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The Bold Ones- Episode 10

Port Oak Valley


The Bold Ones

Episode 10


Banner by JackPeyton

Donnas House-

Brooke wakes up with a massive hangover and headache. As she rises she looks around and takes a moment for her to realize where she is at.

Brooke: Ohh… wow. Donna!

Donna: Hey your up, how do you feel?

Brooke: Horrible. Could you get me some aspirin?

Donna: Sure. I’ll be right back. (she leaves)

Brooke: (to herself) what have you done?

Donna: Here you go?( she hands her the pills)

Brooke: Thanks. (She swallows the pills)

Donna: So what happened last night?

Brooke: Obviously I got drunk.

Donna: I know that much, when the taxi dropped you off you said you did something really bad? What were you talking about and by the way you owe me sixty bucks for the cab.

Brooke: I’ll pay you back, I promise just as soon as I find my purse. (She looks around the bed)

Donna: Don’t worry about that right now. What did you do other than get drunk that was so bad?

Brooke: I think I slept with Ashley Abbotts boyfriend.

Donna: What?

Brooke: All I know is she walked in on us in his bed and she stormed out.

Donna: Oh my Gosh, Brooke! (screams)

Brooke: Donna please my head and I feel bad enough about it as it is, you have to promise not to tell anybody.

Donna: I promise. Why would you do something like that and what about Ridge?

Brooke: Ridge and I are over and that is why I was drinking to begin with, well that isn’t exactly why. Nobody would buy me a drink and I got to thinking that I am an old woman who is going to be alone for the rest of her life and it just went down hill from there and one drink turned to three and then there was Paul and he wanted to buy me a drink so I let him and one thing led to another and here we are.

Donna: I can’t believe this.

Brooke: You can’t? Try being in my shoes I mean look at what have I done. I am a mother of two small children what if he was a psycho or something, I am much too old to be acting this way, and I am not in my twenties anymore.

Donna: Brooke we all slip from time to time, it’s alright. Just don’t let it happen again.

Brooke: Thanks for letting me stay here.

Donna: Sure anytime.

Brooke: I think I am going to call Ridge and check on the kids and then take a shower, but first I am calling in sick at the office.

Ashley’s House

The doorbell rings and she opens the door.

Ashley: Paul, what are you doing here?

Paul: Good morning.

Ashley: Is it.

Paul: I brought bagels. (He holds up the bag)

Ashley: Sorry, I have already eaten, in fact you have caught me at a bad time I need to get to work a little early this morning.

Paul: At least let me explain.

Ashley: There is no need to explain.

Paul: Ashley, I am so sorry.

Ashley: Paul, there is no need to apologize either.

Paul: Yes there is. I saw the look on your face, I know I hurt you. Look I was drunk, after I left here last night my lawyer called and well it doesn’t look good right now with my gaining custody of Ricky.

Ashley: I’m sorry to hear that. We have all done things we regret.

Paul: I definitely regret last night. I had no clue that Brooke was a co-worker of yours.

Ashley: She more than a co-worker she is practically one of my bosses.

Paul: Most of all I am sorry that I hurt you.

Ashley: I wouldn’t say you hurt me. It was just more of a shock to see you in bed…naked … with my boss. And you have nothing to be sorry about; it isn’t like we are a couple we are not even dating.

Paul: I’d like to be.

Ashley: I don’t know Paul. We have tried that before…

Paul: It was never given a chance to see where it could go.

Ashley: I don’t know. I have really enjoyed these past few weeks and I would hate to jeopardize our friendship. I think we should just stay as friends.

Paul: If that’s the way you feel…

Jack enters drinking a cup of coffee

Jack: Paul, you are here early.

Paul: Yeah I came by to explain..

Jack: No need to explain to me….

Ashley: Hey guys I have got to go, I will see you later Jack, bye Paul.

Paul: Goodbye Ashley.

Jack: Bye Ash.

Paul: I blew it didn’t I.

Jack: Oh yeah, big time. She cried her eyes out last night, something I haven’t seen her do since she was in high school. It was so weird seeing my now forty five year old sister acting like she was stood up at the prom.

Paul: I can’t believe what I did.

Jack: We all make mistakes and I know my sister pretty well, this was a pretty big birthday for her yesterday and I think she just sees her time ticking away. Right now she is at a standstill in her life and she just wants to move forward and find love again, it’s been so long since she was in a serious relationship. I think if you give her time she will come around. However she will never come around on making good coffee. (He sits his cup down) Do you know a good coffee house around here?

Paul: Insomnia, it’s the best.

Jack: I have got to get going I have a meeting to get to.

Paul: I got to run too, I have a meeting myself, with my lawyer.

Jack: Good luck and thanks for the coffeehouse recommendation.

Paul: Sure and thanks for being so understanding and supportive.

(they leave)

Insomina Café

Amber: Mother stop! You are driving me crazy with all these money making schemes!

Tawny: Okay so I figured you and me claiming to be long lost heirs to a small European country would be a hard sell but how about we disguise ourselves as…..

Amber: Stop it. Not another word. You kept me up all night coming up with crazy scam ideas and I’m tired of it. Look I’m sorry you have yourself in such a bind, but I am not going to run any scam with you. I am trying to start my life over again.

Tawny: Then why did you come back to L.A.? Huh?

Amber: What are you talking about?

Tawny: Why L.A. if want to make a fresh start. You have already loved and lost here.

Amber: Because mother. L.A. is where talented people flock. I am a very talented person and I am going to be famous at something. Be it designing or singing or whatever but I will be a star.

Tawny: And being so close to Forrester’s couldn’t hurt either.

Amber: I have no intention of getting involved with the Forrester’s ever again.

Tawny: Then why were you here last night with Ridges son Thomas.

Amber: We are old friends, that’s all.

Tawny: Oh Amber you can fool a lot of people, but not your mother.

Amber: I don’t have time for this. I need to go.

Tawny: Admit it Amber. I am right. You are trying to get into that Forrester money by going after sweet, little naive Thomas.

Amber: Mother, shut up.

Tawny: What? I didn’t say it was a bad plan, quite the opposite in fact. I think it is a very good plan.

Amber: Mother you are so far off base you are in Hawaii.

Tawny: You can fool a lot of people, but not me. Just remember when you have Thomas under your spell to share some of that dough with me.

Amber: If you want dough so bad, then you should be like me and try to get yourself a job, which in fact thanks to you I am going to be late for my interview.

Tawny: I thought you already had a job?

Amber: Well as glamorous as waiting tables is, I’d much rather have a desk job. I have to go, here you want some cash? fine here is ten bucks get yourself a coffee on me. (She leaves)

As Tawny walks to the bar, she tells herself.

Tawny: Come on Tawny you have to think of something and fast.

Jack: I can’t believe it! It’s you!

Tawny: Why yes, yes it is. (Playing by ear) And it is you……

C.J.: Jack? Jack Abbott, Double mocha iced latte?

Jack: That is me.

Tawny: (to herself) Jack Abbott I have heard that name before, where have I heard that before, oh yeah the lifestyle section. MONEY!!! (To Jack) Jack. Gosh Jack how long has it been?

Jack: It has got to be over twenty years.

Tawny: That long, wow time flys.

Jack: It sure does, so Patty what have you been up to.

Tawny: Patty? Oh right me.. um not much I ah.. um..

Jack: Are you in town visiting Paul?

Tawny: Paul God no, I haven’t seen that creep in years…

Jack: I’m sorry I didn’t know you and your brother had had a falling out.

Tawny: Oh you said Paul, see I thought you said Saul, he’s an old boyfriend of mine I was thinking how in the world does Jack Abbott now my ex boyfriend Saul, but you said Paul yes that is why I am in town, visiting my good old brother Paul. He is my older brother isn’t he?

Jack: Yeah he is… and I see you haven’t lost your energetic personality. You know its funny I just saw Paul this morning and he didn’t mention you were in town.

Tawny: Well…. That’s because he doesn’t know… it’s a big surprise.

Jack: He could really use it right now.

Tawny: Boy do I know it. (To herself) What the hell is he talking about?

Jack: I have go to get going I have an important meeting, but I’m going to be in town a few days, do you want to have dinner tonight?

Tawny: Tonight…ummm..

Jack: I understand if you have plans…

Tawny: No not at all, I would love to have dinner with you.

Jack: Great where shall I pick you up at?

Tawny: How about we meet each other?

Jack: Sounds wonderful, I would love to eat at Café Russe before I leave town.

Tawny: Café Russe it is.

Jack: See you at eight.

Tawny: See you then.



Stephanie (to Angela’s headstone): Hi baby. It’s me mommy. I know that I haven’t been around in a while to visit and I apologize, but things have been so busy in L.A. and I know that’s no excuse, but I promised myself that I would not miss this visit, not today. Yesterday was your birthday and today… well today forty five years ago you were taken from me, from me and your father. He wishes he could be here, but as usual he is working himself silly. But you already know all this, ever since that day that you were taken from me and the rest of the family I have felt your presence like you were always there with me always there looking over me like my guardian angel, that’s why I named you Angela, you know? I love you and you are very special to me and I can’t wait to see you again. I have to go now, but I promise I will visit more often, goodbye. (she kisses her fingers and places them on Angela’s name engraved in the headstone)

Next On The Bold Ones

Nick and Taylor talk about their relationship

Eric and Jackie are caught in a compromising position

Tawny continues her charade

A new meeting for Extreme Catwalk: Forrester Edition is held.


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