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S3 Episode 23



The teens from Springfield head to Spring Break...

Spring Break Party:


Jude parks his car on the beach.

Robbie and Jude get out.

Robbie grins, "It's exactly how I imagined it."

Jude turns, "Look!"

A bunch of girls walk by in bikinis.

Jude and Robbie walk after them.


Leah gets out of the car, "Where are you going? Jude? Robbie? Wait for me please."

A young guy walks up, "Was that Jude and Robbie? Wow I almost didn't recognize them."

Leah turns to him, "How do you know my brother?"


He smiles, "Leah it's me. James Spaulding."

Her mouth drops, "Oh James! Oh wow. I'm sorry. I haven't seen you in such a long time. How are you?"

He grins, "I'm doing great, thanks. I didn't know that you'd be coming down here with them."

She smiles, "Well I thought it would be fun."

James grins, "It's good to see you."

Leah turns, "I gotta catch up with them. I'll see you later."

Leah walks away.

She's even prettier than James remembered.

Across the beach.


Clarissa is walking with RJ and Belinda.

Clarissa sighs, "You really think we'll find him here?"

RJ nods, "Those kids said they saw Micky hanging out around here."

Belinda scoffs, "With other girls. He could already have knocked up more dumb girls."

Clarissa looks at her.

Belinda sighs, "I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that."

Clarissa shakes her head, "You're right. I'm a moron."

Clarissa walks off.

RJ and Belinda go after her.


Bauer Home:


The Bauer family is having a relaxing lunch at home.

Rick sits at the table, "I don't think the house has ever been this quiet. Not that I remember."

Mel grins, "Me either. It's kinda sad."

Michelle sighs, "I know. I'm not used to being a part from Robbie like this. But I trust him to behave down at Lincoln Prep."

Rick sighs, "I really hope when they come home they appreciate that we didn't send them off there."

Michelle sighs, "I don't know how the Spaulding's do it. All of their kids get sent off to boarding school. Those people just have no control over their children and no way to monitor what they are doing."

Mel nods, "Exactly. That's why I'm glad Natalia got out of there with her little boy. But I sure do miss her. She was probably the best friend I ever had. Well next to you Michelle but we're more like sisters."

Rick sighs, "Have you talked to her?"

Mel shakes her head, "No. Alan is probably expecting me too. Natalia is hiding real low."

Michelle sighs, "I understand why she did what she did. A parent has to do what's best for their children."

The Bauers continue with lunch.

Spring Break Party:

Clarissa is walking by herself.

She hears a conversation from behind the rocks.

A young couple sits back there.

The girl sighs, "No. I just don't think I'm ready."

The boy grins, "Come on April. We've been hanging out all week. We can be each other's first. You know it's what you want."

Clarissa recognizes his voice.

She goes over there, "Micky?"

Micky is laying next to his new girl.

Out by the tents.

James walks inside.

Robbie and James are sitting with a group of girls taking shots.

Jude shouts, "James! Dude what's up? Come on over here. We got some shots."

James shakes his head, "No. I'm good."

Robbie laughs, "Come on man. Where's your brother at? I'm sure he'd be more than happy to hang out with us."

James feels like he's always in his brother's shadow.

Leah is walking around looking for her brother and cousin.

Leah sees a crowd of guys with a keg.

She walks over, "Hey."

The guys smile, "Look at this, jail bait."

They all laugh.

She looks around, "I'm just looking for some guys."

They all crack jokes.

She shakes her head, "I'm looking for particular guys."

One guy walks up, "Look no further."

Leah stares at the handsome young man.



Country Club:



Phillip and Harley sit at a table for four.

Jeffrey and Cassie walk up.

Harley and Phillip stand.

Cassie hugs Harley, "Hey! I'm so glad we are finally able to do this. I love double dates."

Harley smiles, "I know me too."

Jeffrey shakes Phillip's hand, "Good to see you."

Phillip nods, "You too. Now that we're in relationships with best friends we should get used to spending time together."

The four laugh.

Everyone sits.

Harley sighs, "Well at least you don't have to worry about another couple being here if you know what I mean."

Cassie sighs, "Harley."

Harley looks at her, "You don't plan on inviting Blake anytime soon do you?"

Cassie shakes her head, "No."

Phillip sighs, "Well I'm not happy with Blake either. Having an affair with my father while he was married to Natalia, not to mention her targeting Lizzie because of her relationship with Remy. But I think eventually everyone deserves forgiveness."

There is a moment of awkward silence.

Harley looks at Cassie, "So you said RJ's out of town?"

Cassie nods, "Yeah Student Council stuff he's got going on. He's much more involved than I ever was in high school."

Harley nods, "Same with Zach. He can hardly come up to visit us now. Which he promised me is going to stop."

Cassie grins, "How did we get so lucky to have such great kids huh?"

The four of them all look at their menus.

Spring Break Party:

Clarissa looks at Micky and April.

April looks at her, "Who are you?"

Micky gets up, "She's nobody."

Clarissa nods, "I thought I was the girl you lost your virginity too. Or is that her now?"

April looks at him, "You jerk!"

He scoffs, "Whatever. This girl is a liar. She's from my old school."

Clarissa shakes her head, "You bastard. Well you know what April you can go ahead and sleep with him. Then when you get pregnant our babies will be siblings."

April gets up, "I am out of here."

She leaves.

Micky looks at Clarissa, "You got some nerve Marler."

He starts to walk towards her.

Suddenly RJ runs over and grabs Micky, "Stay away from her."

RJ has a hold of Micky.

Down the beach.

The young guy looks at Leah, "You are very beautiful."

She smiles, "Thanks. You're cute."

He laughs, "So I've been told. You drink?"

She shakes her head, "Not really. But I mean... sure."

He grins, "One second."

He turns to make her a drink.

James walks over, "Hey Leah. I found your brother."

Leah smiles, "Oh good."

The guy walks back over.

James grins, "And it looks like you found mine."

Leah is confused, "What?"

James nods, "Hey Zach."

Leah realizes she was talking to Zach Spaulding.

Up on the hill are where the reporters are for Spring Break 2011.


Kevin Marler is going over footage with his camera guy.

He pauses the video.

He sees Belinda, RJ, and Clarissa on the video.

Kevin realizes his sister and niece must be here at Spring Break.


Lewis Fashion:


Maureen is at her desk.

She has so much work lately with Marah taking time off.

There is a knock at her door.

She hollers, "Come in."


Jason Marler walks in, "Well look at you. Ms. Maureen Reardon, working in the fashion business."

She jumps up, "Jason? Oh my God!"

The two hug.

He laughs, "God I've missed you."

She smiles, "I missed you too. Wow, it's been to long. When did you get back to town?"

He grins, "Not to long ago. Spring Break so no classes. And I didn't feel like going to some crazy exotic place. I figured why not come home? Springfield, where the excitement never stops."

She laughs, "Well good choice Mr. soon to be lawyer. I for one feel way to old for that stuff."

He laughs, "How old do you think you are?"

She sighs, "Sometimes I wonder."

He smiles, "Well you look young and very beautiful from where I'm standing. Just as usual."

Maureen gets ready to say something.

Her phone rings.

She answers, "Hello... Kevin! Oh my God, it's so weird that you'd call. I'm here with-.... what?.... Are you kidding me? Thank you I'll do something about it thanks."

Maureen hangs up.

Jason looks at her, "What is it?"

Maureen looks at him, "I think I have to go to Florida."


Bauer Home:

Mel and Michelle are alone in the kitchen.

Mel looks at her, "So what's going on with you?"

Michelle looks puzzled, "Uh, just the usual Mel."

Mel sighs, "Well are you seeing anybody or planning on seeing anybody soon? Come on."

Michelle laughs, "When would I do that? My whole life is work, my kids, my family. That's everything."

Mel nods, "I agree all of that is important, but don't you think you should give dating a try?"

Michelle shakes her head, "I tried a relationship with Bill, I almost did with Jesse. It's just not the same. No one is ever going to be Danny to me, I have to accept that."

Mel sighs, "But Danny wants you to be happy doesn't he? Maybe you should give it another try."

Michelle sighs, "I don't need a man to be happy. Right now I like my independence. I have so much more time to spend with my children, I mean Robbie is in high school now. Soon Hope will be growing up too. It's just that these years are so special."

Mel nods, "I know. I still can't believe Leah is in high school. Her and Jude are really growing up."

Michelle smiles, "We got some great kids don't we."

The two smile at each other.

Spring Break Party:

Robbie and Jude are partying in the tent.

Robbie is chugging bear.

Jude runs over, "I told you man, this Spring Break is going to be epic! The best man."

Robbie looks around, "Where did you're sister run off to?"

Jude looks around.

Down the beach.

Leah stands with James and Zach.

Leah is confused, "You're Zach?"

Zach grins, "Hey Leah."

She shakes her head, "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you. You look a lot different than the last time we saw each other."

Zach hands her the drink, "Great way to catch up."

James looks at her, "You drink?"

She sighs, "Uh... not a lot but ya know, one drink won't kill me. I want to have some fun."

Zach grins, "Atta girl."

Leah drinks.

James makes eye contact with his brother and shakes his head.

Zach smirks, "Why don't you run off and find you're own friends James. Leah and I are gonna hang out for a bit."

Leah turns to him, "It's cool James, you don't have to babysit me."

A hesitant James walks away.

Across the beach.

RJ throws Micky down, "You got some nerve dude."

Clarissa sighs, "RJ stop."

Micky looks up, "Oh your preppie cousin here is going to kick my ass? Good luck."

Belinda looks at him, "How about I kick you're ass?"

He laughs, "The worst you could do is give me herpes."

Belinda kicks him in the shin.

RJ pulls her back.

Country Club:

Cassie and Jeffrey continue their meal with Phillip and Harley.

Harley looks at Cassie, "We have to go to the salon together soon."

Cassie nods, "I know. But not the last place, I was so annoyed having to watch 'Light Talk'."

Harley laughs, "What happened to no bringing up Blake?"

Cassie sighs, "Not to mention Dinah."

Harley looks at her, "You still have problems with Dinah?"

Cassie sighs, "Just lately we keep running into each other. I just feel like I can never get over the past with her. You know I don't even think her kids know about her past. Maybe that's for the better."

Harley nods, "At least Belinda is nothing like Dinah. I mean I haven't talked to her in a while but she seems like a smart girl."

Jeffrey sighs, "Let's drop the Dinah and Blake conversation."

Cassie laughs, "Two of your ex's."

Jeffrey nods, "Yes."

Phillip laughs, "It's okay Jeffrey I got plenty of them myself in this town, including Blake."

Harley looks at everyone, "Hey when the kids are all back in town we should do this again. Get everyone together. The kids all used to be so close when they were younger."

Cassie smiles, "That's a great idea. RJ, Jude, Zach, James, everyone. Oh those kids have really grown up."

Spring Break Party:

RJ is holding Belinda back.

Clarissa looks at Micky, "We're done. I don't want you to come near me again. In fact just stay away from Springfield."

He scoffs, "Consider it done."

Clarissa shakes her head, "I don't need you and this baby sure as hell doesn't need you either."

Clarissa runs off.

Belinda looks at Micky, "You stay away from her or I will make you sorry."

RJ walks Belinda away.

Up the hill.

Kevin is talking to his crew, "Listen I need you to keep and eye out for my sister and her friends. They are around here somewhere. Bunch of kids from Springfield sneaking down for Spring Break. Brings back a whole lot of memories."

Down the beach.

Leah continues drinking.

Zach smiles, "Damn Bauer. Look at you. Didn't know what a wild girl you really were."

Leah laughs, "Oh yeah!"

Zach gets up, "I'm going to go get us some more drinks. Stay here with my buddies okay?"

Leah nods.

Zach gets up.

A young guy named Toby sits down with Leah.

He grins, "Hey cutie, you wanna have some fun?"

A very dizzy Leah is about to pass out.

Lewis Fashion:

Maureen is making calls.

Jason looks at her, "What's going on?"

She sighs, "Apparently Belinda and Clarissa are down in Florida with RJ Winslow. That big Spring Break thing."

Jason nods, "The one we went to?"

Maureen looks at him, "Yeah."

He laughs, "Wow that's crazy. That was so long ago. You me and Kevin, that's where we met Vi."

Maureen sighs, "Mallet's out of town. And Dinah and Blake are working on their show. I can't get ahold of them."

Jason sighs "Wow it wasn't that long ago that we were the young kids sneaking off for a road trip on Spring Break. Now look at you, you're calling people's parents."

Maureen sighs, "I just have different responsibilities now."

He nods, "We're older Maureen for sure. But we aren't old. I mean we're in our 20's not our 40's."

Maureen turns to him, "I'm sorry but I need to focus right now."

Jason sighs, "Get your stuff, we'll go to the airport. We'll call up on our way."

Maureen grabs her purse.

Jason sighs, "Looks like we're going back to Florida."

The two walk out.

Spring Break Party:

It's getting dark now.

Clarissa is walking on the sidewalk.

She sits on a bench and starts crying.

Inside she can hear a party with older people.

A man walks out.

She can feel him staring at her but she doesn't turn around.

He sits by her, "What's wrong kid?"

Clarissa turns, "Rafe?"

Rafe Spaulding is sitting by her.

By the water.

RJ and Belinda walk.

She looks at him, "I'm surprised Winslow. You really stood up for your cousin back there."

He smiles, "I did what any good guy would do."

She laughs, "No such thing as a 'good' guy. Just less 'bad' guys."

RJ looks at her, "Don't be so sure."

Belinda turns and stares at him.

Up the beach.

Toby is putting his hands on Leah.

She shoves him away but is really dizzy.

He shushes her, "It's okay. You're gonna like this."

He starts to feel her chest.

James runs over, "Get your hands off of her."

Toby laughs, "Little Spaulding is going to try and get in my way?"

James stares at him, "I said get your hands off of her."

Toby gets up, "Or what?"

James shoves him.

Toby shoves him back.

Quickly Toby and his friends jump on James.

Zach walking back over with drinks sees what's going on.

He sees his brother and jumps in.

A huge fight is breaking out.


Spring Break heats up!

Maureen and Jason get to Florida

Belinda and RJ get close

Clarissa confides in Rafe

Leah gets the wrong idea


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As smart as Clarissa seems to be, why doesn't she tell her mother about the pregnancy? I mean, Micky left to Florida because he's a loser.

As for Leah, one would think that she would be a bit smarter than that to start drinking to the point of passing out. Here she is, not too long ago, telling Belinda and Clarissa the dangers of smoking.

I think James and Leah would make a great paring. He seems to like her a lot and wants to keep her safe...

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With Clarissa a lot of it has to do with her Dad not being in her life right now. And her not getting a long with her mother.

Leah is feeling the need to break her good girl image but it may get her into some trouble.

James is a sweet guy who really likes Leah. But he's shy and we all know sometimes the shy guys let good opportunties pass them by.

Hope you enjoy part two about to be posted! :)

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