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S3 Episode 40



Lives are forever changed in Springfield...





Remy Boudreau lies dead.

Liz is laying on the floor holding her son and crying.

Felicia and Clayton cling to each other.


Rick and the nurses walk in.

Rick hugs Mel, "I'm so sorry. I am so sorry honey."

Lillian walks over to Liz, "Oh Baby. I am so sorry. Oh Lizzie please say something."

Liz shakes her head, "This can't be happening. We were supposed to get married and spend the rest of our life together. It was supposed to be our happening ending where we road of into the sunset."

Lillian holds her, "I'm so sorry."

Liz gets up, "No."

She stands about Remy, "Please... please open your eyes Remy... You can't leave me here all by myself!!!"

An emotional Liz feels lost.

Rick looks at Mel, "Did you tell them about your promise to Remy?"

Mel stares at her husband.

Across the hospital.


Natalia waits outside of Alan's room.

Ed walks out.

Natalia looks at him, "Tell me he's okay."

Ed nods, "We got his heart started again. But he is very weak. He is resting right now. I don't believe he even has the strength to wake up right now Natalia."

Natalia cries, "He... he is everything to me."

Natalia walks into Alan's room.

Alan lies in his bed holding onto life as hard as he can.



Carriage House:



Ross stands with Jason.

Blake looks at Ross, "Remy is the man I want to be with. He is the man that I love."

Ross is confused, "Lizzie's Remy?"

Blake shouts, "No! You don't know what you are talking about."

Blake grabs a small box.

Ross looks at her, "I need to talk to you. Blake please, I'm not asking you to just take me back. But I am still the father of your children. Blake you can't avoid me forever."

Blake can't look directly at him, "I can't do this. Not today, maybe tomorrow but not today."

Ross takes her hand, "Please."

She pulls it away, "No! Don't touch me! I have to get to Remy before... I just need to see him."

Blake rushes out the door.

Jason sighs, "I'm sorry Dad."

Ross turns to him, "No don't be sorry. I'm so grateful that you have forgiven me. You don't have to, you have a right to be just as furious as everyone else is at me."

Jason shakes his head, "I haven't forgiven you yet. I'm just not ignoring you. You're still my father."

Ross hugs him, "I love you son. I am so proud of you. I love all of you, Dinah, Jason, Clarissa, your mother."

Jason nods, "I know."


Clayton and Felicia sit back in the waiting room.

Felicia shakes her head, "This can't be happening. I've spent years talking to mothers and telling them how to get through mourning their child... I never thought it would be me. Now everything I've ever said, any advice I've given just seems like... words."

Clayton kisses her head, "We are going to get through this. We had a very good son. We are lucky we got to know him even if it wasn't for as long as we would have hoped."

Felicia continues to cry in Clayton's arms.

Mel walks over, "Mom, Dad. I need to talk to you. It's not a good time but I don't think there is ever going to be a good time."

Clayton and Felicia just stare at her.

Mel nods, "You know Remy was an organ donor."

Clayton sighs, "Mel, don't worry. We've said our goodbyes. Whatever Remy wanted to do with his body... we will respect his wishes."

Felicia nods.

Mel shakes her head, "There is more. Remy overheard the nurses talking saying that they didn't have enough blood for Alan because it all went to him. And Remy told me..."

Felicia shakes her head, "No... no, no."

Mel just stares at her parents who realize what she is saying.

Down the hall.

Ed just finished talking to Rick.

Blake rushes into the hospital.

Ed sees her, "Blake... what are you doing?"

Blake sighs, "I know I'm not allowed in Remy's room. But ask him, he told me to get this and bring it back to him and if you just let me see him I promise you. I think this will help."

Ed shakes his head, "No it won't."

Blake sighs, "Ed please! I know it sounds silly but I told him I'd be right back with this stuff. So please let me see him."

Ed stands in front of her, "I'm sorry Blake. It's to late."

Blake scoffs, "No it's not! I don't care if he loves Lizzie or whatever! I don't care if Ross is back! I want Remy and I know once he sees this stuff he'll-"

Ed takes her hand, "No Blake, it's to late. It's to late for Remy. Remy is dead."

Blake stares in shock and disbelief.


Police Station:


Everyone is at the station today.

Harley and Gus sit together.

Gus sighs, "This has my father's finger prints all over it. I can't believe it."

Harley nods, "We don't know for sure. Just don't stress right now."


Marina walks over, "We have a big card for Remy that I'm taking over there. So can you guys sign it?"

Harley sighs, "Of course. Remy is very strong. He is probably one of the strongest people I know."

Gus laughs, "He'd have to be, have you seen that man's muscles. I never work out when Remy is in the gym."

They all laugh.


Rocky walks over, "Crazy week huh?"

Harley nods, "Yes it has. So you said that Kevin saw Ross?"

Rocky nods, "Yeah. He is cooling down now. I'm getting ready to go but I wanted to sign the card first."


Mallet walks in, "You guys hear anything yet?"

Everyone shakes their heads.


David walks into the room.

He has tears in his eyes and looks very upset.

Marina shakes her head.

David sighs, "I'm sorry everyone. My partner, Detective Boudreau passed away. He's gone."

All of the police officer's take off their hats in respect.

Harley puts her arm around Marina who breaks down and in tears as she drops the card to the floor.


Blake stares at Ed in shock.

Ed sighs, "Blake I'm so sorry."

Blake pushes him aside, "No. Stop lying to me! No, no, no, no!"

Ed grabs Blake, "No you can't go in there. I'm sorry. He's gone. They did all they could."

Blake cries, "No! I just saw him. He was awake and talking to me."

He nods, "I know. He fought so hard. But the damage was to severe. He was in so much pain. He's gone."

Blake sobs, "No!!! Remy!!! Oh God no!!!"

Ed holds an emotional Blake as she falls to the ground.

On the other side of the hospital.


Rafe walks into Alan's room.

Natalia hugs him, "Oh I'm so happy to see you."

he sighs, "How is he?"

Natalia sighs, "Not good. Hey I'm going to check on Remy so would you sit with him?"

Rafe nods, "Of course."

Rafe sits by his Granddad's side.

Natalia walks out and walks down the hall.

She turns the corner.

She sees Ed holding Blake as she cries.

She sees the devastated Boudreau family.

Natalia covers her mouth.

Her eyes fill with tears.

Natalia cries, "Oh Remy..."

An emotional Natalia says a prayer for Remy as she walks away.


Spaulding Enterprises:



Employees are in a panic at the company.

Alexandra sits at the table still.

Amanda and Nick sit as well.

Vicky walks into the room.

Everyone turns to her.

She shakes her head, "Detective Boudreau has passed away."

Nick looks down at the table.

Amanda shakes her head.

Alexandra stares, "He was a good man. He made Lizzie very happy. He is the father of my Great-great nephew. He was a hero to this whole town. He will be missed."

They all stare at each other.

There is a moment of silence.

A gentleman walks in, "Ms Spaulding you might want to come outside and see this."

All four of them walk out in the hall.

Employees are packing up and leaving their offices.

Nick looks around, "What is going on?"

A man stops and turns to them, "We won't work for a company that is involved in this mess."

Another person hollers, "Alan Spaulding is a monster!"

Alexandra leads the three of them back into the room.

They close the doors.

Amanda shakes her head, "This is just great. Once the press gets a load of them leaving it's going to be all over the news."

Vicky shakes her head, "That's it. There is no way to recover from all of this, it's not possible."

Nick turns to his mother, "Maybe we should just accept things."

Alexandra shakes her head, "We will do no such thing. Alan may have messed things up but big sister is here to clean up the mess. Once and for all. I'm in control now."






Cassie, Jeffrey, Shayne and Ava sit together.

Ava sighs, "Are you guys going to the hospital later?"

Shayne nods, "I hope Remy pulls through."

Cassie sighs, "It just all reminds me to much of... Tammy."

Jeffrey puts his arm around her.


Stephanie walks back inside after her argument with Susan.

Coop is behind the counter filling in.

Stephanie sits, "Long day?"

Coop nods, "One of the longest."

The phone rings.

Coop walks away to answer it.

Stephanie remember she is supposed to go to the station to sign Remy's card.

She gets her stuff and gets ready to go.

Coop is on the phone, "Okay... I will tell everyone here... I'm sorry."

Stephanie looks at him, "What's up?"

Everyone in the diner looks at Coop.

Coop sighs, "Remy didn't make it."

Stephanie stares in shock.

Shayne and Ava look at each other.

Cassie has tears in her eyes.

Jeffrey puts his arm around her, "You okay?"

Cassie shakes her head, "No... I just... can you take me home please? I need to go home. And I need to call Mel."

Jeffrey and Cassie get up and walk out.

Stephanie stares at Coop, "I don't understand."

Coop sighs, "I'm sorry. He was one of my best friends. I know he was special to you too."

Stephanie sits down, "I was just about to go sign a card for him. He was... oh my God."

Coop hugs Stephanie.


Mel looks at her parents.

Felicia shakes her head, "You can't ask us to accept that. Give Remy's heart to Alan Spaulding?"

Clayton stares, "Why would Remy say that?"

Mel cries, "I don't know. He said he saw a sign that told him to do this. I don't know. I didn't want to agree to it but he made me promise him."

Felicia cries, "Now I'm supposed to just let them take Remy's heart and put it into Alan's body? So that way the monster can live to see another day. How am I supposed to do that? How!?!"

Clayton holds Felicia, "Don't. Mel your mother is very upset right now. She doesn't mean to be so harsh."

Felicia cries, "This is all wrong."

Mel cries, "I hate this too. But I made my baby brother a wish on his death bed. I can't ignore it."

Clayton nods, "It's your call Mel."

Down the hall.

Liz holds her son.

Liz looks at him.

He looks so much like Remy.

Liz cries, "I'm so sorry. All I wanted for you was to give you a better life than I had. Now I let them take your Daddy away from you. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry."

The baby boy looks up at her.

Liz sobs, "I can't do this. I can't raise this baby all by myself. I need you Remy. Please Remy."

Lillian walks Phillip over.

Phillip rushes to the side of his daughter.


Police Station:

Harley holds Marina close.

Marina cries, "I can't believe this is happening."

Harley nods, "I know baby. I'm so sorry. I know he was your friend. And I know you've been through a lot."

Marina sobs, "It's the Spauldings! When Tammy got involved in the Spauldings she died, and now Remy! I can't live in this town anymore, not in a town where people get away with murder just because they have enough money. It's not right."

Mallet stands with David.

David sighs, "It's times like this you want to call everyone you care about and make sure they are okay."

Mallet nods, "I know what you mean."

David sighs, "Speaking of which I think I'm going to call Vi."

David walks away.

Mallet gets his phone and makes a call.

He gets a voicemail, "Hey it's me... I wanted to make sure you were okay. I heard about your father Dinah. Just call me if you need to talk."

He hangs up.

Stephanie walks into the station.

Rocky sees her and runs over.

Stephanie hugs him, "Tell me this isn't happening."

Rocky sighs, "I'm so sorry."

Stephanie cries, "How can this be happening?"

Gus holds his drink up, "To Detective Remy Boudreau. A great friend, cop, and a great person. We were all honored to know him and Springfield was lucky to have him."

They all toast, "To Boudreau."


Natalia stands in the hallway.

Mel approaches her.

Natalia hugs her, "Oh Mel! I missed you so much. I wish we were seeing each other under better circumstances."

Mel nods, "I know me too."

Natalia sighs, "I'm so sorry about Remy. Remy was so good to me."

Mel sighs, "Yeah."

Natalia looks away, "They might have a heart for Alan so I'm letting them look at him right now."

Mel nods, "I know Natalia."

Natalia is confused, "What?"

Mel wipes her tears, "We're giving Alan a heart. Remy's heart."

Natalia stares in shock, "What? You're... I don't know what to say right now. You're serious?"

Mel nods, "Yeah. I just... it's what Remy wants... or wanted."

Natalia hugs her, "You're a good person Mel."

Mel sighs, "I just... I'm not happy with this. But I'm just telling you okay?"

Natalia nods.

Mel has to walk away.

Down the hall.


Holly sits with Blake.

Blake wipes her tears, "How did it get like this Mom? How did I let things get so out of hand?"

Holly puts her arm around her, "You never meant for this to happen Blake. You didn't."

Blake nods, "But it's my fault. I knew getting involved with Alan was bad. Everyone warned me. Now Remy paid with his life. How am I supposed to live with myself?"

Blake cries on Holly's shoulder.

In the waiting room.

Phillip holds Liz.

Liz looks down at Baby Clay.

Liz cries, "I can't do this. I can't raise him alone."

Phillip holds her close, "You are not alone. You are never going to be alone Lizzie. I promise."

Liz cries on her father.

Spaulding Enterprises:

Employees are packing their stuff.

Reporters and photographers are all outside.

Alexandra and the rest of the Spauldings walk out of the office.

Alex stands over the railing and looks down on the people.

They all look at each other.

Alexandra raises her voice, "Everyone, may I have your attention please? Please everyone."

Employees turn to Alexandra.

Many ignore her at first.

But eventually everyone joins in giving her the attention.

She smiles, "Thank you."

Alexandra looks at all of them.

She sighs, "I know you are all worried. Detective Remy Boudreau has died. Alan Spaulding is struggling to hold onto life. And it looks as if all of us will be left with a mess. But we need to work together to pick up that mess. I know you all have put your hearts into this company. But now if you are ready to throw that hard work out the window and let the employees at Lewis Enterprises pick up our leftovers then go right ahead. Keep walking out of here and trying to find new jobs. Good luck. The only way to save all of us to work together to rebuild this company."

The room is silent and listening to her every word.

Alexandra nods, "It is time for a new leadership to come forward. We need to remind everyone what is means to be a part of Spaulding."

Alexandra Spaulding feels powerful.


Lillian is now holding baby Clay.

Phillip sits with Liz, "You need to get out of here. You need rest."

Liz cries, "No. Remy is here, we can't leave him."

Phillip shakes his head, "Remy isn't here sweetheart."

Liz cries, "Noooo!!!"

Phillip picks his daughter up off the floor.

He carries her out of the hospital with Lillian following behind with the baby.

Inside of Alan's room.

Natalia stands over an unconscious Alan, "Alan please hold on. Please fight. You have a heart coming. God is answering our prayers."

She kisses him.

Down the hall.

Blake is in the restroom washing her face.

She looks at herself in the mirror.

She cries, "What have you done? What have you done?"

Blake falls to the floor crying.

Outside in the waiting room.

Clayton holds Felicia as she cries.

Mel walks over, "They are about to wheel him out and take him to do the surgery."

Clayton and Felicia stand up.

Remy is wheeled out of the room.

Felicia has to turn her head to look away, "My Baby."

Clayton holds her close.

Natalia walks as Alan is being wheeled to the same room.

The Boudreau family walks out of the hospital in tears.

Natalia watches as Remy and Alan are taken into surgery.



Ross Marler is at the Lighthouse.

He looks at Springfield, "Things have certainly changed. It's a lot tougher than I thought it would be. But I can do this. I have to do this. My family needs me. I have a lot to catch up on and a lot of time to make up for. I'm not going anywhere."

Ross over looks the town of Springfield.


Remy's funeral

Ross sees Clarissa

Mel berates Blake

Liz grieves

Alan wakes up with questions


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