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S3 Episode 20



A lot of questions being asked in Springfield...





Josh, Reva and Michelle are in Marah's room with her.

Marah cries, "Ava. Ava is responsible for all of this and I want her to pay for it."

Josh looks at her, "What do you mean Darlin'?"

Marah sighs, "I was coming out of the restroom. Ava was there taunting me about the wedding. We argued, it got physical. She started shaking me and yelling at me. You guys heard me on the stairs didn't you? I asked her to stop, I begged her to stop!"

Reva sighs, "Well we heard..."

Marah nods, "She pushed me and I fell down the stairs. And I tried to catch myself but I couldn't. And now... my baby is dead. My baby is dead, I didn't even get to..."

Marah breaks down crying.

Michelle walks over, "Marah-"

Marah looks at her, "You know! Ava tried to harm you and Bill and the kids. She is crazy."

Michelle sighs, "Just get your rest Marah. We just need you to calm down. Reva Josh could you step out for a moment, I'm sorry."

Josh and Reva walk out of the room.


Annie is out there, "What is going on?"

Josh sighs, "Marah wants us to press charges against Ava. Marah says she pushed her down the stairs."

Reva shakes her head, "I'm worried, I mean the things she is saying..."

Annie shakes her head, "I'm confused. Why aren't we talking to the police? Ava needs to be arrested."

Reva scoffs, "What?"

Annie nods, "Ava needs to pay for what she did to our daughter."

Reva stares at Annie.


Cross Creek:


Ava walks inside.

She just got back from her talk with Alan Michael.

She looks at her engagement ring, "Now we can finally do this for real. I'm going to deserve you now."

Shayne is in the other room, "Ava you home?"

She shouts, "Yeah I'm here."


He walks over, "I thought I heard you."

The two kiss.

She sighs, "How is your sister?"

Shayne sighs, "Last I heard she was still sleeping. But I'm sure she's up by now."

Ava nods, "Well I just wish things hadn't turned out the way they did. Marah doesn't deserve that."

Shayne sighs, "I wasn't sure you'd feel that way."

Ava is confused, "What?"

He shakes his head, "At the Ball, you kept acting like you wanted nothing but horrible things for my sister."

Ava sighs, "I wouldn't wish this on anyone."

Shayne looks at her, "I'm sorry. It's just... it was hard hearing everyone talk about my sister like she's some monster. Then you were up there with her. And she..."

Ava nods, "She fell."

He looks away.

She sits by him, "Shayne she fell. You know that right?"

Shayne nods, "I do."

She shakes her head, "No you don't. Do you think I pushed your sister down the stairs?"

Shayne stares at his fiance.


Main Street:


Kevin is talking to his camera man.

Maureen walks over, "Is that my ex boyfriend? No wait that is the guy from TV. No wait it's both!"

Kevin laughs, "Hello Maureen."

She hugs him, "It's been to long. How are you? How's your brother?"

He laughs, "Ouch, already you change the subject to Jason. You still interested in him?"

She shoves him, "Just wondering. I'm glad to see you. And I'm glad to hear you are happy."

Kevin nods, "Another word for happy is gay."

She nods, "Yep."

He sighs, "I hope it doesn't bother you."

She shakes her head, "Nah. It actually makes me feel a little better. Explains why you didn't find me attractive. Which was obvious. I just always thought it was me."

Kevin shakes his head, "A straight guy would be crazy not to find you attractive."

She smiles, "See this is the side of you I liked. I'm glad to see this guy again."

Kevin nods, "Rocky brings out the best in me. Maybe soon you'll find the guy for you."

Maureen changes the subject, "So you're working for WSPR. That's awesome. I mean you're living your dream."

He nods, "Yep. Jason's off becoming a lawyer, I'm working in TV, and you are..."

Maureen smiles, "Living every girls dream. I'm working at Lewis in the fashion division. I'm picking up a lot of slack right now because of Marah's situation."

Kevin nods, "Well I'm not big on fashion. Rocky's more into that. But I always thought you'd end up being a big star. I thought you'd be winning your first Grammy by now."

Maureen nods, "Yeah well plans change..."

Kevin looks at her, "I have a feeling more has changed about you then you're letting on."

Maureen and Kevin smile at each other.


Law Office:


Mel is working in her office.

There is a knock on the door.

Mel hollers, "Come in."


Lucy walks in, "Hello Mel."

Mel looks at her, "Lucy hello. What can I do for you today? If this is about Marina's son... Harley already talked to me about it to give her advice on how to keep this thing on the down low."

Lucy shakes her head, "No. I really don't want to talk about that actually. I'm here because I know you helped Alan Michael when he was ready to divorce me."

Mel nods, "That was a long time ago."

She sighs, "Well I need you now. I'm divorcing David."

Mel looks at her, "Are you sure?"

Lucy nods, "Absolutely. I'm ready to move on with my life. I feel like David is not the love of my life. So I shouldn't be wasting any more of my time with him."

Mel looks at her, "I'll be honest. I know how you feel. That was one of my reasons for finally ending it with Alan Michael. I loved him but I knew he wasn't the one for me."

Lucy nods, "Rick?"

Mel smiles, "Yeah. It was rough but we got through it. I think I fell in love with him all over again."

Lucy smiles, "Having a second chance with the love of your life. Not everyone gets that."

Mel puts down her pen and really looks at Lucy, "Is that what you are going for? Are we talking about Alan Michael?"

Lucy isn't sure how to answer.


Springfield High:


Jude Bauer is waiting in his car in the parking lot.

His cousin Robbie sits next to him.


His little sister Leah is walking to the car.

He honks, "Leah! Hurry up!"

Leah shakes her head, "Sorry."

Robbie laughs, "Dude she walks slower than Grandpa Ed."

She gets in.

He looks at her, "Really?"

She sighs, "I'm sorry. I was signing up to take the ACT. Never to early for that."

Jude shakes his head, "Whatever."

She notices he is texting, "Please don't text and drive. Do you know how many accidents are caused by that?"

He laughs, "Why do I feel like Mel is in the car?"

Leah sighs, "I'm sorry, I'm my mother's daughter. So who are you texting anyway?"

He sighs, "My brother Zach."

She smiles, "Oh how is he?"

Jude sighs, "I don't know. I'll let you know after Spring Break. Robbie and I are going to visit him and James at Lincoln Prep."

Leah grins, "You should take me. I haven't seen the Spaulding boys in years. It'll be fun."

Robbie shakes his head, "It's guys only Leah."

Leah scoffs, "That's so sexist. Jude, you're my brother, Zach is your brother, James is his brother, it's like we're all family."

Robbie laughs, "It's more like you're parents swap partners a lot."

Jude punches him in the arm, "Shut up."

Leah sighs, "Why can't I go?"

Jude sighs, "Because... we aren't going to Lincoln Prep. We're going to Florida for a real Spring Break."

Leah's mouth drops.




Guillespie and Stephanie are walking in the woods.

Stephanie looks at him, "Just to remind you. I'm a cop."

He laughs, "Why remind me?"

She sighs, "Following a criminal into the woods... I'm not stupid. If you mess with me buddy-"

He scoffs, "I'm not. This is where I like to hang out. I can be alone and not alone."

She nods, "I don't really get what you mean but whatever. Let's just get to the good stuff. There has to be some dirt you have on Susan Lemay that I can use against her."

He laughs, "Like crimes? I got nothing on her that she don't got on me. We aren't doing that anyway. Well except maybe one."

She nods, "Okay then what?"

He grins, "Well nothing you can prove. So even if I tell you, you won't be able to run with it."

She sighs, "Just tell me."

He turns away, "The Masquerade Ball where we met the other night. Do you go there every year?"

She nods, "Some, off and on. Why?"

He turns to her, "So you know that there's always something crazy that happens. Weddings, fights, returns, and murder."

Stephanie nods, "Murder is kind of rare."

He smiles, "3 years ago."

She looks at him, "3 years ago. Mallet's little sister Julie was shot to death... by you."

He shakes his head, "No. That's what they want you to think."

Stephanie's mouth drops, "No!"

Guillespie nods, "Yep. Susan is the one who murdered Julie Camaletti."

Stephanie is in shock.



Reva and Josh stare at Annie.

Reva looks at her, "You're serious?"

Annie nods, "Yes. I mean I'm sorry that Shayne will be upset, but his fiance can't get away with this."

Josh sighs, "Annie we don't know if it's true."

Annie shakes her head, "Marah wouldn't lie about something like that. We all know Ava has had it in for her."

Josh sighs, "But we don't know what happened up there."

Annie looks at them, "What you think Marah framed Ava, that she threw herself down the stairs?"

Reva nods, "I hate the idea of it. But we have to think about everything that is possible."

Annie shakes her head, "Marah isn't like that."

Reva sighs, "Of course you'd be saying this."

Annie scoffs, "Oh because of my past? Because I that's what I did to you. I threw myself down the stairs and blamed it all on you. I made everyone think you caused my miscarriage. But you know what, I'm not Marah and Marah isn't me."

Reva nods, "Thank God!"

Josh steps in between them, "Hold on. Let's just go in and talk to Marah and see what is going on."

Reva sighs, "No Joshua, you and I will go in. Annie you can wait and Josh can inform you later."

Reva walks into the room.

Josh sighs, "I'm sorry."

Josh goes into the room.

A frustrated Annie leaves the hospital.

Main Street:

Kevin and Maureen sit on a bench.

Kevin looks at her, "So you gave up your dreams of singing to stay in Springfield huh?"

She shoves him, "Stop it. Singing... it's not for everyone. I would probably be waiting tables right now in LA."

He shakes his head, "No. I always believed in you."

She sighs, "It's not like you're in the NFL. I mean we all have our little dreams as kids."

He nods, "Sometimes we grow up to fast. Seems like just yesterday we were at Springfield High."

She sits back, "You, me, Jason, and Vi. Those were the days. I haven't seen her since high school. I'm not even sure what's she's doing now. I went through college and here I am."

He nods, "You grew up real fast."

She nods, "Nothing is wrong with that."

He sighs, "I guess. So should I expect you to be married with a couple of kids soon?"

She laughs, "You never know."

Kevin grins, "It's obvious that you have a guy in your life. Are you going to tell me about him?"

She sighs, "When the time is right."

He smiles, "I can live with that. But I'll give you some advice. Secret relationships are hard to keep. After a while you start to feel wrong. It's not always fun."

Kevin hugs her before he leaves.

Maureen has a lot to think about.

Springfield High:

Jude is driving away from the school.

Leah looks at him, "You guys are really going all the way to Florida for Spring Break?"

Robbie smiles, "I can't believe you told her."

Leah sighs, "Do you know how dangerous that is? No seriously, you could get hurt or worse and no one could help you."

Jude nods, "I could also have the most awesome Spring Break of my entire life. Think about that."

Leah sighs, "So what you guys are going to go get drunk, hook up with strangers, and break as many laws as you can?"

Robbie laughs, "That sounds about right."

There is a pause for a moment.

Leah looks at them, "Well I want to go. I just really want to keep an eye on everyone and have some fun too."

Jude shakes his head, "No little sister. You are not going."

She sighs, "Come on. If you do I'll do something nice. I'll keep your secret about where you really are."

Jude looks at her, "And if we don't?"

Leah looks down.

Robbie laughs, "Wow. Leah is a blackmailer now."

Jude sighs, "Fine!"

Leah smiles, "Yes!"

The Bauer teens drive home.

Law Office:

Lucy is staring at Mel.

She shakes her head, "What? Why would you want to bring up Alan Michael Spaulding?"

Mel looks at her, "He is your ex husband."

Lucy nods, "Yours too."

Mel nods, "Yeah. But I mean you and him were different. Didn't you truly believe he was the love of your life?"

Lucy sighs, "I did. We had something real and special. He was my first real true love."

Mel smiles, "I know Alan Michael. I know some people only see the bad. But I think we both know that aside from being charming to women, he has a sweet side we like too."

Lucy nods, "Sometimes. He's also a bit of a playboy. But I guess he's matured somewhat."

Mel nods, "He was ready to settle down with me and Leah. But he had his break down and things weren't the same after that. But honestly I think we just weren't meant to be."

Lucy is confused, "Well so what you think I'm meant to be with Alan Michael?"

Mel shakes her head, "I have no idea. You two are the only ones who know that answer."

Lucy thinks about the close moment they shared on Valentines Day.


Stephanie just heard Guillespie's secret.

She walks around, "Oh... my God."

He nods, "I know."

She shakes her head, "I knew she was capable of sick twisted things. But murder. Wow. Sam has no idea what he has gotten himself into. Believe me Sam does not know this."

Guillespie looks at her, "And he can't."

Stephanie scoffs, "Are you kidding? I have to tell him. He needs to know who he's with."

Guillespie shakes his head, "Nope. He won't believe you. It's to unbelievable. Especially if he doesn't trust you."

Stephanie sighs, "Well there has to be a way for him to find out on his own right?"

He sighs, "Listen, this isn't the route you want to take. You need to focus on something else."

Stephanie is confused, "Like what?"

Guillespie sighs, "Stop focusing on her past. Focus on Susan's present. Sam can get past what is in the past."

She nods, "Good point."

He grins, "You need to do something to prove to him that Susan has not changed a bit."

She sighs, "As if I haven't tried."

He takes her hand, "But now you have me."

She grins, "True."

Guillespie kisses her hand.

Cross Creek:

Shayne and Ava sit on the couch together.

Ava stares at him, "You really believe it don't you? You really think I pushed Marah down the stairs and caused her miscarriage?"

He sighs, "Ava-"

She gets up, "I can't believe this."

He looks at her, "Ava I love you. I just... I need you to tell me exactly what happened."

Ava sighs, "Marah came out of the restroom. We argued a bit. She kept blaming em for everything going wrong in her life. We exchanged words. Suddenly she started shaking me and telling me to stop. I don't know what she was talking about. But the next thing I knew she pushed off me. Then she lost her balance and fell."

Shayne nods, "And that's it?"

She sits by him, "That is it. Shayne I'm telling you the truth, you just have to trust me."

He looks into her eyes, "I do. I love you."

Ava kisses him, "I love you too. Let's just go upstairs. Let's forget about all of this for a minute."

There is a knock at the door.

Shayne looks at her, "Hold that thought."

Shayne gets up to answer the door.


Rocky is there, "Hey."

Shayne smiles, "Hi. What's going on?"

Rocky sighs, "Shayne I'm so sorry. I wish I had another reason for coming over here."

Shayne is confused, "What is going on?"

Rocky sighs, "I'm here to place Ava under arrest for assaulting Marah and causing her miscarriage."

Shayne turns and looks at a nervous Ava.


Shayne and Ava worry

Guillespie chats with Sam

Clarissa makes plans

Blake gets upsetting information

Marina and Cyrus run into Lucy!

Doris warns Roxie and Johnny


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