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S3 Episode 26



Anger and emotions rock Springfield...




Johnny is explaining things to Doris.

Doris shakes her head, "So you just couldn't keep your big mouth shut could you Johnny?"

Johnny sighs, "I am so sorry Doris. But I thought maybe we should all sit down with her and explain the situation to her. You, me, Roxie. We just need to clear things up."

Doris sighs, "She should be resting. You're the doctor how could you let this happen?"

Johnny shakes his head, "I'm sorry. But the damage has been done and we need to take care of this."

Johnny and Doris walk into Ashlee's room.


She smiles, "I'm so glad to see you two."

Johnny sighs, "Do you understand what is going on right now?"

She nods, "Doris is my mother and you are my father. I mean I know you just donated the sperm..."

Johnny and Doris look at each other.

Ashlee sighs, "But I still can't believe you turned out to be my biological father. This is unbelievable."

They realize Ashlee thinks Johnny is the sperm donor her Mom used.

Johnny sighs, "Okay Ashlee right now I'm going to talk to you as your doctor. What do you remember before your fall."

She sighs, "I was on the stair well at Towers. I was running. I tried to get away from..."


Roxie runs into the room, "Ashlee?"

Ashlee sits up, "You! You! Get away from me! No get her away from me! Get away from me!!! You!!!!"

Roxie backs out of the room.

Doris runs over to Ashlee.





Dinah is standing with Belinda.

Cassie is with RJ.

RJ turns to his Mom, "What are you talking about?"

Belinda looks at Dinah, "Mom?"

Dinah looks at Cassie, "How dare you."

Cassie sighs, "RJ deserves to know. I can't keep this a secret anymore. Not for your sake."

Belinda is confused, "I don't understand."

Cassie nods, "Dinah was with Hart before I was with Hart. RJ's father. Hart left me for her. Dinah tried a million different crazy actions to get him back."

Dinah sighs, "I was a different person then. I wasn't mentally stable."

Cassie nods, "Eventually Dinah got a gun. She was going to shoot me and kill me. But instead Hart got shot. Hart died. Dinah went on the run."

Belinda turns to Dinah, "It's not true."

Dinah has tears in her eyes, "I got pregnant with you... while I was on the run. It's why I couldn't keep you."

An emotional Belinda runs out.

RJ walk away.

Dinah walks over to Cassie, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Cassie and Dinah stare each other down.




Edmund takes Marah's hand.

She pulls away, "What do you want?"

He sighs, "You just got out of the hospital Marah. You shouldn't be trying to fight with my daughter."

Marah laughs, "Wow I'm so not in the mood to talk to you about this. You have ruined my life."

He shakes his head, "I never intended to ruin things. But that child... I couldn't let it live a lie."

Marah sighs, "What do you want Edmund?"

He nods, "Let me take you home."

She shakes her head, "Home. I can't stay at Cross Creek because Ava and Shayne live there. Cassie and Ava own the Beacon. I've been staying at my Mom's. If she sees you taking me home..."

He nods, "I see."

She shakes her head, "I'm not even going home. I usually wait until late so that I don't have to talk. I can just go lay down."

He sighs, "I'm sorry Marah. This time has been hard for me too."

She looks down.

He nods, "How about a drink at Towers? That's where I'm staying I have a room there. I could sure use one."

She nods, "Me too."

Edmund walks Marah to his car.


Police Station:


Remy is sitting at his desk.

Mel walks up to him, "We need to talk."

Remy nods, "Nice to see you too Sis."

She sighs, "Why the hell are you letting Alan Spaulding control your life and the life of your son?"

Remy stands up, "Not now Mel."

She nods, "Yes now."

Remy walks Mel into another room.

Mel looks at him, "I talked to Lizzie. She confessed everything to me. Alan has been blackmailing you this whole time."

Remy sighs, "What am I supposed to do Mel? I don't even feel like a man anymore. Alan is controlling everything."

Mel nods, "I'm a lawyer. You are a cop. We both know the things Alan is doing are illegal. We can take him down."

He shakes his head, "This is Alan Spaulding. He got away with killing an innocent girl on her wedding night. He has tortured everyone in this town. Yet he always gets away with it."

Mel shakes her head, "Money can't buy everything."

He nods, "But it can sure buy a lot."

Mel looks at him, "I'm going to help you Remy. You are my brother and you deserve better than this."

Remy sighs, "Please stay out of this Mel. You have no idea what you are getting yourself into."

Mel just stares at her little brother.




Lorelei walks out into the woods.

Guillespie approaches her, "Took you long enough.'

She sighs, "I had a family meeting."

He laughs, "With Beth's family. I'm sure that was fun."

She looks at him, "How many times do I have to tell you. I am Beth now and that's just the way it is going to be."

He smiles, "Okay okay. That just means all the more money I'm going to be receiving."

She shakes her head, "How long do you intend on pulling his card? Forever? Because that's not gonna happen baby."

He laughs, "I just need some cash. I'm going to be staying in Springfield for a little longer than I thought."

She nods, "Why is that? I'm pursuing Alan right now and I'm not the least bit interested in you anymore."

He grins, "Don't flatter yourself."

She looks at him, "What else is keeping you here?"

He steps closer, "Don't worry about it?"

Lorelei looks into his eye, "I won't. Just as long as it doesn't involve me at all."

Slowly Lorelei and Guillespie get closer.

The two kiss.


Country Club:


Susan and Sam are sitting with their friends.

Everyone is having fun.

Sam looks at Susan, "Did Stephanie leave?"

She sighs, "Don't worry about Stephanie. All that matters is that you and I are here together. No matter what I had to do to make that happen. It's all worth it."

Susan kisses him.

He looks at her, "What does that mean?"

Over in the hallway.


Stephanie is locked in the closet.

The loud music is blasting over her cries for help.

Stephanie is banging on the door.

Finally she picks up a chair and starts slamming it at the door.

Sam gets up, "What is that noise?"

Susan takes his hand, "Let's go over here."

Stephanie breaks the door open and runs out.

Sam looks at her, "My God! Steph what's going on?"

Stephanie looks at Susan, "You! You psycho bitch!"

Sam turns to Susan, "What did you do?"

Susan looks at Stephanie, "I'm tired of this!"

Susan jumps on top of Stephanie.

She starts punching her in the back of the head.

Stephanie pulls Susan off by her hair.

Everyone is trying to break up the fight.

Susan smacks Stephanie across her face.

Stephanie grabs Susan by the neck.

The two ladies fall backwards and land in the fountain.



Dinah looks at Cassie.

Cassie sighs, "I did what I had to do Dinah. I won't apologize for doing what's best for my son."

Dinah nods, "Well a long time ago, you and I agreed that it was best that we didn't tell our children about the situation until they were old enough to understand."

Cassie looks at her, "If they aren't old enough now then when will they be Dinah?"

Dinah nods, "Is RJ old enough to know about the things you used to do for money. That before he was born any guy with a few bucks in his pocket could see you naked."

Cassie shakes her head, "Wow Dinah. You really haven't changed much. I should have had you locked up when I had the chance."

Dinah sighs, "Maybe so. But it's to late now."

Cassie looks at her, "We've come so far. I really thought we'd got past all of this."

Dinah nods, "So did I. But apparently some wound will never heal. You still have your holier than thou attitude."

Cassie smiles, "And you still have your stuck up attitude. I'm not trying to hurt your daughter. But it would be wrong for RJ and Belinda to be together and you know it."

Dinah nods, "Yeah I do."

Dinah walks out of the hotel.

Police Station:

Remy is clearly stressed out.

Mel stands up, "Remy. I can handle this stuff. Look what I did with Natalia. I helped her get away from Alan. She and her son are safe right now because of that."

Remy nods, "Exactly. Ever since then Alan has been guarding his family much more closely."

Mel sighs, "I'm not just going to sit here and let your life fall a part over the Spauldings."

He looks at her, "What do you plan on doing Mel?"

She sighs, "I'm still thinking. But I'm going to think of something trust me. We won't let him get away with this."

Remy sighs, "Liz and I are already making plans. We're going to leave town with the baby. We're going to get away from him."

Mel shakes her head, "No. Have you seen Reva? She never gets to see her son. I don't want our mother to go through the same thing."

Remy turns, "I feel like a total loser Mel. I'm supposed to be a man, a man who can protect the people he loves."

Mel nods, "The world is not a fair place. But Remy please, just let me help you with this."

Remy walks over to her, "What if Alan comes after you?"

Mel sighs, "I can handle Alan Spaulding. I was married to a Spaulding. Don't worry about me."

Remy hugs his sister.


Lorelei is kissing Guillespie.

Guillespie has his hands in her hair.

She looks at him, "I told you that I'm not interested in you anymore Guillespie."

He nods, "I know."

He keeps kissing her.

He kisses her neck.

She smiles, "I'm out of your league anyway."

He grins, "Completely."

The two keep kissing.

He stops, "Don't forget my money."

She shoves him, "Scum!"

He laughs, "Come on. You owe me big. And it's not like it's going to put a dent in the Spaulding checkbook."

She picks up her purse she dropped, "You have some nerve showing your face around here."

He smiles, "You missed my face."

She looks at him, "Good luck getting a dime out of me buddy. No one will believe a word that comes out of your mouth."

He walks up and grabs her, "I'm warning you Lorelei... you do not want to cross me."

She pulls away.

Lorelei walks off.

Guillespie watches her leave.

He walks back and reaches on a tree branch.

His cell phone sits up there.

It's been recording video.

Country Club:

Stephanie is standing with security.

Her hair and dress are ruined.

She sighs, "That bitch attacked me! I want her locked up and thrown in jail right now."

Across the room Susan is with Sam.

Sam looks at her, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Susan scoffs, "Me? Are you serious? Wow, she is really getting to you isn't she?"

He shakes his head, "Susan you kidnapped her!!! You jumped on her and punched her. You looked like you were going to kill her."

Susan nods, "Well I should have. That girl is a psychopath and she is trying to ruin our lives."

Sam shakes his head, "What's wrong with you? Why are you acting like this? You don't do these kinds of things. Not anymore."

She nods, "You're right that's the old Susan. The old, crazy, druggie, criminal Susan."

He sighs, "That's not what I'm saying."

She shakes her head, "Just... I need some air."

Susan walks away.

Susan goes outside.

Stephanie is sitting on the porch, "Aww did Sammy dump you?"

Susan turns to her, "I'm tired of the crap."

Stephanie nods, "Me too."

Susan sighs, "I'm not going to beat around the bush. You want Sam. I want Sam. I'm ready to go head to head with you. A full on war over Sam Spencer."

Stephanie stands, "You think you can handle it?"

Susan stares at her, "Are you in or are you out?"

Stephanie walks up and the two shake hands.


Johnny walks out of the room with Roxie.

She is confused, "What is going on?"

Johnny sighs, "Ashlee heard me talking earlier. She knows that I am her father."

Roxie shakes her head, "But she was freaking out at me."

Johnny sighs, "She probably remembers what you did to her Roxie! Maybe you didn't push her but she might think that you did."

Roxie sighs, "But now that she knows I'm her mother-"

Johnny shakes his head, "No. She doesn't."

Roxie is confused, "What?"

He sighs, "Ashlee believes I donated the sperm and Doris carried her. She thinks we are her parents."

Roxie shakes her head, "We have to tell her the truth. You can't keep lying to her."

Johnny sighs, "You saw the way she freaked. She is not ready for that kind of shock right now, trust me."

Roxie starts freaking out, "It's not fair! It's not fair!"

Johnny nods, "I know. But Ashlee can't see you right now. You have to leave. I need to check on her."

Johnny opens the door.

Doris is comforting Ashlee.

Ashlee looks at him, "Dad? Dad I need you."

A worried Johnny looks at Ashlee.

An upset Roxie storms out of the hospital.



Edmund walks Marah into his room.

She looks around, "Nice."

He nods, "Well it's not as homey as the Beacon but I am taking some time away from my ex and my daughter."

Marah sits down, "Where's that drink you were talking about?"

He starts to pour drinks, "It's coming."

She sighs, "This is just not my year."

He sighs, "It's still early in the year Marah."

He hands her the drink.

She sighs, "Just like old times."

He nods, "Well that one time."

She nods, "That was a rough night. Honestly if I hadn't had you to talk too... I don't know what I would have done."

He sighs, "We understood each other. We had a lot in common a lot we shared. I think we still do."

She looks at him, "Feeling like no matter what we do or how hard we try we will always come up short."

He nods, "Everyone else does whatever they want but when we do it we look like monsters."

She laughs, "My Mom still can't talk about you. I think she is completely horrified that her daughter slept with Edmund Winslow."

He nods, "I would imagine so."

Marah leans closer, "What is it about you Edmund?"

He smiles at her.

The two kiss.


Marah and Ava see each other again

Lorelei is caught

Leah flirts with Zach

Belinda takes Clarissa to the clinic!

Blake visits Remy

Maureen upsets Mallet


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