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Wednesday July 30 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Carly, Kimberly, EJ, Andrew, Scotty, and Jeannie are sitting in the waiting room.

Carly: Do you think they started the surgery yet?

Kimberly :They should have.

In Alex's surgery room, Mike walks in.

Mike: Ok, evrything's ready. Lets start this.

The box with the heart is sitting on the table. A doctor looks at it suspicouslly.

Mike: Is there a problem?

Roman walks into his office at the Salem PD. Marleana walks in after him.

Roman: Marleana, there is nothing we can do. Belle called Shawn, and told him she was fine.

Marleana: Roman, I understand that, but it isn't like her!

Roman: I agree with you, but she said she was fine.

Marleana: What if somebody was forcing her to make that call? The number she called from wasn't even her number!

Roman: It could have been a pay phone, or the hotel phone.

Marleana: Nothing is missing! She didn't pack anything! Roman, something is wrong! She wouldn't leave, espically now!

Roman :I understand she would want to be with Shawn after his sisters death, but-

Marleana: Thats not the only reason she wouldnt leave; Roman, she's pregnant.

Hope walks Ciara to her room.

Hope: Did the Maria give you your snack?

Ciara: Yes mommy. Can you read me a story?

Hope: Of course sweetie.

She looks at the time, and realizes that Bo shuld have been home by now.

Hope: Which one do you want to read?

Mike looks at the doctor.

Mike: Is something wrong?

Doctor: Yes, actually. There is.

He takes out a gun!

Doctor: This operation is not going to happen.

Outside in the hall, Carly is pacing.

Carly: A nurse should have come out by now to give us an update!

EJ: Calm down, Carly. She'll probaly be out soon.

Kimberly: You need to sit sweetie, your going to make a hole in the floor.

A woman comes to their area.

Woman: Are you Carly?

Carly: Yes. Who are you?

Woman: I'm Amanda. Your son is having the heart transplant today, right?

Carly: Yes. Why do you want to know?

Amanda: You need to stop this surgery right now!

Roman sits in his chair.

Roman: Look, I really hate to say this, and I hope it isn't the case, but do you think it's possible that Belle could have had a miscarriage, and left town after finding out?

Marlena: If she wanted to leave town, she would have went to somebody face to face first, Roman!

Roman: Ok, I"ll look into it, and see if she purchased a plane ticket, or checked into any hotels.

Marleana: Thank you Roman.

She gets up, and leaves his office.

Hope sits on the couch, and turns the TV on. She turns it off, and gets up. She gets the phone, and dials a number.

Hope: Hey Julie. Can you come to watch Ciara for a bit, please?

Julie: Sure Hope. I"ll be there in a bit.

Hope: Thanks.

Carly looks confused.

Carly: What are you talking about?

Amanda: My husband is in there, pretending to be a doctor. The heart they are using was our son's.

Carly: Oh my God.

Inside the Operation room, the man looks around.

Mike: What are you doing? This boy is going to die if we do not do this surgery!

Man: My son is already dead! And your going to use his heart on this kid! I don't think so!

Mike: Your sons heart can save another life!

Man: No!

He gets angry, and shoots the window!

Everybody in the waiting room is shocked.

Carly: Alex!

She runs to the doors. EJ holds her back.

Carly: No! My son is in there! Alex!

A nurse at the nurses station calls the police.

Bo and Billie are sleeping in bed together. There is a knock at the door. Billie wakes up.

Bo: What was that?

Billie: Somebody knocked on the door. Oh my God, Bo! What if it's Hope?

Bo: We need to put our clothes on.

Outside her apartment, Hope knocks on the door.

Hope: I know I said I"d only use this for emergencys.

She takes out a key, and puts it in the key hole. She turns the key, and the door unlocks.

Roman comes out of the hospital elevator with a bunch of cops. Kimberly runs to him.

Kimberly: Roman! Thank God your here!

Roman: Was anybody hurt?

Kimberly :I don't think so. Roman, you have to get him out of there!

Carly: Roman, please get him out of there!

Roman: I'm going to do everything I can.

Doug and Julie are in the kitchen at Bo and Hope's house.

Julie: Should we cook something for Bo and Hope for when they get home?

Doug: Sure. I don't think Hope is in the mood to cook.

The doorbell rings. Julie goes to go get it. She opens the door, and Jennifer is there.

Jennifer: Hey Julie. Where's Bo and Hope?

Julie: Hope just left, and Bo wasn't here when we got here.

Jennifer: I hope everythings ok. I just came her to ssee if they were ok.

Julie: Well, I'm sure they'll be here soon. Hope said she wouldn't be long.

Jennifer: Ok.

Hope opens the door to Billie's apartment, and sees Bo and Billie putting their clothes on!

Hope: Oh my God!

She starts crying. She throws her key at them.

Bo: Hope-

Hope: No, you don't have to explain! I'll have all your stuff packed by tomorrow! You can be with her all you want now!

Bo: Hope!

She leaves the apartment, and slams the door. He goes after her.

Bo: Hope!

He goes outside her apartment, but Hope is already gone.

Roman slowely goes into the operating room. The man points his gun to Roman.

Man: What the hell are you doing?

Roman: I'm just here to talk to you.

Man: Well I don't want to talk!

Roman: Look-

The man shoots! Everybody ducks.

Man: Get the hell out of here now!

Roman: I'm not going anywhere!

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Bo and Hope are at their house.

Hope: I just need to know if your the father of her baby.

Bo: I'm not.

Shots ring out in the hospital. Carly lies on the floor.

Carly: Alex!


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