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Monday July 21 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

Sami, Bo, Hope, Marleana, and Steve are outside the buliding. Sami looks at the keypad.

Sami: Let me see if I can remember this.

She closes her eyes, and touches the keypad. She puts a code in, and the door unlocks.

Steve: Good job. Now lets get in.

They walk in, and Tony comes out of a room.

Tony: How nice of you guys to join the party.

Marleana: Let everybody go, Tony!

Tony: What exactly did you hope to accomplish from this visit?

Hope: Were just here to get everyone out!

Tony: Well, you can join them, when this building burns to the ground.

Kimberly walks out of Jeannie's room, and Mike comes to talk to her.

Mike: Kimberly, theres something we should talk about.

Kimberly: Ok, what is it?

Mike: I have some suggestions for Jeannie.

Kimberly: Like what?

Mike: I would suggest finding a long-term health facility for Jeannie.

Kimberly: Theres something we need to talk about, Mike.

Mike: What is it?

Kimberly :We think we might have found something that could help Jeannie.

Scotty is in his apartment. He puts Alex in his crib, and the doorbell rings. He opens the door, and Doug and Julie are standing there.

Scotty: Hey grandma; hey Doug.

Julie: How are you?

Scotty: I'm good. I just put Alex to sleep.

Julie: Wow, so much for Carly-

Julie: Grandma, please; she's helping get something that can save her sister.

Doug: And I think that it a very good thing she is doing.

Julie looks at Doug.

Tony smiles.

Marleana: What the hell is wrong with you? What happened?

Tony: What do you mean?

Marleana: I know whats going on! Your not Tony; your Andre!

Tony laughs.

Tony: Thats ridicouls!

Hope :I don't think so.

Tony :Well, I don't crae what you think.

A hanchman drags Chelsea out of a room.

Chelsea: Let me go!

Bo: Leave my daughter alone!

Tony: Come on, Bo. You know I can't play favourites.

Dora comes out of a room, nad holds a gun to Tony.

Dora: Let everybody go!

Mike throws away his coffee cup.

Mike: Kimberly, it's an illegal drug. I can't administer it to her.

Kimberly: Kayla will do it! Please Mike, this is my daughter.

Mike: I understand, but-

Kimberly: Just pretend I never told you.

Mike: Fine, I'll do it, but I need to examin the antidote first.

Kimberly: Of course. Thank you.

Scotty closes the door, as Doug and Julie leave. Doug pushes the button for the elevator.

Julie: You know, you don't have to defend Carly all the time.

Doug: Give her a break, Julie. She found out she was adopted, then she finds out that her son could die, and the only way to cure him is blood from a blood relative from the mother's side. So even if she didnt want to meet her blood family, she was forced to.

Julie: Whatever, I still think she's playing Scotty.

Tony laughs at Dora.

Tony: You know, Dora-

He pauses. He looks around, and realizes something is wrong. He hears a noise.

Bo: What the hell is going on?

Steve: We need to get out of here!

Carly, Andrew, Anna, Adrianna and Chelsea run out of a room.

Sami passes out. Everybody rushes to her. Dora realizes that Tony is missing. A part of the building explodes! Henchmen drag everybody out, execpt for Sami!

Marleana: Sami!

The rest of the buliding blows up, and the screen fades to black...

Months later...

Roman is in a bar in Venezuela, drinking shots. He asks the bartender for another. A man comes behind him.

Man: That really won't help find your daughter.

Roman turns.

Roman: Nice to see you, Mr. Alcazar.

Man: Please, call me Lorenzo.

They shake hands.


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