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Thursday August 21 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Dora is walking on the pier. Her phone rings.

Dora: Hello.

Person: Dora, good to hear from you.

Dora: How dare you! What the hell is wrong with you?

Person: Dora, is there a problem?

Dora: Hell ya there is! I told you to keep my family out of it, and you went and killed Lexie!

Person: Lexie got herself killed when she decided to look at the file! Now, you listen to me! You get me the drugs!

Dora: We had a deal, and you blew it!

Person: Then your done.

Abe is in his office. A cop comes in.

Cop: Theres a Ms. Amanda De Costa to see you.

Abe: Thank you, let her in.

Amanda walks in.

Amanda: Hi, Comminisher Carver. I'm sorry about your partner, Roman.

Abe: Thank you. And thank you for comming.

Amanda: No problem. I'll do anything to make sure Eddie is put away.

Abe: Thats what I'm worried about.

Amanada: What's wrong?

Abe: He might plead insanity.

Amanda looks at Abe in shock.

Adrianna is outside the Brady Pub.

Adrianna: I'll see you tonight, Andrew.

Adrianna turns around and sees Jeannie.

Jeannie: The hell your going to see my brother!

Adrianna and Jeannie are outside the Brady Pub.

Adrianna: Guess what? What Andrew and I do is not up to you.

Jeannie move closer to her.

Jeannie: Stay away from him.

Adrianna: Or what?

Jeannie: You don't want to know.

Adrianna laughs.

Adrianna: I don't have time for you.

Jeannie grabs her arm.

Jeannie: I'm not done talking to you.

Hope is sitting in the Pub with Ciara.

Ciara: Mommy, wheres grandma and grandpa?

Hope: Their probaly in the kitchen. Why don't you go see them?

Ciara: Ok mommy.

Ciara goes into the kitchen. Billie walks into the Pub. Hope looks up, and notices Billie.

Hope: Why the hell are you here?

Billie: Hope, please.

Hope: What do you want?

Billie: I came to offer my condolences for Roman.

Hope: Don't worry, your not needed.

Billie: Hope, please stop.

Hope: Leave!

Abe puts a cup of coffee next to Amanda.

Amanada: Thanks.

Abe sits down.

Amanda: This is crazy! He isn't insane! What are we going to do?

Abe: He can probaly pay off a doctor to testify in court.

Amanda: He would do something like that.

Abe: He won't. I know a physcriast. I'm very good friends with her. I'll have her evaulate him, and she will make a report, and she'll testify in court.

Amanda: Thats good.

Abe: If you don't mind me asking, what happened? Why do you hate him so much?

Amanda: Other than him blaming me for my son's death, he was a deadbeat father.During my whole pregnancy, he was gone. The day our baby was born, he came to the hospital, and said that he was away, trying to make some money for our family. He stayed for a couple months, and then left. He came again about three months ago.

Abe: Thats when your son died.

Tears form in Amanda's eyes.

Amanda: While he was there, I heard Charley crying. So I went to the stairs, and he threw his beer bottle at me. It landed on the stairs, and I went to him to tell him to leave. Charley came down the stairs, and he slipped on the bottle.

She holds her head as she cries.

Abe: I'm so sorry.

He hugs her.

Adrianna puts her phone inside her purse.

Adrianna: What the hell do you want? Your acting like a nut job!

Jeannie: How dare you come here, knowing what my family's going through, and start fighting?

Adrianna: Just to refresh your tiny brain, you started fighitng! I'm actually being there for Andrew, and comforting him! What are you doing? Giving your boyfriend a lap dance in front of your whole family?

Jeannie backhands her!

Adrianna: I'm going to kill you!

Adriannna wraps her hands around Jeannie's neck.

Billie: Hope, I understand-

Hope: If you understand, then get out!

Billie turns around, and leaves. She sees Jeannie and Adrianna fighting.

Billie: Hey! Stop!

She grabs Adrianna off of Jeannie.

Jeannie: I am going to kill you!

Billie grabs her stomach in pain.

Jeannie: Oh my God. Billie, are you ok?

Billie: I think I'm in labour.

Jeannie: Oh my God. I'll get you to the hospital.

Dora bumps into EJ on the docks. There are tears in her eyes.

EJ: Dora, whats wrong?

Dora: EJ, you need to leave now!

EJ: Dora, whats going on?

Dora: EJ, I made a mistake, and now I'm going to pay. You need to leave!

EJ: Dora, I'll help you, just tell me what you did!

Dora: I can't, EJ. I can't.

Amanda goes to Eddie's jail cell.

Eddie: Well, well, look who came to visit me.

Amanda: I know what your trying to do Eddie. Plead insanity. It's not going to work.

Eddie: I'm not trying anything.

Amanda: Go to hell.

Eddie: No, thats where your going, for killing our son!

Amanda: I did not kill our son! It's your fault he died! I hate you so much! Go to hell you bastard.

She leaves, and he laughs.

Jeannie brings Billie into the hospital. Mike sees her.

Mike: Whats going on?

Jeannie: She's going into labour.

Mike: Contractions?

Jeannie: Yes, 12 minutes apart.

Mike: Has her water broken yet?

Billie: No! Get me to a room!

Mike turns to Nicole.

Mike: Nicole, can you get her to a room?

Nicole: Yes, Dr. Horton.

Billie: Are you sure she can be trusted?

Nicole: Don't worry, Billie.

Nicole gets her on a wheelchair, and brings her to a room.

Dora unlocks the door to her apartment. She goes inside, and looks nervous. There is a knock on the door.

Dora: Thank God.

She opens the door, and lets Mike in.

Mike: Whats going on?

Dora: He called me today. I told him to stay aweay from me, but he said that I'm done.

Mike: Dora, you need to leave town. He's going to kill you.

Dora: He'll track me down, Mike! We need to go to the cops, and tell them who he is!

Mike: I don't know who he is, Dora! You do!

Dora: Mike, I can't do this alone!

Mike: I'll loose my license, and I'll go to jail!

Dora: If I tell the cops, I have to tell everything!

Mike: Dora, don't!

Dora: Well then I"ll do something about it!

Nicole is in Billie's room.

Nicole: The doctor will be in soon.

Billie: Thanks.

Nicole: Is there anybody you want me to call?

Billie: Please call Bo Brady.

Nicole: Sure.

Mike goes closer to Dora.

Mike: Dora, you can't do this.

Dora: You should have thought about your carreer when you started dealing drugs to him!

Mike: He was threatning my son's life!

Dora: We are in such a huge mess.

Amanda walks into the Brady Pub. She goes to Sami's table.

Amanda: Sami, right?

Sami: Yes. Hi Amanda.

Amanda: I'm so sorry about your father.

Sami: Thank you. And thank you for comming to the funeural.

Amanda: No problem. So you have an apartment?

Sami: Yes. I haven't lived there in a while, and it's just sitting there.

Amanda: Well, I'd love to see it.

Sami: Ok. How's now?

Amanda: Actually, I can't now. I have an appoitment. How's tomorrow?

Sami: Tomorrows good. Call me to let me know the time.

Amanda: I will. Thanks.

Amanda gets up, and leaves the Pub.

Bo walks into Billie's hospital room, and sees her holding a baby boy.

Billie: This is our son, Bo.

Bo: Billie, if you want me to be a part of this-

Billie: No Bo. This is something I have to do alone.

Bo: What are you going to name him?

Billie: I'm not sure. You should go, Bo.

Bo: Ok.

He leaves her room.

Mike leaves Dora's apartment. She closes the door, and picks up the phone. She dials a number.

Dora: Yes, this is Dora DiMarino. I'd like to book a flight to Milan, Italy.

Person: We have a flight that leaves tomorrow.

Dora: Great. Thank you.

She hangs up, and starts packing.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Sami is on her phone at Chez Rouge.

Sami: Mom, where are you?

Bo is in Billie's hospital room.

Bo: I want to be a part of his life. I have to tell Hope.

Nicole and Patrick are in Partick's hotel room.

Nicole: If you do me a favour, I'll do you one.

Patrick: What kind of favour?

Nicole kisses him.


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