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Monday September 8 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Bo, Abe, and some other cops are standing outside the blown up station. A couple firemen walk by, with people on stretchers.

Bo: Jeannie's still in there!

Abe: Don't worry Bo, their going to find her!

Bo: I need to go in there!

Max is outside the blown up Pub with Shawn and Caroline.

Shawn: Who the hell would do this?

Caroline: Who else? Stefano!

Max: I don't know where Hope is.

Shawn: What do you mean you don't know where she is?

Max: I don't think she got out of the Pub in time!

Eric gets out of the hospital elevator. He looks at the nurses station, and sees a ballon. He sees a nurse walk by.

Eric: Is it carnival day or something?

Nurse: No, these ballons are showing up all over the place.

Eric: That's weird.

Eric sees Nicole.

Eric: Hey Nicole, how are you?

Nicole: I'm ok. Guess what?

Eric: What?

Nicole: I am going to be a nurse!

Carly gets out of her car in the hospital parking lot. She sees ballons all over the parking lot.

Carly: Thats weird.

She goes into the hospital, and pushes the button for the elevator.

Jeannie lies in the ruibble.

Jeannie: Help.

She sees some rubble being lifted. She starts coughing. The firemen pull her out of the rubble.

Jeannie: My head.

Fireman: Don't worry. Your going to be ok.

He puts her on a stretcher. Bo sees her, and rushes to her.

Bo: Jeannie! Are you ok?

Jeannie: I'm ok. What about you?

Bo: I'm fine.

He hugs her.

Hope lies unconcous in the rubble. Her cell phone rings. A person starts moving the rubble away form her. He pulls her out of it, and takes her out of the Pub from the back. Outside, Max is talking to a fireman.

Max: Theres somebody in there!

Fireman: Don't worry! We'll find them!

They hear Hope's phone ringing. The fireman looks at the other firmen.

Fireman: Follow that!

Eric and Nicole sit in the waiting room.

Eric: I can't really imagine you as a nurse.

Nicole: Well, I am! I'm going to school, and I'm going to do it! I'm going to prove everybody wrong.

Eric: Well, if you say your going to do something, then you'll do it.

Nicole: Exactly.

Eric: So whats with all the ballons? I wouldn't be suprised if it was your idea.

Nicole: No, it wasn't mine. I don't know where they came from.

A clown walks by the nurses station.

Eric: Clowns too?

Nicole looks.

Marleana comes down the stairs in her penthouse, putting on an earing. The phone rings. She answers it.

Marleana: Hello?

Person: Turn on your TV.

Marleana: TV? Who is this?

The person hangs up. She goes to turn on the TV, but the lights start flickering. She turns on the TV, and sees a camara of the upstairs of her Penthouse.

Marleana: Oh my God.

She sees a clown walking by. She looks shocked. The phone rings. She answers it.

Marleana: Who is this!

Bo Impersanotar : Marleana, it's me! Theres a package outside, with an oxygen mask. Put it on quickly!

Marleana: Bo, whats going on?

Bo Impersonator : Hurry!

Bo goes into the ambulance with Jeannie.

Bo: Which hospital are we going to?

Paramedic: Salem University.

The elevator door opens, and Carly goes inside. She sees a clown in it. She looks at the door, wanting to go out, but it closes.

Clown: Whats wrong, don't like clowns?

Carly: No, not really. No offense to you. Are you guys here for the kids?

Clown: No, were here to torment a couple people.

Carly looks scared.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Clown: Oh, I should have been more clear. Andre DiMera sent me.

Carly looks shocked.

Marleana quickly opens the door of her penthouse, and sees a package on the ground. She opens it, and a black gas spews out of it! She falls to the ground! A clown comes down the stairs, wearing an oxygen mask. The clown puts her in a wheelchair, and wheels her out of the Penthouse.

Eric and Nicole see three clowns walking around the floor.

Nicole: This is a bit freaky.

The clowns put on oxygen masks.

Eric: What the hell?

The clowns pop a bunch of ballons, and a black gas spews out of them!

Eric: Cover your mouth and nose!

Carly takes out her cell phone.

Clown: Oh, that won't be needed.

He puts on an oxygen mask.

Clown: But you should really use this.

Carly: What the hells going on?

The elevator doors open, and black gas quickly comes into the elevator. Carly falls to the ground.

Stefano and Andre are sitting in a room in the DiMera mansion. They are watching a TV.

Andre: Isn't it beautiful?

Stefano: Andre, I don't know how you managed this.

Andre: Oh, this is just the beggining.

Andre laughs as Hope and Marleana lie unconcious in a dark room.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Isabella is in her office. A scary looking clown walks in.

Isabella: What the hell do you want?

Kimberly walks into the hospital.

Kimberly: Wheres my daughter!?

EJ is in the DiMera mansion living room with Andre and Stefano.

EJ: What the hell are you doing?

Andre: Just watch, Elvis.

EJ looks at Andre shocked.

Tony, Shawn, and Caroline are standing outside the hospital.

Nurse: The hospital is on lockdown.


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