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S3 Episode 30



Annoucnments and farewells rock Springfield...





Doris is walking Ashlee into her room.

Johnny holds back Roxie.

Roxie shouts, "You won't take my daughter away from me again!"

A confused Ashlee turns around.

Doris looks at her, "Shut up!"

Johnny sighs, "Not now Roxie."

Ashlee looks at them, "What is she talking about? What the hell are you talking about?"

Roxie cries, "I'm your mother."

Ashlee looks at Doris, "Tell her she's wrong."

Doris sighs, "Ashlee..."

Johnny sighs, "I wasn't a sperm donor Ashlee."

Ashlee is confused, "What are you talking about?"

Doris sighs, "You were adopted Ashlee. I'm sorry I didn't want you to find out this way."

Ashlee shakes her head, "No! Stop it! What are you guys saying?"

Roxie shakes her head, "She wasn't adopted! She was stolen! She was taken from her mother!"

Ashlee looks at Roxie, "What does any of this have to do with you?"

Johnny sighs, "Roxie and I were together. And..."

Ashlee cries, "No! No!"

Roxie walks up to her, "Ashlee please let me-"

Ashlee smacks her, "Stay away from me!"

Ashlee runs into her room.

Doris looks at Roxie, "Do you see what you've done?"

Doris walks back into the room.

Roxie rubs her sore face.




Gus and Phillip sit at the bar.

Alan Michael walks up, "Hello brothers. Good to see both of you here. I'm glad you could make it."

Phillip smiles, "Of course."

Gus nods, "Well when you said drinks on you, how could I refuse?"

Alan Michael laughs, "Nice."

Phillip looks at him, "Are you really leaving town?"

Alan Michael nods, "Yeah I think it's time for a fresh start. Time to move forward."

Phillip gets up and hugs him, "Good for you. I'm happy that you can move on now."

Gus nods, "Yeah good to hear man."

Alan Michael sighs, "I am leaving very soon. So I just need help tying up my loose ends."

Phillip smiles, "Whatever we can do to help. But hey you better come back for big events."

Alan Michael nods, "You and Harley getting married soon?"

Phillip gets uncomfortable.

Gus sighs, "Hey, if you and Harley are happy then I am too. And I am. Drew and I are doing okay. We are taking some time a part. But we are having a special date later. Sometimes she just needs reassuring about herself."

Alan Michael smiles, "Well I'm glad to hear that both of my brothers are happy. Hopefully I can get some of that too."

Phillip raises his glass.

The three men toast.




Drew and Jesse are on the stairwell.

Drew is tearing off his shirt.

He laughs, "Whoa."

She looks at him, "Don't... just let me be with you. I really need it right now... please."

Jesse kisses her.

He lets her undress him.

She grabs her purse.

She pulls out a condom.

He looks at her, "Did you know we would be doing this?"

She shakes her head, "Uh... no of course not. It's just... you never know. Better safe than sorry."

Jesse smiles.

The two kiss again.

Jesse runs his fingers through her hair.

She takes off her top.

Jesse feels up her body.

Drew feels so beautiful right now.

Drew unzips Jesse's pants.

The two begin to have sex on the stairs.




Belinda sits in the Gazebo.

She is smoking a cigarette.


RJ walks up, "I don't like to kiss smokers."

She turns to him, "Guess you don't have to worry then. It's not like we're together anymore."

RJ sits by her, "Why do you say that?"

She shakes her head, "RJ, your mom just dropped a bomb on us. My mother killed your father."

RJ nods, "I know. Honestly... I think I had an idea. I just knew my Mom didn't like to talk about it. And I just didn't feel like digging around to find out more."

Belinda nods, "I know what you mean. I knew my Mom had done stuff before... I just knew that if I found out I wouldn't be able to be around her. And it's right. I don't even want to go home."

RJ sighs, "I'm sorry. My mom shouldn't have done that."

Belinda looks at RJ, "Now my mom thinks that it's a good idea for us to stay away from each other."

RJ sighs, "They aren't going to like Prom then."

Belinda looks at him, "What?"

He smiles, "That is if you wanna go with me."

Belinda smiles at him.


Carriage House:


Blake is sitting on the floor with Clarissa.

Both of them are in tears.

Blake looks at her, "Was it just that one time with Micky?"

Clarissa nods, "He was my first... my only. He told me he loved me, I thought I loved him too. After we did it... he didn't really talk to me much after. He kept pushing me away."

Blake sighs, "He's a fool."

Clarissa sighs, "When I found out I was pregnant... I actually thought it would bring us closer together. Then he accused me of lying and saying it couldn't be his. Then he ran off. When I found him in Florida he was already with another girl."

Blake holds her, "It's alright honey."

Clarissa shakes her head, "No it's not! Stop saying that! I lost my virginity to someone I didn't love! To someone who treated me like dirt. The only guy who ever had sex with me can't stand to be in the same part of the country as I am!"

Blake cries, "I'm so sorry honey. We will get through this. I promise you. We are going to be able to handle this."

Clarissa looks down.

Blake takes her hand, "And honey, I forgive you. So don't worry, just focus on the baby."

Clarissa looks at her, "Forgive me?"

Blake is confused, "What?"

Clarissa gets up, "God you haven't changed at all!"

Blake gets up, "What is going on?"

Clarissa looks at her, "Maybe I should forgive you! If you were a better Mom none of this would have happened."

Blake cries, "Don't you dare blame me!"

Clarissa shouts, "I do! I blame you, Daddy. You both failed me. You are both failures as parents."

Clarissa runs out of the house.




David sits on a bench.

Lucy walks up and sits next to him, "Hello."

They just sit for a moment.

They both face straight ahead.

David sighs, "So, I guess our marriage is really over."

Lucy nods, "Yes. I cannot say that I am happy with it. But I think it's what's best."

David looks down, "I still really think that we could have worked on things. We shouldn't just give up."

She sighs, "I'm not the same person I was when we fell in love. And I need to move on."

He finally turns to her, "Lucy, we can move on together. Whatever you want to do."

She looks at him, "David don't make this any harder than it already is for us. Please."

He shakes his head.

Lucy takes his hand, "You know I love you David. I'll always care about you. I want to keep in touch."

He nods, "Me too."

She puts her head on his shoulder, "Even when I hear about some beautiful woman you have met."

He shakes his head, "You won't be hearing about that for a while."

She sighs, "Thank you David for everything."

The two hug.



RJ sits closely with Belinda.

She puts gum in her mouth.

He sighs, "You should quit smoking."

She laughs, "Well when you can eliminate the stress in my life. Then I'll quit."

He nods, "Hopefully I can help a little."

She grins, "You do."

The two kiss.

She looks at him, "What is your Mom going to say if you take me to the prom? You can't really keep that much of a secret."

He sighs, "She'll try to punish me. But at the end of the day I can do what I want."

Belinda looks at him, "So you are risking your mom's wrath just to take me to prom?"

He smiles, "You're worth it."

She gets up, "You are putting a lot of pressure on me buddy. I'm not that great of a catch."

He stands up, "Are you kidding me? You are strong, smart, confident, sexy, funny. What else is there?"

She sighs, "Nice, dependable, hard working, caring, sweet."

He laughs, "I'm not your teacher."

She looks at him, "I would see you at the football games. All the cheerleaders flirting with you. I never imagined that I would be your type of girl."

He laughs, "You went to the football games?"

She smirks, "Some of us used to get high under the bleachers."

He nods, "I see."

She sighs, "You really think the party girl and the preppy boy are gonna make it work?"

He smiles, "Let's see."

RJ kisses her again.


Law Office:


Mel is in her office.

She is working on how to help Remy and Liz.

There is a knock on her door.

She looks up, "Come in."

Alan Michael walks in.

Mel stares.

The two haven't seen each other in a long time.

He sighs, "You look beautiful."

She looks at him, "What are you doing here?"

He looks at her, "I'm getting ready to go out of town. I wanted to see you before I left."

Mel nods, "Why? I'm not leaving."

He sighs, "I'm not going out of town for fun. I'm moving on. I'm not living in Springfield anymore."

She sighs, "Alan Michael... why did you want to see me?"

He looks at her, "Mel I know we hurt each other. But I did love you. I always will. We had so much passion, and love. I love Leah. I miss her very much. But I think I always knew you belonged with Rick."

Mel looks down, "I can't do this right now. Alan Michael..."

He sighs, "Do you hate me?"

A tearful Mel looks at him, "I could never hate you. What I hate is that I really loved you and it really hurt having to push you away. My divorce from Rick was tough. But my divorce from you was probably the hardest thing I've ever been through."

Alan Michael sighs, "I think when I was on my way here I thought maybe we'd talk about old times. Maybe even kiss goodbye... but now I see that we should end things simply. Don't open this until I leave."

He puts a folder on her desk.

Mel nods.

Alan Michael puts out his hand.

Mel shakes his hand, "Goodbye Alan Michael."

He kisses her hand, "Goodbye Mel."

Alan Michael walks out.

Mel wipes her tears.

Mel opens up the folder to find information on Alan that she can use.


Drew and Jesse lay together.

She rest her head on his chest.

He has his arm around her.

Jesse is smiling, "I have to say... I was stressed out all day. And this is exactly what I needed."

She nods, "I did too. I've just been feeling really down about myself. You always know how to make me feel better."

He grins, "I'm glad I could help."

He kisses her.

Drew sits up, "I have some errands to run."

He laughs, "I feel like you're up and leaving me."

She sighs, "I'm sorry Babe. I just have some stuff I have to take care of later."

He sits up, "So are we gonna... hang out or something later?"

She sighs, "Uh let's take things slow. And I know this is going to sound selfish. But I don't want to look like I jump from one guy to another so let's keep this on the low down."

He nods, "That's cool."

He kisses her neck.

Drew puts her shoes on, "I'll talk to you later okay?"

He nods, "Alright."

Jesse gets dressed.

Drew leaves.

As she's leaving she calls Gus.

She walks outside while on the phone, "Hey Babe. Yeah I'm still on for tonight. I'll meet you at home then we can get ready. Love you too. Bye."


Main Street:


Lucy is carrying her bags.

Cyrus runs into her.

She looks at him, "Hi."

He sighs, "Hello Lucy. Off on a trip?"

She nods, "More like an adventure."

He nods, "Where you going?"

She looks around, "Not sure yet. I'm open to anything right now. Maybe even Australia."

He laughs, "Yeah I made a lot of enemies down under so don't expect to run into me there."

She sighs, "Umm, I was saying goodbye to my family. But I know I can't really say it to Marina."

Cyrus nods, "Please don't."

She sighs, "Do you think... I know right now she probably doesn't even like to think about me. But maybe sometime down the road, even years from now or decades, you could give her a message from me?"

He smiles, "Well I intend to be with her that long so sure."

She cries, "Uh... tell her that I really was trying to help her in the beginning. That was my intention. But when I fell in love with Da... Daniel, I became selfish. I couldn't give him up. I got caught up in being his guardian that I felt like his mother. And I love her and I am so sorry. I will always feel guilty for what I did."

He nods, "Okay."

She starts to walk away, "Goodbye Cyrus."

Cyrus starts to walk.

Lucy turns, "Cyrus."

He turns around, "Yeah."

She cries, "If you guys ever tell Daniel... when he's old enough. Could you just let him know that I love him and that I'll always have a place in my heart for him."

Cyrus nods.

An emotional Lucy leaves.

Carriage House:

Blake sits on her couch crying.

She has been drinking.

She walks over to the wall.

She takes a picture of her kids, "You never give me problems Jason. You never get into trouble. But you never call, you never want anything to do with me. Kevin, how could I not know? How could I have not know? A mother should know these things. And Clarissa. My baby girl... I'm so sorry. I should have protected you from this."

Blake pours herself another drink.

She opens her phone and looks a picture of her and Remy she saved.

She sighs, "You were probably the first guy that I really felt I could be myself with right from the beginning. I never had to put up walls with you. Not one bit."

An emotional Blake gets up.

She sees a picture of Ross.

She picks it up, "You!!! What is it about you Ross? You've been gone for years. You let me think you died. Now... why can't I let go? Why can't I move on? Oh God Ross!"

Blake walks into the other room.

She takes her phone and makes a call.

She sighs, "Hey it's Blake.... I know you're busy but I need to talk to you. I think I should come over to your place so we can talk about things... Yes... Alan trust me, this time I am in it 100%. I am Christina Blake Thorpe and I am a force to be reckoned with."

Blake hangs up the phone and goes upstairs to change.


Roxie stands out in the hall with Johnny.

Johnny looks at her, "What were you thinking?"

She sighs, "You know I can't control my emotions all the time. My daughter looks at me like I'm a monster. And she looks at you like you're the second coming."

Johnny shakes his head, "You are reading to much into it. You are paranoid and you're starting to scare me."

Roxie looks at him, "If you try to lock me up-"

He sighs, "That's not what I am saying. But maybe you can understand why Ashlee is afraid of you."

Roxie cries, "This isn't fair."

He hugs her, "I know."

Doris walks out.

Roxie looks at her, "Doris-"

Doris stops her, "Don't. How dare you? How the hell dare you? Ashlee deserves better."

Johnny sighs, "Doris you can understand why Roxie was upset."

Doris nods, "Well maybe you can understand why Ashlee has made this decision she made."

Roxie looks at her, "What?"

Doris sighs, "We're filing a restraining order. Ashlee wants you out of her life Roxie."

Roxie just stares shaking her head.

She can't believe this is happening.



Alan Michael walks into the airport with his bags.

He isn't sure what his plans are yet.

Lucy Cooper sees him and approaches him.

He smiles at her, "Serendipity, the effect by which one accidentally stumbles upon something fortunate, especially while looking for something entirely unrelated."

She grins, "Well aren't you as charming as ever."

He looks at her, "Where are you going?"

She sighs, "I don't know yet. Do you remember when we were traveling? We would go to the airport. Go and find out what seats were available on what planes. Take whatever sounded good. That's what I'm doing."

He smiles, "Nice."

She nods, "So where are you going?"

He turns to her, "Where ever you go."

Lucy smiles at him.

The two pick up their stuff and walk together.


Alan finds himself in trouble

Mel shares her plans with Remy

Blake gets a HUGE surprise!

Dinah has words with Cyrus

RJ confesses to Cassie

Marah goes to Edmund

Stephanie gets revenge


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