldn't understand."

He looks at her, "Please."

Stephanie takes a deep breath.

She turns to him, "He hit me."

David shakes his head, "I'll kill him."

She sighs, "It's too late."

He stares, "What does that mean."

She stares, "Susan and I.... told him to leave Springfield. And he did. So he's gone for good now."

David scoffs, "Until he comes back for you!"

She shakes her head, "He's not coming back."

David stares, "Is he the reason you ended up in the hospital?"

Stephanie has tears in her eyes, "I tried to break up with him and he threw me down the stairs."

David turns away, "Why? Why didn't you come to me?"

Stephanie cries, "I was embarrassed."

David shakes his head, "No. He is a bastard! No one puts there hands on my sister like that."

Stephanie sighs, "It's over now."

David hugs her.

Stephanie can't bear to tell David all of the truth.

Mallet's House:

Maureen sits down on the couch.

Mallet looks at her, "Why are you doing this? Where is all of this coming from?"

She shakes her head, "We're growing a part."

He is confused, "What are you talking about?"

She sighs, "When we first got together it was because we were bonding over everything. And I loved you and the kids. But now I feel like we lost all of that and there's nothing left."

He stares, "How can you say that to me?"

She looks at him, "Tell me this, if Belinda hadn't sent that video out, would you have ever wanted to go public?"

He nods, "Of course."

She shakes her head, "I don't think so. I think you were waiting until you were sure we were together for good. And that time never came. What does that tell you Mallet?"

He turns away, "I can't believe what I'm hearing. Give me one reason why we shouldn't be together?"

Maureen stands up, "Because we aren't being honest with ourselves or each other. Couples don't feel uncomfortable around each other. Couples don't have to hide things from each other. Couples don't keep secrets about kissing other people!"

Mallet's eyes widen, "What?"

She sighs, "Yes."

He shakes his head, "When did Dinah tell you?"

Maureen is confused, "Dinah... oh my God! Did you kiss Dinah?"

He nods, "Isn't that what you were talking about?"

She shakes her head, "No! I was talking about my kiss with Jason!"

Mallet and Maureen stare at each other.

Bauer Home:

James walks towards Leah.

She looks at him, "I want to believe you."

He sighs, "I care about you."

She sighs, "I care about you too. You were always a good friend to me. When we were kids you were always so sweet to me."

James sighs, "Please tell me you believe me. What do I have to do to prove it to you?"

Leah stares into James's eyes.

He seems sincere to her.


Jude and Robbie walk down

Robbie scoffs, "You gotta be kidding me."

Jude is furious, "What part of 'stay away' do you not understand Spaulding? Get out!"

James sighs, "I'm not leaving until everyone hears me out."

Robbie nods, "Fine we'll call the cops."

Jude turns to him, "No we don't need the cops."

Leah sighs, "Jude calm down."

Jude looks at him, "You are a freak James! You sent that picture out to half the town."

James shakes his head, "No I didn't."

Jude stares, "Do you want things to get violent?"

James sighs, "I'm not leaving."

Robbie and Jude walk over.

Robbie shoves him, "Get out!"

James keeps staring at Leah.

Jude shoves him.

James shoves back, "Go to hell."

Jude looks at Robbie.

The two grab James.

Leah jumps up, "Stop!"

James hollers, "Let go!"

Jude and Robbie throw James.

He goes flying into the glass door of the Bauer kitchen.


Inside of Lorelei/Beth's room.

She still lies in her bed.

Inside of her mind the battle continues.

Beth feels a sharp pain in her stomach.

She moans, "Something's wrong..."

Lorelei scoff, "Let me guess. Mother's intuition?"

Beth turns to her, "Shut up!"

Lorelei scoffs, "It's been a while since we talked? Do you remember last time? It was 2 years ago."

Beth nods, "My wedding day to Phillip. Lizzie was in the hospital after being shot. Phillip was battling for the spot of CEO. God there were so many things going on."

Lorelei nods, "And what about now? It's even worse! Alan is going to prison for good! Phillip is in love with Harley. Lizzie is back in psycho mode. James turned out to be a creepy pervert. You can't handle this Beth. Don't even waste your time."

Beth shakes her head, "I don't have a choice. I'm tired of letting you take over. It's wrong. I can't just check out when the going gets tough."

Lorelei looks at her, "You think you can handle Springfield again? You think you can last one minute out there without hiding behind me? I'm not even giving you the chance."

Beth nods, "I'm taking back control."

Lorelei looks at her, "It's too late. If I can't live... neither can you."

Beth starts to panic.

Back in the hospital room.

Her heart monitor starts to go off.


Beth and Lorelei battle!

James goes to the hospital

Dylan worries about Susan

Natalia reassures Alan

Maureen and Mallet call it quits

Roxie asks for Johnny's help


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