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Cast Lists and Descriptions 4




Joshua Morrow brings the character of Robbie Mitchells to life. Robbie the Store Manager of The Market. He's the kind of boss everyone wishes they had. He's approachable, easy going and just a nice guy. Not much is known about Robbie, other than he doesn't actually live in Valley Falls, but right outside of Valley Falls, in a rich neighborhood known as Sterling Heights. Despite having money, Robbie was taught not to flaunt it. He's a genuinely nice guy, who really would give you something to eat, even if it meant he would starve.


The talented Michelle Stafford has been cast in the role of Kayla Jacobs. Kayla is the Assistant Store Manager of The Market and is more of the enforcer in the Store. She does have a softer side, but seldom does it come out. All that is known about Kayla's family is that she has one brother, but not much is known about him at this point. Kayla is a city girl, originally from New York. She has that big city mentality and sometimes hates the slow pace of a smaller town. Despite Valley Falls being a city itself, Kayla still sees it as being too small, but Kayla still finds a way to get into some trouble even in the smaller city.


Rebecca Herbst breathes life into the character of Miranda James. Miranda is the sweetest girl you will ever meet in your life. Miranda has been through a lot in life. She was married at one point, but her husband passed away after a long drawn out battle with cancer. Not much else is known about her family or her life outside of The Market. Miranda went to nursing school, but for some reason is now working at The Market. Since her husband's death Miranda has been pretty isolated and alone, but that all could change when Mr. Right comes along, and someone at The Market very well could be the right guy.


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