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S3 Episode 28



People are put on the spot in Springfield...




Belinda is with Clarissa at the clinic.

Rafe walks up to her, "Clarissa please think about this. Once you do it, there's no going back."

Clarissa nods, "I've thought about this Rafe. And I'm sorry but you have absolutely no right to tell me what to do. Why are you even here? You're not even the father. We're not even a couple."

He sighs, "I know. Listen growing up I didn't have money, or nice things. But my Mom and I had our faith in God."

Belinda shakes her head, "If he pulls out a bible then I'm going to lose it. I swear."

Rafe looks at her, "It's not just going to go away. After you do this it will always be with you and you will always be wondering if you made the right decision."

Clarissa sighs, "I still don't get what this has to do with you!"

Rafe sighs, "Neither do I. All I know is I've been thinking about you and your baby ever since Spring Break."

She looks down, "I'm not ready to be a parent."

He nods, "You can find someone who is. Someone who can't have children. It's such a beautiful gift you can give someone."

Belinda looks at Clarissa, "It's up to you. Don't let some man tell you what to do with your own body."

Rafe sighs, "I'm not telling you what to do. I'm asking you to think about what you're doing. Asking you to not take the easy way out of this one. Please."

Clarissa stares at Rafe.

The woman from behind the desk looks over, "Are you ready Ms. Marler?"

Clarissa turns and looks at her.

She looks back at Rafe.




Remy is still in his room with Blake.

He looks at her, "You shouldn't be here."

She nods, "I know."

He sighs, "Leave."

She looks at him, "Make me Remy."

He turns away.

She smiles, "You can't! Because you don't want me to leave. Remy you can't deny how you feel about me."

Remy shakes his head, "I still care about you Blake. I always will. But I am in love with Liz now."

Blake sighs, "She is a Spaulding. Believe me they always end up hurting you Remy."

Remy shakes his head, "I don't think Liz can hurt me as much as you did Blake. You really hurt me. And what's worse is after we broke up you changed. You lost focus on your family. You teamed up with Alan Spaulding to keep me and Liz a part! You slept with Alan when he was still married to Natalia. You ruined a lot of lives."

Blake has tears in her eyes, "I know. I hear that everyday it seems. From you, my old friends, my children. I don't have anybody! Ever since Ross left I've been slowly falling a part. The only time I felt strong and put together was with you Remy."

Remy looks down, "Don't Blake."

She walks closer, "Don't what?"

Blake kisses Remy.




Alan sits in one of the rooms.

His chest pains were getting worse.

He got worried.

He made sure to keep it from his family.


Michelle walks in.

He sighs, "Hello Michelle."

She nods, "It's Dr. Bauer."

He nods, "Of course. Tell me how's your father doing?"

She sighs, "Mr. Spaulding we are not here to talk about my family. We're here to talk about your heart."

Alan shakes his head, "I feel fine. I just need to take naps I know what you people always tell me."

She sighs, "Mr. Spaulding you never come to the appointments you have scheduled. In a very long time."

He nods, "Well after Natalia left... I'm just to busy now to have to get the same test done over and over."

Michelle looks at him, "It was so we could check up on how your heart is doing. You know you have a bad heart Alan."

Alan sighs, "Men like me usually do. But I always get through it."

She shakes her head, "You should have really been in here a long time ago. Maybe then..."

He sighs, "What is going on?"

She looks at him, "I'm sorry. There is really know easy way to tell you this. Your heart has gotten very weak. You have not taken care of yourself. I'm very sorry. You're heart is giving up Alan."

Alan's face goes pale.


Springfield High:


Zach is walking down the hall.

James follows him, "We aren't done."

Zach laughs, "Wow you are very persistent little brother. You have never cared this much about my social life before."

James nods, "Well maybe this time I've had enough."

Zach stops and looks at him, "You know if I didn't know better, I'd say you had a thing for Leah."

James pauses, "Well what if I do?"

Zach laughs, "Wow. You are unbelievable kid. I mean the first girl from Springfield High that takes interest in me and you have to develop a thing for her."

James shakes his head, "FYI, I liked Leah before. I just haven't seen her in a long time."

Zach nods, "Yeah I guess I can see what you like about her."

James nods, "Yeah she's a good person. She's beautiful."

Zach grins, "Yep. She's cute and younger. She's got that whole good girl thing going for her. She has that innocence that just turns me on. And I can tell by looking at her... she's a total virgin. And that little brother is always a turn on."

Zach walks away.

James is disgusted by his brother.


Lewis Fashion:


Jason stares at Maureen.

She turns away, "What are you doing here?"

Jason sighs, "Wow that's how you greet me?"

She sighs, "What?"

He shakes his head, "I was coming to visit you. See if you wanted to go out to lunch. Boy did I get a surprise."

Maureen sighs, "Jason I-"

He sighs, "Man I knew you had changed but... Mallet? I still can't believe what I just saw."

Maureen looks at him, "I know the age difference-"

He laughs, "The age difference? Maureen forget about that! What about Dinah! Your sister! My sister! Mallet and Dinah were married not to long ago. Did you break them up?"

Maureen shouts, "No! Mallet and I bonded when he was divorcing Dinah. I didn't plan this."

Jason shakes his head, "It's wrong."

She scoffs, "Where do you get off? Do you remember that I dated Kevin before I dated you. Your twin brother."

Jason laughs, "It was different. I knew you and Kevin weren't really in love. And now it's obvious why. But you and I... you were my first love Maureen. The first girl I ever made love with."

She sighs, "Jason..."

He nods, "And you wouldn't have made love with me unless you thought I was the one. Do you think Mallet is the one now?"

Maureen stares at Jason.




Edmund is in his room.

There is a knock on the door.

He opens it, "Marah?"


Ava walks in, "Guess again Daddy."

He sighs, "Ava I..."

She shakes her head, "Save it. I know that you were with Marah last night. So don't try to claim otherwise."

He nods, "Okay I won't lie to you."

Ava looks at the bed with disgust, "I will never understand what you see in her."

Edmund sighs, "She's sort of lost in the world. And honestly so am I. We have that in common."

Ava shakes her head, "There are a lot of 'lost' people Edmund. Why her? Why Marah?"

Edmund sighs, "Honestly I was surprised myself. I only knew her as Reva's daughter. But you may have forgotten but Marah was the one who revealed that I was your father. That was the first time I saw her as an adult. Then when Jeffrey and Cassie got together... we leaned on each other. I lost Cassie and she lost Jeffrey."

Ava shakes her head, "She never deserved Jeffrey."

Edmund sighs, "Marah is not a monster. She's a woman who wants to be loved. Everyone wants to be loved."

Ava sighs, "But not everyone is going out of their minds over it. Marah is trying to ruin my life."

Edmund looks at her, "Just hold onto Shayne. Don't do anything to screw it up. As long as you do what's right, then Marah can't really hurt you. Once you slip up... then she has power."

Ava nods, "I'm glad I came to you Dad."

Ava hugs him before she leaves.



Blake is still in her lingerie.

She is kissing Remy.

Remy pulls away, "Stop it!"

Blake sighs, "Remy. It's to late. You can't pull that crap again. It's obvious."

He looks at her, "You are pathetic."

She shakes her head, "How dare you say that to me."

He shakes his head, "No. How dare you! You are the most selfish woman I've ever known. You broke up with me. Then I moved on with Stephanie and all the sudden you wanted me back. But you still had feelings for Ross. Then I finally fall in love with Liz. And you move heaven and earth to stop it. You make a deal with the devil, just to keep me from being happy."

Blake wipes tears, "I don't want that. I just want us to be together again. Remy..."

Remy nods, "We did have something good. I was so confused and I had so much hate inside of me after Tammy died. And you were dealing with life after Ross. But now it's time to move on."

Blake looks at him, "I want you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you."

He looks at her, "No! I'm not Ross!!!"

She pulls away, "Ross? This is not about Ross!"

He nods, "Yes it is! Ross was the love of your life! Not me! Stop trying to replace Ross with me!"

A very upset Blake puts her coat back on and runs out of the room.

Springfield High:

James catches up with Zach.

Zach sighs, "You sure like following me around. It's flattering but a little creepy."

James looks at him, "When did you turn into this guy? You weren't always like this."

Zach sighs, "I grew up."

James scoffs, "Into a bastard."

Zach turns to him, "If you weren't my little brother, I would knock your head off for that."

James nods, "It's true. You changed."

Zach shakes his head, "I'm a Spaulding. And so are you. Spaulding's are leaders. Maybe you should start acting like one."

James laughs, "Oh now you're a Spaulding? I grew up in the mansion, you didn't. I had to spend all that time with Granddad. Even after Dad came back it was a long time before you were ready to be a part of our family again. It wasn't until you realized what being a Spaulding could do for you. That's when you wanted in."

Zach laughs, "You think you have all the answers don't you? Well there is a whole lot you don't know little brother. And believe me, you don't want to compete with me."

James shakes his head, "Over what?"

Zach grins, "Leah Bauer is looking hotter every second. So while your busy writing her poems, and working up the courage to ask her out, just remember... I'll have already gotten in her pants."

Zach walks away.

A frustrated James walks away.

Lewis Fashion:

Maureen is standing with Jason.

Jason looks at her, "Can you honestly say that you will spend the rest of your life with Mallet?"

Maureen turns to him, "Why not?"

Jason sighs, "Mallet has a son. And Belinda is like his daughter. He is an adult."

She nods, "So am I."

Jason shakes his head, "Not in the same way. Maureen, do you think Mallet wants to have anymore kids? Dinah and him struggled to have children. Can you be happy without ever having children of your own?"

Maureen shakes her head, "It's none of your business Jason. You are not my boyfriend anymore."

Jason sighs, "All because I went to college out of town."

Maureen sighs, "We would have broken up anyway."

Jason looks at her, "Would we?"

She looks down.

He smiles, "We had so many plans. You were going to be this big famous singer Maureen. Now you don't even sing anymore."

She scoffs, "Why does everyone keep making a big deal out of that?"

He sighs, "Because of what is represents. Dreams that you gave up on for this life. You grew up to fast Maureen."

She grabs her stuff, "I have to get back to work."

He sighs, "I'm just worried. The one thing that hasn't changed is your heart. You're still a good person. And I'm afraid that you're going to let that get in the way of what's best for you. I still care about you."

Maureen walks away.


Cross Creek:

Ava walks inside.


Shayne is in the living room.

Ava looks at him, "Hey. Are you okay?"

Shayne sighs, "Uh... can we talk?"

Ava walks over, "Okay. Shayne you're starting to scare me. Is something going on?"

Shayne sighs, "Marah was just here."

Ava shakes her head, "Wow. She certainly doesn't waste any time does she? What did she say?"

He sighs, "She couldn't stay long because you were on your way here. She isn't even comfortable in the family home anymore?"

Ava is confused, "Shayne? Are you serious? She is falsely accusing me of causing her miscarriage."

Shayne nods, "I know. Marah really believes it though even if it isn't true."

Ava scoffs, "Wow she really got to you."

Shayne looks at her, "I just think... maybe we'll postpone the wedding you know? Just for a while."

Ava shakes her head, "What?"

Shayne sighs, "I just think Marah is going through a rough time. Come on, it's not like we'll never get married. Just once Marah gets better."

Ava looks at him, "Shayne what if she never gets better?"

Shayne shakes his head, "No. She will. My sister is strong and she will get through this."

Shayne hugs Ava.

Ava can't believe she let Marah get away with this.


Clarissa still stands with Rafe and Belinda.

The woman looks over, "Ms. Marler?"

Clarissa shakes her head, "No. I'm sorry. I'm going to have to cancel it. I'm sorry."

Belinda looks at her, "Clarissa."

Clarissa sighs, "I can't do this Belinda. And I'm not doing this just because of Rafe. I just haven't been able to come up with a decision so I came here hoping to just erase it."

Belinda sighs, "Well what are you going to do?"

Clarissa sighs, "Well I'm going to think more about it. But I guess I have more options now."

Rafe nods, "You bet you do. Clarissa money won't be an option. I'll get you the best doctors, adoption agencies, and if you keep the baby I'll help you with that too."

Belinda looks at him, "I still don't get it. Why are you getting so involved. This has nothing to do with you."

Rafe looks at them, "I know. I really don't have an answer. I'm probably looking like a crazy person right now."

Clarissa shakes her head, "No you don't. You look like a really good friend that I just made."

The two smile at each other.

Belinda rolls her eyes, "Anyway. You know what you have to do now right?"

Clarissa nods, "Yep. I have to tell my Mom."


Alan stares at Michelle.

Michelle looks at him, "Alan?"

He nods, "I don't need to listen to this okay. I am Alan Spaulding. I've heard this from doctors before. They all tell me I'm going to die if I don't do this or that."

Michelle shakes her head, "I'm not doing that. I'm just telling you the unfortunate truth. There is no way your heart is going to be able to keep working."

Alan stares, "So what are you trying to say? That my heart is just going to give out on me?"

She nods, "It's possible."

He turns away, "How long do I have?"

She looks at him, "Alan if you-"

He shouts, "How long do I have?!?!"

Michelle sighs, "Over the next month you'll probably notice your heart getting much weaker. After that I'd say you probably have about another month or so. At the most."

Alan looks away, "Get out."

She sighs, "Mr. Spaulding."

He shouts, "Get out!!!"

Michelle walks out.

Alan sits in complete shock and fury.

He holds his chest.


Clarissa finally tells her Mom

Alan Michael visits Alan

Drew confesses to Jesse

Marina has news for Dinah

Lucy tells her plans to Buzz

Ashlee finally learns the truth!


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Interesting where you've gone with it. Only thing I'm finding interesting is the Marah SL, but I hope being such an on screen born, central character she'll come out on top. I understand hard times (she's Reva's daughter) but still. Esp over Ava who is in insta character w/ no ties. And Cassie too who even though in this story life is back in a good type role, is just ruined even in this for me of how she was changed on screen.

Any story for Reva, Roxie?? How Annie came to change and get back w/ Josh after everything?? Billy? Vanessa? Dinah? Maybe get rid of some dead weight characters and bring back on like Holly?

The young, teen scene is just not investing into as I guess b/c they weren't characters invested in on screen. Guess like always I just love the vets and older characters.

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  • Members

We've got so many big things for Marah. And the Marah/Ava rivalry is just getting started.

Roxie right now is going through dealing with Ashlee being her daughter. Reva has some good stuff coming up. But right now is focusing on her family members, mostly Marah.

We'll be seeing a lot more of Dinah before the summer starts. And Holly... you'll just have to see ;)

Monday's episode will feature Buzz, Lucy, Alan Michael, Alan, Dinah, Roxie, Johnny, etc.

Thank you for reading and for the comments. :) And please feel free to let me know of any ideas or questions you have. :)

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