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Thursday July 31 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Hope is sitting in her and Bo's house, on the couch. Bo comes in.

Hope: Bo, we have to talk.

Bo: Hope, I'm sorry about what happened. If you want me to move out, I'll go pack everything.

Hope: No. When Zach died, I turned away from you, and I had sex with Patrick. I'm willing to forgive you for what you did, but I need to know one thing.

Bo: Anything.

Hope: I just need to know if your the father of her baby.

Bo: I'm not.

Shawn is sitting in the Brady Pub. Nicole walks in, and sits with him.

Nicole: Hey lover.

Shawn: Don't call me that.

Nicole: I have something for you.

She takes out a bag with coccain in it. Shawn is about to grab it, but she takes it away fast.

Nicole: It comes at a price.

Shawn: I can't. Belle's missing, please Nicole, just give me it, and we can meet up another night.

Nicole: No Shawn! You'll get it when I get mine.

She gets up, and Shawn follows her.

Carly turns to Amanda.

Carly: If you knew he was going to do this, then why the hell didn't you stop him? Or call the police?

Amanda: He told me he was going to kill me if I did anything! He loked me in a room last night, and I got out this morning, realizing that he had come here.

Carly: I'm so sorry. Is he capable of actually shooting somebody?

Amanda: I don't know anymore.

In the Operation Room, Roman moves closer to the man.

Man: Stay away, or I'll shoot you!

Roman: Calm down!

Man: All I want you to do is to stop this operation, and I'll leave you guys alone!

Outside, Amanda starts yelling.

Amanda: Eddie! Stop this!

Eddie turns around.

Eddie: Don't try anything.

He goes outside. He holds his gun to Amanda.

Hope gets up.

Hope: How long has this been going on?

Bo: Today was the first time. It was a mistake. We were both hurt, and we made a mistake turning to each other.

Hope: Ok Bo. I believe you.

Bo: Hope,

Hope: No. You were both hurt, and thats all that happened. I need to get away for a while. From everybody.

Bo: What do you mean?

Hope: I need to take a vacation, just with Ciara.

Belle wakes up in Kristen's cottage. Kristen comes in her room with pancakes, and tea.

Kristen: See how good a hostess I can be?

Belle: You'd be an even better hostess if you let me go.

Kristen: We are not having this discussion.

Belle: Ok, then why the hell am I here? Why did you kidnap me?

Kristen: Your baby is going to be my grandchild, because you were supposed to be me and John's child.

She smiles, and Belle looks confused.

Amanda looks at him.

Amanda: Stop this! This little boy needs this surgery to live!

Eddie: I'm not going to let them use out baby's heart! Even though you don't care!

Amanda: What the hell are you talking about? Our son died, and his heart can be used to save somebody else! What the hell is wrong with you!

Eddie: Go to hell!

He starts shooting! Everybody ducks, and Carly hits the floor hard. Roman shoots Eddie in the back, and Eddie falls to the ground.

Nicole unlocks the door to her apartment. Her and Shawn go in. He kisses her.

Nicole: Shawn, you can leave Belle, and be with me.

Shawn: That isn't going to happen.

Nicole pulls him away.

Nicole: I can't do this anymore.

Shawn: What are you talking about?

Nicole: I can't be in this anymore. I'm feeding you drugs, and I"m having meaningless sex. Please leave.

Shawn is about to take the bag of drugs, but Nicole stops him.

Nicole: I don't think so.

Bo closes the door as Hope leaves with Ciara. He turns the TV on, andsees the news. He sees the shooting at the hospital.

Bo: Oh my God.

He turns the TV off, and gets up. He opens the door, and a woman is standing there.

Bo: Can I help you?

Woman: Yes, actually. I'm Skye Quartermaine. You Bo Brady, right?

Bo: Yes, but I need to go somewhere now. Can we do this later?

Skye: It's about your brother.

Carly sees blood on the floor.

Carly: Was I shot?

She slowely gets up, with the help of Isabella.

Isabella: Oh my God! What happened?

Carly: That man started shooting!

She looks around, and realizes that Andrew was shot!

Carly: Andrew!

Roman comes out of the operating room, and takes Eddie's gun away form him. Amanda wipes her tears. Eddie looks at Amanda.

Eddie: This isn't over.

The nurses put Andrew and Eddie on stretchers.

Kimberly: Don't worry honey, your going to be ok.

Andrew: It was just in the shoulder. I"ll be fine.

Mike comes out of the operating room. Carly rushes to him.

Carly: Is my son going to be ok?

Mike: Were going to restart the surgery in about an hour, and we'll do out best.

Carly: Thank you.

Kristen is about to leave the room.

Belle: You aren't going to get away with this.

Kristen: Who's going to save you, Belle? Everybody thinks you left town.

Belle: They probaly already don't believe it.

Kristen: Keep telling yourself that, Belle.

Belle: No, you keep telling yourself that I was supposed to be your child, and that this is your grandchild!

Kristen: You know Belle, you should start being a bit nicer to me. I could have your precious mother brought here, and killed right in front of you!

She leave the room, and Belle starts crying. She holds her stomach.

Belle: Please, Shawn.

Shawn walks out of Nicole's apartment building. He walks a little to find his car, and starts getting dizzy.

Shawn: Help!

A woman sees him, and goes closer to him. Shawn falls to the ground, and starts having a seizure!

Woman: Oh my God!

She takes her phone out, and calls 911.

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Bo and Skye are outside Bo's house.

Skye: If Roman doesnt lock up Jason Morgan, Lorenzo will not only come after Roman, but your whole family.

Shawn is in his hospital room. Bo and Hope are in there.

Hope: Tell me what you've been doing!

Nicole comes in.

Amanda is in Eddie's hospital room.

Amanda: You ruined my life! I hate you!

She starts choking him!

Isabella and Lorenzo is at Chez Rouge.

Isabella: Adrianna is not involved in this, so please keep her out of this!

Lorenzo: I just came to ask you to dinner.


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