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Friday September 5 2008 Pt. 2



All The Days of Their Lives

Andre is in a warehouse. He takes a piece of tape, and sticks it on a box. He rips it off. He laughs. A man comes into the warehouse.

Andre: Please deleiver this to the Salem PD.

The man takes the package, and leaves.

Isabella and Adrianna are on the docks.

Isabella: So, your luggages are loaded on the boat?

Adrianna: Yup. I'm going to miss you so much, mom.

Stefano comes on the docks.

Stefano: I hope the same will be said for me.

Isabella and Adrianna both turn around.

Valeri walks into Yolanda's hospital room.

Yolanda: Valeri, did you and Dora make amends?

Valeri: Not quite. Anyway, thats not why I'm here. I'm here to say bye.

Yolanda: Bye? Where are you going?

Valeri: I'm going to Salem; to see my father.

Yolanda looks at her with a dissapointed look.

Yolanda: It is best to stay out of his life, Valeri. He is going to end up ruining yours.

Valeri: I'll be fine. I don't know when I'll be back, but I will. I love you.

She kisses her on the cheek.

Valeri: Bye.

Valeri leaves.

Andre unlocks the door to the DiMera mansion. He looks around, and then goes into the living room. He throws something into the fireplace. He smiles.

Andre: All set. Now, where is Stefano?

He sits on a chair, and puts his feet up on the desk.

Isabella looks at Stefano.

Isabella: What the hell are you doing here?

Stefano: I'm here to say goodbye to my daughter, of course.

Adrianna: Goodbye, you can leave now.

Stefano: Why do you treat me with such hostility?

Adrianna: Just leave me alone!

Stefano's smiles fades.

Stefano: Have a wonderful trip, Adrianna. Hope you like the water.

He leaves.

Isabella: I'm sorry about that.

Adrianna: It's ok, lets just forget about it.

Isabella: So, when will Andrew be here?

Adrianna: Soon.

Bo and Abe are in Abe's office.

Abe: Well, we have nothing that directly links Stefano to anything.

Bo: Well, if Andre shows up in town, we have Don's statment to put him away.

Abe: We still have nothing on Stefano.

Bo: I still think he's involved with Don being the killer.

Abe: No, I don't. Stefano wouldn't have Don kill his daughter. I think that if Andre does come back, Stefano will be furious with him.

Stefano walks into the living room of the DiMera mansion. He goes into the living room, and sees Andre.

Andre: Stefano, it's good to see you.

Stefano: You bastard!

Stefano slaps him.

Andre: I'm sorry, mabye I should have gotten you a drink?

Stefano: How dare you have that bastard kill my daughter!

Andre: Come on Stefano, she didn't give a damn about you!

Stefano: She was my daughter! And you killed her!

Andre: Well, as long as were blaming people, theres somebody else you should be angry with.

Stefano: Who's that?

Andre: Your niece, Dora.

Andrew hugs Adrianna.

Adrianna: I'm going to miss you, Andrew.

Andrew: It's only three weeks. Three long weeks without you.

He hugs her.

Adrianna: Well, I should get on the boat now. Goodbye.

They kiss.

Andrew: I love you.

Adrianna: I love you too.

Isabella comes, and hugs her.

Isabella: Bye, sweetie. Have fun.

Adrianna goes on the boat.

Hope walks into the Pub. She sees people rushing out.

Max: Everybody get out!

Hope: Max, whats going on?

Max: Theres some sort of leak, I don't know what it is, but theres gasoline all over the kitchen, and its spreading all over the Pub.

Hope: Oh my God. Wheres your mom and dad?

Max: Their already out, it's ok.

In the back of the restruant, a man throws something through the window. Max hears a beeping noise.

Max: Do you hear that?

Stefano stares at Andre.

Stefano: I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth!

Andre: Believe what you want, just know who you can trust.

Andre's phone rings.

Andre: Yes, it's set? Good.

Andre hangs up.

Stefano: What did you do?

Andre: Just turn on the TV soon, and you'll find out.

Jeannie walks into the Police Station. She goes to talk to a cop.

Jeannie: Hi, have you seen my Uncle Bo? I need to talk to him.

Cop: He's a little busy right now. You can come back in a couple minutes.

Jeannie: I'll just wait here.

She goes into her purse, and looks for her phone.

Jeannie: Damn it.

She looks a the cop.

Jeannie: If you see my uncle, tell him not to go anywhere till I talked to him.

She leaves the station to get her cell phone. A man with a package comes into the Salem PD. He talks to a cop.

Man: This is addressed to Abe Carver, and Bo Brady.

The cop takes it, and the man quickly leaves the station.

Aboard Adrianna's ship, a man comes into her cabin.

Adrianna: Can I help you?

He comes closer.

Adrianna: Your not part of the crew!

He comes closer, and she tries to yell. He covers her mouth, and she tries to fight him off. He takes a syringe out of his pocket. She knees him in the stomach. She pushes him, and she runs to the door. He runs after her, and puts the syringe in her neck.

Adrianna: Help.

He leaves the cabin, as she falls to the ground.

Hope and Max listen for the sound.

Hope: Oh my God, Max! It's a bomb!

They head for the door. As they run out the door, the Brady Pub bursts into flames.

Bo and Abe see the package. The cop goes closer to it.

Cop: Do you hear that?

Bo bends down.

Bo: Oh my God! It's a bomb!

Abe: Everybody out! Everybody out!

Jeannie walks into the Police Station.

Jeannie: Unc-

Bo: Get out!

Jeannie: Whats going on?

Bo pushes her out of the way, as the package releases one last tick.

Jeannie: Is that-

The station blows up!

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Bo and Abe are outside the blown up station.

Bo: Jeannie's still in there!

Jeannie lies in the rubble.

Jeannie: Help.

Max is outside the blown up Pub with Shawn and Caroline.

Max: I don't know where Hope is.

Hope lies unconscious in the rubble.

Marleana opens the door to her penthouse, and sees a package on the ground. She opens it, and gas spews out.


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