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Tuesday November 11 2008



All The Days of Our Lives

Marleana is in the hospital waiting room, with the twins. She is on her phone. She hangs up.

Marleana: Damn it Sami! Where are you?

John comes.

John: Is something wrong, Marleana?

Marleana: Sami was supposed to be back her to pick up the twins over an hour ago! She isn't answering her phone, or anything.

John: That bastard.

Marleana: Stefano did this, didn't he?

Brady is in the Kirikas mansion living room. Victor comes into the living room.

Victor: Waiting for Carrie?

Brady: Ya, she should be here any minute.

Victor: Brady, I"m so proud that you have found somebody that makes you happy.

Brady: Me too. You don't understand how happy she makes me.

Victor: Thats good.

Brady: I was actually thinking of marriage.

Victor: Marriage?

Brady: Yes, but I don't know if she is ready yet. You know, with everything that happend with Austin, and the baby.

Victor: Thats a conversation you need to have with her.

Sami wakes up in the back of a van.

Sami: My head.

She looks around, and remembers what happened.

Sami: Lucas! Lucas! What the hell are you doing?

Lucas: Just doing what I was asked to do.

Sami: What the hell are you going to do with me?

Lucas: Don't worry.

Sami: Lucas! You can't do this to me! What the hell happened to you!

Lucas: You died. Then you came back, and betrayed me.

Sami: You abandoned my children, Lucas! You betrayed me!

Lucas: Just shut up, Sami!

Sami: Are you going to kill me?

John comes back into to the waiting room.

John: Marleana! I got a video from the hospital security cameras. I can't see the faces clearly, but I'm pretty sure that somebody put Sami in the back of a van!

Marleana: Oh my God! Do you have any idea where they could have went?

John: No, but I'm getting the highway cameras. We'll find them.

His phone rings.

John: John Black.

He pauses.

John: Thank you.

He hangs up.

John: Their headed south on the 38.

Marleana: Lets go!

John: You too?

Marleana: Of course!

Henderson brings Carrie into the Kirikas mansion living room.

Carrie: Hi Brady, Victor.

Brady kisses her.

Victor: How are you Carrie?

Carrie: I'm good. How about you?

Victor: I'm doing ok.

Her phone rings. She answers it.

Carrie: Hello?

Marleana: Carrie, I need you to pick up the twins from the hospital. Their with Diane.

Carrie: Marleana, whats wrong?

Marleana: John and I are going to find Sami. She was kidnaped. I'll explain more later. I need to go now.

Carrie: Oh my God! Be careful!

John and Marleana are on the highway.

Marleana: John, do you see them?

John: No. Don't worry. The ISA is trying to track them, and they will send it to my GPS soon.

Marleana: Oh, John! I"m so worried!

John looks at his GPS.

John: What the hell is taking them so long?

Bo sees Carrie and Brady at the hospital with the twins. He goes to her.

Bo: Hey Carrie, Brady. Your watching the twins tonight?

Carrie: Oh my God, Uncle Bo, Sami was kidnapped!

Bo: What?

Carrie: Marleana called me, and asked me to pick up the twins, because her and John are looking for Sami.

Lucas gets off the phone.

Lucas: Damn it.

Sami: You didn't answer my question.

Lucas: No, I'm not going to kill you!

Sami looks around the van, and realizes her purse is there.

Sami: Idiot.

Lucas: What?

Sami: I didn't say anything.

She slowly gets her purse, and takes out her phone. She looks at it, and sees 10 missed calls. She dials Marleana's number.

Marleana looks at the GPS.

Marleana: Still nothing.

Her phone rigns. She looks at it, and sees that it is Sami.

Marleana: Oh my God! Sami!

She picks it up.

Marleana: Sami! Sami! Where are you?

John: Hook it up to the GPS. It'll send a signal to the ISA.

She hooks up the wire, and puts the phone to her ear again. She hears Sami talking.

Sami: Lucas, what are you going to do with me?

Marleana: Oh my God. Lucas took her.

Lucas: Stop talking, Sami!

Nicole walks into the Java Cafe, and sees EJ sitting at a table. She goes to his table.

Nicole: Hi, EJ DiMera?

EJ: Yes.

They shake hands.

EJ: Nicole, right?

Nicole: Yes. There's something you should know.

EJ: What?

EJ's phone rings. He answers it.

EJ: Hello?

Carrie: EJ, it's Carrie.

John is speeding towards Lucas and Sami. Lucas looks in his mirror, and realizes somebody is following him. Lucas goes faster.

Sami: Stop! Your going to get us killed!

In John's car, Marleana looks worried.

Marleana: John, we have to catch up to them!

John: We will!

A black van comes in front of John's car.

John: Damn it!

In Lucas' car, Sami looks at the phone.

Sami: Where is the real Carly? Why did Stefano make a double of her?

Lucas looks back, and sees Sami's phone.

Lucas: What the hell!

He grabs it, and throws it out the window. In John's car, Marleana looks at the GPS.

Marleana: They just made a right!

John turns right onto another road.

John: We should be right on top of them.

Marleana looks out the window, and sees the cell phone.

Marleana: John, the phone's here!

John: Damn it!

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Will walks into Roman's house. He goes into the living room and sees Carrie and Brady sitting on the couch.

Will: What's wrong?

Carrie: It's your mother.

Lucas' car lies upsidedown in a ditch. Sami's hand reaches out of a window.


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