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Friday August 22 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

The next night...

Sami is in the DiMera mansion living room.

Sami: Ok, EJ are you sure you can handel the twins all by yourself?

EJ: I'll be fine, Samantha.

Sami: Ok, let me just call my mom.

Sami takes her phone out and dials Marleana's number.

Sami: Hey mom, I'm about to leave now. Are you sure you don't want me to pick you up?

Marleana: Yes, honey. I'm leaving in a few minutes.

Sami: Ok. Bye mom.

Sami hangs up.

Sami: Ok, I'm going to go say bye to the twins, and I'll leave.

EJ: Enjoy your dinner.

Sami: Thanks.

Patrick comes out of the shower in his hotel room. There is a knock on the door, and he puts a towel on. He opens the door, and Nicole comes in.

Nicole: Wow Dr. Drake, I didn't know all that was under the scrubs.

Patrick: Nicole, right?

Nicole: Yes.

Patrick: What can I help you with?

She goes closer to him.

Nicole: If you do me a favour, I'll do you one.

Patrick: What kind of favour?

Nicole kisses him.

Marleana leaves her apartment, and locks the door. The elevator doors open. Marleana turns around and sees the killer, with his mask on.

Marleana: Oh my God!

She turns to unlock the door, but the killer pushes her against the door.

Killer: Your fine.

He chlorforms her.

Sami is in Chez Rouge. Mike comes to her.

Mike: Hey Sami.

Sami: Hey Mike. How are you?

Mike: I'm good. How about you?

Sami: I'm ok.

Mike: I'm so sorry about your father.

Sami: Thanks.

Mike: So, I came to ask you about your apartment; is it still available?

Sami: Yes, actually I showed a woman today but she didn't seem too intrested in it. When do you want to see it?

Mike: Oh, it's not for me. It's for my son, Jeremy. He's moving back to town.

Sami: Oh, ok. WEll, let me know when he gets back, and we'll set up a date.

Mike: Thanks Sami.

Patrick smiles.

Patrick: What can I possibly do for you, Nicole?

Nicole: Your in Salem, on a case about a woman in a catatonic state, right?

Patrick: Yes, Belle Black, you know her?

Nicole: Sort of. Anyway, how's it going?

Patrick: It looks ok. Were giving her the drug next week.

Nicole: Theres the part I need from you.

Patrick: What do you need?

Nicole: Keep Belle Black in a coma.

Kate is sitting in Billie's hospital room.

Kate: So, have you thought of any names yet?

Billie: Yes, but I haven't decided on any yet.

Kate: What about the father?

Billie: Mom, please-

Kate: Bo should be part of this child's life!

Billie: Mom, I don't want to talk about this right now.

Kate: Billie, does he want-

Martha walks in.

Martha: Good God Kate! She doesnt want to talk about it leave her alone!

Kate turns around angirly, and Billie mouths a thank you.

Carly walks out of the changeroom of the gym. She goes to order a drink.

Carly :Hi, can I have a strawberry smoothie, please?

Barista: Comming right up.

Carly turns around, and bumps into Amanda.

Amanda: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Carly: It was my fault. Amanda, right?

Amanda: Yes. Carly?

Carly: Yes.

Amanda: I heard your son is doing good.

Carly: He is.

Amanda: Good, I'm happy for you and him.

Carly: Thanks. I'm so sorry about everything your going through.

Amanda: Thanks.

Carly: Why don't you sit with me?

Amanda: I'd like that.

Sami is on her phone.

Sami: Mom, where are you? I've called like 5 times! Call me back.

Maggie comes to Sami at the bar.

Maggie: Still waiting for your mom?

Sami: Ya. I've called so many times, and she hasn't answered. It's not like her to be late.

Maggie: Mabye she's stuck in traffic.

Sami: Maggie, am I crazy to be worried?

Maggie: Of course not; but stay calm. I'm sure she's fine.

The killer puts Marleana in a dark room. He closes the door. He takes his car keys, and leaves the house.

Martha sits on the other side of Billie's bed.

Kate: You know, you really should start minding your own business.

Billie laughs.

Kate: What is so funny?

Billie: How many times have you tried to break up Sami and Lucas?

Kate rolls her eyes.

Martha: What, don't like it when you get called out on it?

Kate: Ok, fine; we won't talk about Bo, even though I'm right.

Martha: So have you thought of any names yet?

Billie: Well, after sitting here a while, I think I hate it.

Kate: Funny when I asked you didn't know.

Billie: I've had more time to think.

Martha: Ok, what is it?

Billie: I was thinking Josh.

Carly and Amanda are sitting at a table with their smoothies.

Carly: So, your planning on staying in Salem?

Amanda: Yes; I actually looked at an apartment today; your cousins', I'm pretty sure.

Carly: Oh, Sami's apartment?

Amanda: Yes.

Carly: What did you think of it?

Amanda: I didn't like it too much. It's a little small for me.

Carly: Have you thought about a house?

Amanda: I don't know. A house might be too big for me, not to mention expensive.

Carly laughs.

Carly: Well, I'm getting married in September. If my fiance and I decide to buy a house, or if I decide to move in with him, would you like my apartment? I'll show it to you, and you can see if you like it.

Amanda: I'd like that. Thank you, Carly.

Carly: No problem. Anyway, I should get going. It was nice seeing you again. I'll call you.

Amanda: See you.

Carly leaves.

Patrick hands Nicole a drink.

Patrick: Now why would I want to keep Belle Black in a coma?

Nicole: How does five million dollars sound?

Patrick's eyes widen.

Patrick: I have no problem accepting that offer, but I gotta ask; why do you want to keep her in a coma?

Nicole: Let's just say she's keeping a man from me.

Patrick: Ok then.

Nicole: Thanks, Doc.

She turns around, but then turns back.

Nicole: You know, I've wanted to go into the supply closet with you a couple times.

He moves closer to her, and they start kissing passionatly.

Sami orders a drink at the bar, and tries to call Marleana again. It goes to voicemail, and she hangs up.

Sami: Mom, where are you?

Carly leaves the gym, and is on her phone.

Carly: Hey EJ. I just left the gym, and I'm on my way to the mansion now.

EJ: Good, good. I can't wait to see you.

Carly: Is it because you love me so much, or because your having a hard time with the twins?

EJ laughs.

EJ: A little bit of both.

Carly: Ok. I'll be there in a bit.

She goes into her car, and puts her phone down. She looks in her rearview mirror, and is shocked! She sees the killer behind her. She tries to get out of the car, but he chlorforms her.

Kate and Martha have left Billie's room. Billie kisses her baby.

Billie: How does Josh sound?

Bo comes into her room.

Billie: Bo, what are you doing here?

Bo: Billie, we need to talk.

Billie: Bo, we already discussed this.

Bo: I want to be a part of his life. I have to tell Hope.

Marleana is in the dark room, banging on the door.

Marleana: Let me out!

The door opens, and the killer throws Carly inside. She falls to the ground.

Marleana: Oh my God! What did you do to her!?

Killer: The same thing I did to you.

Marleana: What the hell do you want with us?

The killer stays silent.

Marleana :Tell me God damn it!

She slaps him, and pulls off his mask. She stands there shocked.

Marleana: Oh my God; it's you.

Don Craig smiles.

Don: Thats just the expression I was aiming for.

Next on All the Days of our Lives:

Marleana: Why are you doing all this?

Don: For you, of course.

EJ is on the phone.

EJ: Carly, where are you?

Anna is in her and Don's apartment. She goes into his closet.

Anna: Oh my God.


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