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Casting News!



Casting News!

Ted King Joins Cast! gh_king_1.jpg

Ted King joins the cast of "All the Days of Our Lives" in a crossover storyline with "General Hospital"! He has a three month recurring role of the character he orignated on "General Hospital", Lorenzo Alcazar! He's only on for three months, but after the three months the show can decide to ha ve him on permentaly. He first airs July 21!

Paul Leyden News! LeydenPaul.jpg

After months of not even a whisper of Paul Leyden's character, Carlo DiMera, news comes! After last being seen abadoning heroine, Hope Brady after she was hit by a car, Carlo DiMera returns to Salem! No word yet on his story, but expect him back in September!

Robin Christopher Joins Cast!

Robin Christopher joins the cast in a crossover storyline with "General Hospital". She's on for three months in the recurring role of her character, Skye Quartermaine. She first airs on July 31!

Joseph Mascolo Back!

The pheonix rises yet again! Joe Mascolo is back on the show in his role as Stefano DiMera! He first airs July 24! Don't be alarmed when he isn't on again until September!

Sarah Brown Out? Dora to be Recasted Again?

Rumours are going around that Sarah Brown is leaving the show! Will her character, Dora be recasted, or will Dora leave town? Not much is known yet.


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