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S3 Episode 50



Springfield will never be the same...


Country Club:


Alan Spaulding walks into Cassie's going away party.

Natalia is at his side.

The whole party stares.


Cassie is with Felicia, Mel, and Clayton.

Cassie stares, "What the hell are you doing here?"

He sighs, "I need to talk to all of you. I have something very important to say to you."

Clayton scoffs, "You've done enough."


Harley walks over, "Alan you cannot be here. Either you leave now or the police will remove you."

Alan shakes his head, "I can't go yet."

Mel looks at Natalia, "How could you bring him here to this? What are you thinking Natalia?"

Natalia sighs, "I tried to talk him out of it. Please just hear Alan out, give him a chance."

Cassie shakes her head, "He has been given more than enough chances by this town."


Jeffrey walks over, "Alan, you need to leave."

Alan sighs, "You're right Cassie. I was given far to many chances by this town and by God. It took me a while but I finally figured out why I was meant to have Remy's heart."

Felicia turns away in disgust.

Clayton holds her.

Mel looks at him, "Go away."

Alan looks at the whole room, "I know all of you. Cassie, Felicia, Clayton, Mel, Harley, Reva, all of you. At one point or another I hurt all of you. Even you Natalia."

Natalia stares at him.

Alan sighs, "But I finally realized that it's not to late."

Cassie nods, "Yes it is. You can't bring Tammy back. You cannot bring Remy back. It's over."

Alan shakes his head, "It's far from over."

Everyone looks at each other.

Police officers enter the room.


Museum Apartment:




Everyone stands around.

Eden is with Coop.

Maureen stands with Jason.

Kevin is with Rocky.

They all turn to the door.


Vi Grant walks in.

Maureen stares, "Vi. I can't believe you are actually here. When did you get back in town?"

Vi grins, "Not to long ago. It's great to see the old gang back together. I got the invitation for my Aunt Stephanie. I was hoping maybe I could take her place here?"

They all look at each other.

She laughs, "Come on. I've grown up. I know it's awkward since I dated every guy in this room."

Coop stares, "Vi we never dated. You had a crush on me as your teacher that grew into an obsession."

Vi nods, "Yeah sure."

Eden sighs, "You know what? I know better than anyone that people can change. Vi if you want to live with us then you are more than welcome to be one of the roommates."

Eden and Coop go to get some paper work and drinks.

Vi walks over to Maureen, "So which one of the Marler boys are you dating now? Jason or Kevin?"

Maureen sighs, "Neither."

Vi grins, "Oh so that leaves them both open to me. You know I think Kevin always had a soft spot for me."

Maureen giggles, "You don't know the half of it."

Vi scoffs, "Whatever. I think pretty soon things are going to start to get pretty hot-"

Vi watches as Kevin and Rocky kiss.




Dalton stands between Ashlee and Roxie

Roxie scoffs, "Who the hell are you?"

Dalton sighs, "Someone who is tired of seeing pushy mother's try and control their children."

Roxie laughs, "Wow you have absolutly no idea what you are talking about so save yourself the embarrassment."

Ashlee looks at her, "Go away. I'd rather stand here with Dalton than with you Roxie."

Roxie scoffs, "What you know each other?"

Dalton puts his arm around Ashlee, "Ash and I are old friends."

Roxie looks at Ashlee.

Ashlee turns away.

Roxie sighs, "Fine. But this isn't over Ashlee."

Roxie walks away.

Ashlee watches.

Dalton sighs, "She's one crazy bitch."

Ashlee nods, "That was her nice side."

Dalton laughs, "Wow. Well believe me you are nothing like your mother. It's hard to believe you're related."

She turns to him, "I love you for saying that."

He stares.

She shakes her head, "I don't mean like 'love' love. I mean-"

He laughs, "It's fine Ashlee."

The two smile at each other.

Amanda Spaulding watches them from a distance.


Country Club:

Alan stares at the crowd.

Everyone's eyes are on him.

Alan nods, "I know what I have to do now. You all need to know. Officially at least that is."

Everyone watches.

Alan can't look at Cassie so he turns away, "On January 22 2007, I hired a man named Guillespie to run down Jonathan Randall with his car so I could help keep custody of his daughter Sarah. Unfortunately there was an accident and it was Tammy Winslow who was killed that night."

Cassie's eyes fill with tears.

Natalia is crying as well.

Alan takes a deep breath, "I confess to my role in the murder of Tammy Winslow Randall. A crime that has haunted this town for years. And devastated Remy Boudreau until his death."

Felicia is now crying as well.

Alan turns to the crowd, "You heard me Harley. Everyone heard me."

Harley is somewhat in shock but look at the officers, "Okay, you know what to do. Alan Spaulding you are under arrest for the murder of Tammy Winslow."

Natalia has to turn away as she watches the police walk towards her husband and it brings her to tears.

The police escort Alan out of the Country Club.

Jeffrey has his arms around Cassie.


A tearful RJ walks over from behind the crowd.

He hugs his mother who is fighting her tears.

Cassie nods, "It's over... it's finally over."




Buzz is laying in his bed.

He wanted to take a quick nap.

He jumps up.

He looks around, "Crap. What time is it?"

He hears a familiar British accent, "Time for you to buy a watch. Or you know, take one."

He is confused, "Jenna?"


He turns to see his deceased wife Jenna looking in the mirror.

She grins, "You look like you've seen a ghost."

He sighs, "Oh God. I had a heart attack in my sleep? I don't want to die in my sleep. I know that's how everyone says they want to go but I always imagined myself going out in style ya know?"

She laughs, "Like I did?"

He nods.

She sighs, "You are far from dead. But you certainly are making this little visit depressing."

He sighs, "I'm sorry. I miss you."

She nods, "I know. But I'm happy to see what a great father and grandfather you are. And Great-Grandfather."

The two laugh.

Buzz sighs, "I don't know about that."

Jenna grins, "Coop and Rocky are both lucky to have you. And they both finally found people they can really be happy with. All of your children are grown up now."

Buzz nods, "That's why I feel this way. Like death is coming. Like my meaning for life is over."

She laughs, "Oh Buzz. Your journey is far from over."

He stares at her.




Ava is walking out of her office at the Beacon.

Edmund approaches her, "There are you."

She smiles, "Hi."

He grins, "You are a difficult woman to find."

She sighs, "I'm sorry. I'm kind of distracted. I am supposed to meet Shayne soon to talk about things."

He nods, "Well I just wanted to see you to let you know about what was going on at Cassie's going away party since you didn't show up to it, which was surprising."

Ava sighs, "Oh God! I let it slip my mind."

Edmund sighs, "I'm sure Cassie understands. But I just thought you should know, Cassie signed over her half of the Beacon to Marah."

Ava is shocked, "What? Why?"

Edmund nods, "I know you hate the idea. But I really would appreciate it if you and Marah would at least try to get along. I really do care about Marah. And I love you."

Ava nods, "I love you too Dad."

He sighs, "I know."

She nods, "And I love Shayne. Marah is with you, my Dad. I'm trying to work on things with her brother. Now we work together. I guess I am going to have to suck it up."

Edmund grins, "I'm glad to hear that."

Ava nods, "I'm not even that upset. I'm getting ready to see Shayne. Things are going well. So today might be one of the greatest days of my life. Things just can't go wrong today."

Ava smiles at her father.


Country Club:


Cassie is pulling herself together.

Reva walks over, "Hey Sis, are you okay?"

Cassie nods, "Believe it or not I am okay. That was a lot to deal with but I think I needed to have that closure.

Reva nods, "Does that mean you're staying?"

Cassie shakes her head, "If anything this reminded me that I can finally move on."

Reva's eyes fill with tears, "Okay, well you promise to call me every chance you get and anytime you need something. That is what sisters are for. And I don't care about any of our problems from the past. You are my sister and that is all that matters."

Cassie nods, "I owe everything to you Reva. You had no reason to trust me when I came to this town."

Reva smiles, "You're my sister."

Cassie nods, "I honestly don't even want to imagine what my life would be like or where I would have ended up in my future if I had never met my big sister Reva."

Reva grins, "I know the feeling."

The two smile at each other.

Reva takes her hand, "I know one thing. Momma is looking down on us right now and she's happy."

Cassie grins, "That reminds me."

Cassie pulls out her cameo.

Reva smiles, "I would have brought mine too. But I gave it to Sarah a long time ago. Hopefully it will bring her back to us the same way that your did for us."

Cassie smiles, "Thank you for everything Reva. I love you."

Reva cries, "I love you too Sis."

The two sister's hug.


Dalton and Ashlee are still together.

She smiles, "Why did you come to my rescue?"

He sighs, "Let's not be over dramatic about all of this Ash. I just told your Mom off."

Ashlee nods, "You didn't have to."

He sighs, "I guess I just wanted to get involved in an argument. Believe it or not they're pretty fun."

Ashlee shakes her head, "I don't think so. I think you saw some similarities between Roxie and I, that you have with your mother Amanda. I'm right aren't I?"

He laughs, "You have a crazy imagination Ashlee."

She grins, "I know what I'm talking about."

He sighs, "There is a lot you don't know about me Ashlee."

She nods, "You could fill me in."

He shakes his head, "The less you know the better. I'll see you around Ashlee, have a nice day."

Ashlee watches as he walks away.

Amanda walks over, "Don't even think about it."

Ashlee turns to her, "Ms. Spaulding?"

Amanda nods, "Ashlee you don't want to throw yourself at Dalton. He's not right for you."

Ashlee shakes her head, "I wasn't going to throw myself at Dalton. You don't even know me."

Amanda nods, "I know you're type. Just stay away from my son, if you know what's good for you."

Amanda walks away leaving Ashlee nervous and confused.

Museum Apartment:

Maureen and Vi watch as Kevin and Rocky kiss.

Vi walks over, "What the hell?"

Kevin grins, "Good to see you too Vi."

She shakes her head, "Since when are you bi?"

He laughs, "I'm not. I'm gay."

Vi stares, "You weren't gay when we slept together."

He nods, "Yeah I was."

Vi stares at him.

Jason walks over, "You always love making a scene. Good to see you Vi. Welcome back."

She grins, "Good to see you too. It'll be fun having all of us living under one roof huh?"

Maureen nods, "I think so."

Rocky smiles, "I think this was a good idea."

Eden and Coop walk over with wine glasses.

Coop starts pouring drinks, "Everyone in agreement?"

Rocky nods, "I think so."

Kevin smiles, "I'll admit I think it will be fun living with my boyfriend, my brother, and my friends."

Jason grins, "Agreed."

Everyone now has a glass.

Eden raises hers, "To our new living arrangement. And let's all promise, no drama."

Everyone raises their glasses.

Jason whispers to Maureen, "Does this mean things are not going well between you and Mallet?"

Maureen sighs, "No, we're fine. Don't worry about it."

Vi is trying to listen in on their conversation.

Her phone dings.

She has a text message: "Never show your face here again!"

Vi stares at the message.

Rocky and Kevin hold hands.

Eden and Coop kiss.


Jenna walks around the room.

Buzz looks at her, "I think about you everyday."

She smiles, "I know Buzz."

He sighs, "I just feel like I have no point here anymore. I mean I know all of my children grew up without me. But I feel like they are really able to take care of themselves now."

Jenna nods, "Is that a bad thing?"

He shakes his head, "Not at all. I mean it just feels like everything in Springfield is changing."

Jenna looks at him, "What do you mean?"

He sighs, "First Frank and Eleni leave. Then Lucy leaves town. Then Marina leaves with Cyrus and her son."

Jenna sighs, "Everyone is growing up and moving on?"

Buzz nods, "I guess so. But what am I supposed to do? At my age, moving on is well, joining you."

She looks at him with a very serious face, "No. It is not your time yet Buzz. You hear me?"

He nods, "I hear ya. Believe me I am in no hurry. Though I wouldn't mind being reunited with my true love."

She smiles, "Oh Buzz, you have to find out what's right for you. You have made up for your mistakes in the past. It's time for you to finally start living for yourself again."

He grins, "I love you."

Suddenly Buzz wakes up in his bed.

He looks around the empty room, "Jenna."

He stares at the picture of Jenna on the shelf across the room.


Cassie lays flowers down on Tammy's headstone.

Cassie sits down, "I love you Baby. I miss you everyday. And I will never understand why any parent ever has to experience this. I wouldn't wish it on anyone."

Cassie feels the wind blow through her hair and across her face.

She sighs, "You brought me here. I was trying to find a way to get to you and it brought me to our family. All I ever wanted was for you and your brothers to have a better life than I had growing up. And I really hope I could give that to you."

RJ walks over, "You did."

Cassie looks at him.

RJ sits by her, "Anytime I would get mad at you Tammy would remind me how much you sacrificed for us."

Cassie sighs, "And now I'm abandoning you."

He laughs, "Mom I'm an adult. And Will still needs to have some time with you. I'll be fine."

Cassie hugs him, "I hope you never felt neglected. When I lost Tammy... I lost a lot. But I shouldn't have let that get in the way of me being a mother to you sweetheart."

RJ nods, "I know. It was tough. But we all got through it."

She puts her hands on his face, "You look so much like Hart. You find a way to remind me of Hart, Richard and Tammy. But you're still my RJ. My first son. I love you so much."

He grins, "I love you too Mom."

The two hug.

Jeffrey walks over, "You ready?"

RJ stands up, "Take care of her."

Jeffrey hugs him, "I will. You take care of yourself."

Cassie looks around one last time.

Jeffrey and Cassie head to the their car.

Country Club:


Annie walks into the party.

Marah walks over to her, "You won't believe everything that happened just now. You missed it."

Annie nods, "I saw Alan with the cops."

Marah nods, "He confessed to Tammy's murder."

Annie sighs, "Wow. Well I'd be lying if I said I was upset for Alan. I think he's finally getting what's coming to him."

Marah sighs, "If only Ava would to."

Annie turns to her, "Don't worry about Ava."

Marah looks at her, "I keep thinking. What would Annie do?"

Annie sighs, "Me too."

Annie puts her arm around Marah.

A very unhappy Reva watches the two of the conversing.

Outside of the Country Club.

Alan is with the police.


Phillip walks over, "What's going on?"

Harley walks over to him, "Your father came in and confessed to Tammy's murder. In front of everyone. He is going to turn himself in, plead guilty and face a prison sentence."

Phillip looks at his father, "What is this?"

Alan looks at him, "Phillip there is something else I have to tell you. It's important."

Phillip walks over.

The cop shakes his head, "No time."

Alan sighs, "No it's about Beth."

Phillip scoffs, "I know about your relationship with Beth so just save it Dad, I'm done."

Alan shakes his head, "No Phillip think about it. Beth doesn't do these things. Beth is not this cold to her own children. This is not Beth, Phillip can't you see that?"

Phillip stares, "It's not Beth."

Alan nods, "It's Lorelei."

Alan is placed into the car.


Ava is walking down the sidewalk.

She realizes there is nobody around.

Suddenly she sees Shayne across the park.

He is sitting on a bench with his back to her.

Ava hollers, "Shayne."

He does not respond.

Ava starts walking faster.

Suddenly she hears a van speed down the road and stop right next to her.

The doors open up and arms reach out and cover her mouth.

Ava is dragged into the van fighting.

The doors close.

The van races and turns the corner.

Shayne takes his headphone to his music off.

He watches the van speed past him, unaware of what just happened.

He looks at his watch and wonders how long Ava will be.


Everyone notices Ava's disappearance

Phillip and Harley confront Lorelei!

Blake and Dinah get surprising news

Rafe helps Clarissa

Liz scares Lillian

Guillespie pleases Stephanie


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