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Monday November 17 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

John and Marleana get back into John's car.

Marleana: Were never going to find them now!

John: Don't worry. The ISA could still get me their signal.

Marleana: What are we supposed to do till then?

John: I think we should stay where we are, so we don't risk going in the wrong direction.

Marleana: John, theres something Sami said just before the phone hung up.

John: What?

Marleana: She said something about Stefano making a double of Carly.

John: I wouldn't put it past that bastard.

Marleana: Oh my God! I need to call EJ.

Kimberly walks into "Carly"'s room.

"Carly": Hey.

Kimberly: How are you feeling honey?

"Carly": I feel a lot better.

Kimberly: Good. Mike told me that you can go home tomorrow.

"Carly": Can't wait!

Stefano walks into the DiMera mansion living room. The phone rings, and he answers it.

Stefano: Hello?

Person: Hello uncle.

Stefano: Andre? Where the hell are you?

Andre: I escaped from the hospital. I have your niece with me.

Stefano: Dora?

Andre: Yes. Were on our way to another country.

Stefano: Why did you take her?

Andre: Leverge. You give me all the money and resources I need, and maybe I won't kill her.

Lucas and Sami are in Lucas' car. He starts going faster.

Sami: Your going to get us killed!

Lucas: Shut up Sami!

Sami looks out the window, scared.

Carrie, EJ and Brady are in the living room of Roman's house.

EJ: Whats going on?

Carrie: Sami was kidnapped. John and Marleana-

EJ's phone rings, and he answers it.

EJ: Hello?

Marleana: EJ, it's me. Theres something you need to know.

EJ: What is going on?

Marleana: It's about Carly.

Stefano is on the phone in the DiMera living room.

Stefano: Andre, I swear to you if she dies, I will kill you with my own hands!

Andre laughs.

Andre: I'll call you later.

Andre hangs up.

Stefano throws the phone.

Stefano: Damn it!

Lucas continues driving fast.

Sami: Lucas, it rained yesterday, and now it's freezing! There is probaly ice all over the ground!

Lucas turns around.

Lucas: Sami, I already told you-

Lucas loosses control of the car.

EJ walks into "Carly"'s room.

"Carly": Hey. I'm feeling much-

EJ grabs her by the throat.

EJ: Where the hell is Carly!?

"Carly": What are you talking about!?

EJ: Stop this game! I know all about Stefano's plan!

Kimberly walks into the room.

Kimberly: EJ! What the hell are you doing? Get off of her!

EJ: This isn't Carly!

"Carly": What the hell is wrong with you?

EJ: I got a call from Marleana. Lucas kidnapped Sami, and she managed to call Marleana. While Sami was talking to Lucas she asked him why Stefano made a double of Carly.

"Carly" looks guilty.

Kimberly: Oh my God. It's true.

John and Marleana are sitting in John's car, waiting for the signal.

Marleana: John, please call them again! This is taking too long!

John: Marleana, theres nothing I can do. We just have to be patient.

Marleana: My daughter is being held against her will by a physco!

She pauses.

Marleana: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to blow up on you.

John: I understand. Your very upset and scared for your daughter.

Will walks into Roman's house. He goes into the living room and sees Carrie and Brady sitting on the couch.

Will: What's wrong?

Carrie: It's your mother.

Will: Whats going on?

Carrie: She was kidnapped tonight.

Will: What! By who?

Carrie:Your father.

Will: This is insane! Is anybody even looking?

Brady: John and your grandmother are.

Will: John and my grandmother? Are you joking! What about the cops?

Carrie: John is working with the ISA. The ISA will be more helpful than the cops, Will.

Will: Am I just supposed to stand here and do nothing?

Brady: Will, theres nothing we can do now. We just need to wait for any news, and be hopeful.

Lucas turns the wheel, but it is too late. Sami is yelling.

Sami: You bastard!

The car spins, and crashes into the guardrail. The car goes down a hill, and lands upside down at the botom of a ditch.

Kimberly and EJ walk into the manison. Stefano comes out of the living room, angry.

Kimberly: You bastard!

She slaps him.

Kimberly: Where is my daughter?!

Stefano: What the hell are you talking about?

EJ: Enough with the games!

He throws a flower pot against the wall.

EJ: What did you do with Carly?!

Stefano looks at EJ, confused.

Stefano: I don't have time for this! I did not do anything!

Stefano leaves the mansion.

Kimberly: Your just going to let him go?

EJ goes into the living room. He looks around the desk.

EJ: There must be something around here.

John's phone rings. He answers it.

John: Hello?

ISA Agent: We just got the location. It will show up on your screen anytime now.

John: Thank you so much.

John looks at the GPS, and the location of Lucas' car shows up.

Marleana: Oh thank God!

John: Ok, let's get moving.

Lucas' car lies upsidedown in a ditch. Sami's hand reaches out of a window.

Sami: Help me.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

John and Marleana get out of the car.

John: They should be right here.

Marleana: Oh my God.


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