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S3 Episode 32



People get themselves in trouble in Springfield...


Police Station:


Holly and Blake are hugging.

Blake looks at her, "Oh my God! I can't believe this. When did you get back?"

Holly smiles, "Just now."

Blake is confused, "How did you know I was here?"

Holly grins, "I have my ways. I have to keep track of my daughter. You know I never miss your show."

Blake smiles, "Oh Mom! It's good to see you. How are Meg and Fletcher? Did you spend a lot of time with them?"

Holly nods, "Things are going quite nicely. It took us all a while but now I think we can all get a long very well."

Blake grins, "Well I can use all the family that I can get. Oh Mom I've really needed you."

Holly sighs, "Well I'm here now. We should go see the kids. I want to talk to all of them. And I want to be this guy that has Kevin so happy. Rocky Cooper, I'm sure he's just as great as his mother was."

Blake sighs, "Well Kevin... none of the kids really are sharing much with me. Clarissa finally did and... Mom Clarissa is pregnant."

Holly's eyes widen, "What?"

Blake nods, "Some loser boyfriend of hers got her pregnant and ran out of town. Now she's all alone, about to graduate high school and she's pregnant."

Holly shakes her head, "She is not alone. She's got her family. So where is she? We need to go talk to her."

Blake turns, "I can't go yet. I'm waiting."

Holly shakes her head, "Blake what is more important than your children?"

Blake sighs, "Nothing! What I'm doing right now is for my children. I know what is best for them."

Holly sighs, "Oh we both know who you sound like right now."

Blake shakes her head, "Mom I just..."

Alan walks up, "Holly Norris."

Holly stares down Alan.



Carriage House:


Kevin walks inside.

He looks around, "Clarissa? Clarissa where are you? What is going on right now?"

Jason and Clarissa stand in the living room.

Kevin looks at them, "What is the emergency?"

Jason sighs, "Clarissa claims there is an emergency that we both need to be here for."

Kevin scoffs, "Clarissa! I was working."

Clarissa sighs, "I just need to talk to you."

Jason sighs, "Clarissa listen. I know Mom has been upset about us lately. So we'll all schedule a dinner and we can all catch up."

She shouts, "Listen to me! I don't want to talk about that woman! I wanted to see my brothers."

Kevin sighs, "What's wrong Clarissa?"

Jason looks at her, "You can tell us anything. We're family. We'll help you if you got into trouble."

Clarissa has tears in her eyes.

She looks at her two big brothers, "I'm pregnant."

Kevin and Jason's jaws drop.

Clarissa starts crying.

Jason holds her.

Kevin walks over and hugs his sister.


Spaulding Mansion:



Mel's car is outside the gates.

Remy is out of the car hollering at security.

Liz walks out of the house with Baby Clay.

Remy shouts, "Liz!"

She looks at him, "Remy? What are you doing here?"

Remy sighs, "Alan is at the police station but they can't keep him there for long. We have go now."

Liz shakes her head, "Remy we can't do this. If I leave he'll go after your family. He'll go after Sarah. Just face it. He has us trapped no matter what we do."

Remy sighs, "No! We can't live like this. I love you! I hate not being able to hold you and our son! We belong together."

Liz and Remy are on opposite sides of the gates.

Baby Clay reaches his hands through and touches Remy.

Remy sighs, "Liz, I know you're scared. But I promise you, I will protect you from Alan."

Liz shakes her head, "Remy I want to protect you. If something were to happen to you I don't know what I would do."

Remy laughs, "Come on! I'm Superman!"

Liz laughs.

Mel sticks her head out of the car, "You guys coming?"

Liz knows she has to take a risk.




Gus and Drew sit together at the restaurant.

Gus smiles, "Did you enjoy the meal?"

She nods, "Of course. Everything is great when I'm with you. Even if we were eating in the worst restaurant in the world."

He laughs, "Maybe we'll test that sometime."

Drew sighs, "I know lately I have been really distant. It's just sometimes you know that I just need to be reminded how much you love me and how beautiful you think I am."

He smiles, "Well you are the most beautiful woman in the restaurant and every guy here envies me right now."

She grins, "That's a good start."

He kisses her.

She smiles, "So why don't you and I go back home and you can remind me just how much you love me."

The two kiss again.

Gus's phone goes off.

He sighs, "Just one second. It's the station."

He answers it.

A frustrated Drew sits back in her seat.

Gus sighs, "Yeah.... okay all right."

She looks at him, "What?"

He sighs, "I'm so sorry."

She looks away, "Gus!"

He sighs, "Look, I'll be really quick and I'll meet you back at the house tonight. I'll make it up to you."

She nods, "Okay."

Gus kisses her and gives her his card for the bill.

Gus leaves.

Drew takes her phone out.

She sends a text to Jesse.


Main Street:


Cyrus is with Belinda.

Belinda looks at him, "Okay you're starting to freak me out. Am I in trouble or something?"

He sighs, "No not at all. I'm sorry I'm not trying to scare you or anything. I'm sure you're heard horrible things about me."

She nods, "Well you are a Foley. And isn't your brother that one Guillespie guy? I've heard horror stories about that guy."

He nods, "Yeah."

She sighs, "Well mostly I just know because I'm kind of dating RJ Winslow. And your brother is the guy who... killed his sister."

Cyrus shakes his head, "I'm nothing like my little brother."

She nods, "Oh I know. I mean RJ and I are having problems because he found out about my Mom and all of her skeletons. But I mean I think he's working on getting past that. But I get it, sometimes being related to not so good people complicates things."

He looks at her, "Sounds like you've had enough complications in your life haven't you?"

She laughs, "You're telling me. But things are cooling down now. And I'm enjoying that."

He sighs, "Well I hope no one ruins that for you."

She stares at him, "Oh... thank you."

He looks at her, "Good talking to you Belinda. Take care."

She nods, "You too."

Belinda walks away.

Cyrus knows he's doing the right thing.




A very drunk Susan climbs out of her bed.

She throws her robe on.

She grins, "Oh Baby! That was really good. I hope it was good for you. You were pretty quiet this time."

She walks over to the dresser.

She turns the light on.

She starts to pour herself more wine.

She smiles, "Any for you Babe? Maybe we can get some more special time in."

He sits up and starts laughing.

Susan recognizes the laugh.

He smiles, "I'm up for round two."

Susan remembers the Australian accent.

She jumps and turns around.

She drops her wine glass.


A naked Guillespie sits up in the bed.

She shakes her head, "No. No. You're not here. It's just in my head."

He laughs, "To good to be true right."

She sighs, "Sam... Sam was supposed to be in here. He was supposed to be in the bed."

He laughs, "Good thing he didn't come. He might not have been to happy."

She shakes her head, "No. Guillespie... this can't be happening. I haven't seen you in over 2 years!"

He nods, "I know. I've missed you Susan. Though I must say you gave me quite a welcome back."

She has tears in her eyes, "You tricked me. You practically raped me."

He laughs, "You were on top Babe!"

She throws a book at him, "Shut up!"

Suddenly there is a knock at the door.

Susan's face goes pale.


Police Station:

Holly stands with Alan and Blake.

Alan grins, "Well Holly, this is certainly a pleasant surprise. To what do we owe this pleasure?"

Holly nods, "Alan Spaulding. Let me guess, you've dragged my daughter into another one of your messes?"

He stares, "Another?"

She nods, "I haven't been living under a rock. I know all about the big affair scandal."

Blake sighs, "Mom..."

Holly shakes her head, "Blake you are so much smarter than this. I'm having a hard time understanding it."

Alan laughs, "Holly goes away for a while and comes back with this 'holier than thou' attitude."

Holly shakes her head, "Not at all. I've just learned a lot in my life. Unfortunately Alan, you have not."

Alan nods, "Of course. Now if you will excuse us, Blake and I have some things to discuss."

Holly looks at Blake.

Blake sighs, "Mom..."

Holly looks away, "We'll talk later."

Blake hugs her, "I love you Mom. I'm glad you're back."

Holly looks at her, "I love you too."

Blake and Alan walk away.

Holly shakes her head.

She walks out of the station.



People are lined up outside the club.

Drew walks by, "Everyone ready for a good night?"

The crowd cheers.

Drew walks past and goes inside.

She walks over to the bar.


Jesse is back there talking to the bartender.

Drew smiles, "Hey."

He grins, "Hey you."

She nods, "Can we talk in the office."

He turns to the bartender, "Keep up the good work."

Drew takes Jesse's hand.

The two walk away.

Drew whispers in his ear, "So tell me, have you been thinking about me all day?"

He laughs, "Maybe."

The two walk into the back office.

Drew immediately locks the door.

Jesse smiles at her.

She takes off her top.

He laughs, "Wow you are really in a hurry."

She sighs, "Tell me how beautiful you think I am again."

He grins, "Drew you are gorgeous."

The two kiss.

Jesse sits down in his chair.

Drew on his lap.

He pulls away.

She looks at him, "What's wrong?"

He sighs, "What is this? What are we to each other now?"

Drew sighs, "Don't ruin this Jesse. Let's just keep doing what we're doing and see how things go."

He looks away, "I don't know."

She nods, "You're just not attracted to me."

He looks at her, "You know that's not true."

She sighs, "Then just be with me. I've had a rough day. I just need this right now."

Jesse and Drew kiss again.

She starts to unbutton his shirt.




Marina walks out of Daniel's nursery.

Cyrus is standing out in the hallway.

She smiles, "Hey. I thought you left."

He nods, "I did. I actually was quite busy."

She nods, "What's up?"

He sighs, "Ran into Dinah. She told me about your conversation."

Marina sighs, Listen I wasn't trying to go behind your back or anything."

He nods, "I know. Later I ran into Belinda. I talked to her."

Marina's eyes widen, "My God, did you tell her?"

He sighs, "I wanted too."

Cyrus slides down to the floor.

Marina sits with him, "But you didn't?"

He shakes his head, "Things were tough when I first came to town. Then when everyone found out I was the brother of the infamous 'Mark Guillespie'... things went from bad to worse. I lost everything, I lost you."

She sighs, "I'm so sorry that I let that come between us."

He nods, "Belinda deserves better than to be labeled as another one of the Foley's."

Marina shakes her head, "Cyrus, are you sure? I mean I know right now things are complicated but what about in the long run?"

He nods, "I'm doing the right thing. I need to be a good father by not being one. If that makes any sense."

Marina holds Cyrus, "It's things like this that remind me why I love you. And I do Cyrus. I love you so much."

Cyrus looks at Marina.

The two kiss.

Carriage House:

Kevin, Clarissa and Jason sit on the couch.

Kevin scoffs, "So where is the punk now?"

She sighs, "Probably still in Florida. I don't care, I never want to see him again."

Kevin looks at her, "You can't let him get off like that. It's not right, you both made this baby."

Clarissa sighs, "You don't get it."

Jason sighs, "Kev, she doesn't need him. Maybe things will be less complicated without him."

Kevin gets up, "Whatever."

Clarissa cries, "I'm messing everything up."

Jason looks at her, "No one said that. You're going to get through this Sis, you hear me?"

There is knock at the door.

Kevin looks out the window, "No way."

Jason and Clarissa look over.

Kevin rushes to the door.

He opens it.

Jason and Clarissa stand up.

Holly smiles, "My favorite Grandchildren."

Kevin hugs her.

Jason and Clarissa run over.

Holly hugs her grandchildren.

Holly smiles, "I have so much to catch up on with all of you. Jason, I want to hear all about law school. Kevin I want to hear about work and that new boyfriend of yours. And Clarissa... congratulations, this is going to be big for you."

Clarissa wipes her tears with a smile, "You're like the first person to actually say that."

Holly smiles at her grandchildren.

Spaulding Mansion:

Remy and Mel sit in the car.

Liz walks back out of the door.

This time with Clay in a crib and their bags packed.

Mel and Remy smile.

The gates to the mansion open.

Liz and Baby Clay walk out.

Remy gets out of the car to help with the bags.

She looks at him, "I feel like the princess waiting to be rescued. Guess that makes you the prince."

Remy nods, "I'm doing the best I can. No one will stand between us and our happiness ever again."

She nods, "You got Alan distracted. What are we going to do when he gets home and sees that I fled?"

Remy sighs, "Let me worry about that. I have some plans and some more phone calls to make."

Liz grins, "I always feel safe with you."

The two kiss.

Mel sticks her head out of the car, "Come on love birds."

Liz gets in back with Clay's car seat.

Remy opens his door.

He turns.

A limo is pulling up the road.

Remy sighs, "Not this time."

Remy gets into the car.

Mel drives the car past the limo.

Alan and Blake sit inside the car.

A very furious Alan shakes his head, "Bad move Detective Boudreau. Very bad move."


Susan shuts the door.

Guillespie is getting dressed, "So I'm guessing it wasn't the dashing Samuel Spencer?"

Susan sighs, "Just someone checking on the room. They heard us arguing."

He laughs, "Typical us."

She shakes her head, "Why are you hear? I haven't seen you in years."

He smiles, "You owe me Susan. I took the fall for you."

She turns away, "I don't know what you're talking about."

He walks up behind her, "I may have killed Tammy Winslow. But you're the one who took out Julie Camaletti. We were partners in crime baby."

She shakes her head, "I never asked you to do that. In fact I begged you not to."

He sighs, "I wanted to give you a better life. And I thought you would wait for me."

Susan looks at him, "You got released from the loony bin and never even gave me a phone call."

He scoffs, "Give me some credit. I know about you banging your cop stepfather. Very nice."

She shakes her head, "Gus and I... You wouldn't understand. You got me hooked on so much crap. I was detoxing."

He laughs, "So what were you doing this time when you climb on top of me and had your way with me."

She shoves him, "You sick bastard!"

He pushes her away, "I gotta get going. I'll talk to you later."

She scoffs, "Please don't."

He smiles, "Tell Sam I said hi. Steph too."

Guillespie walks out to the balcony and climbs back down.

Susan turns, "Stephanie... bitch. That sick, twisted bitch!"

Susan starts throwing things around the room.


Susan confronts Stephanie

Coop confesses to Buzz!

Belinda and Clarissa shop for prom

Blake and Alan plan

Liz and Remy hide away

Ashlee gets to know the Bauers


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Holly's back! Yeah! I have missed Holly tremediously. Maybe she can talk some sense back into her daughter and hopefully bridge the gap between Blake and the kids.

I hope Susan gives Stephanie exactly what she deserves. Stephanie maybe a cop, but she seems to have this obsession with Sam. Kinda like how Marah and Cassie have with Jeffery.

As much as I like Remy, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed to go up against Alan. I mean the guy killed his friend and has gotten away with it. Speaking of that, I find it interesting that Lizzie and Remy have not thought about that.

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Yes Holly is back and is very much needed. Holly knows what it's like being a Mom and all the difficulties about making the right decision. She also knows about this side of Blake that she gets from Roger.

Yes it seems though that Susan and Stephanie are more caught up in getting back at each other than actually Sam. The next episode the women may go to far.

Remy and Liz are aware of Alan's past which is why they have let him control for so long. But now Remy knows he has to take a chance. But yes they are all hesitant because after what happened to Tammy, they know Alan is very dangerous.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy the next episode. And the rest to follow.

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