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Episode 4

Port Oak Valley



Banner by JackPeyton

The Bold Ones

Episode 4

Ridge and Brookes House- Morning

Brooke wakes up and rolls over and sees ridge awake and sitting on the bed.

Brooke: Morning honey, how long have you been up?

Ridge: All night practically. I couldn’t sleep.

Brooke: Why? If it’s about the new company don’t worry about it. Things are going to be just fine.

Ridge: It isn’t the company. It’s Rick and Phoebe. I just don’t like the idea of the two of them being together all of the time.

Brooke: Ridge I thought we weren’t going to have this discussion anymore. It’s the only way I allowed you back in bed last night. Rick has assured me that it is just a friendship, nothing more nothing less.

Ridge: I hope so.

Brooke: Look I’m meeting Rick for coffee. I will ask him again, you should come too.

Ridge: Me?

Brooke: Yeah we could ask him his true intentions and you can hear with your own ears that he has no interest in dating your daughter.

Ridge: I can’t. I need to be at the office. In fact I should already be on my way, but you have a nice cup of coffee and I will see you later at work. (He kisses her and goes into the bathroom)

Forrester Creations

Nick, Jackie, Donna, and Clarke are busy working on new designs.

Donna: What do you think about this one? (holding up a sketch of a design)

Clarke: I like that.

Jackie: Oh, Donna that is exquisite.

Donna: Thank you, I worked really hard on this design. Nick what do you think?

Nick: If they like it then I like it.

Jackie: Nicky.. Is everything alright?

Nick: Yes mother I’m fine. Everything is fine. ( His phone rings)

Nick: Hello. (Its Taylor)

Taylor: Where are you? The doctor is about to see me.

Nick: Oh I’m so sorry. We had an early meeting, but I’m on my way.

Taylor: Please hurry. (She hangs up)

Bridget walks in

Bridget: Is everything alright Taylor?

Taylor: Yes, Nick is just running a little late. I changed my appointment to this morning because I thought it would be best for his work schedule.

Bridget: Well I guess when one takes over a major fashion house, that would take up a lot of ones time.

Taylor: Yeah, I don’t think Nick knew how much of his time this takeover was going be.

Bridget: Well I better get back to my shift, my boss is a killer.

Taylor: Alright. It was nice seeing you, we should have lunch sometime.

Bridget: I’d like that. (she leaves the room)

In the hallway

Dr. Solis: Well, well, well Dr. Forrester I don’t believe you have a patient on this floor and I don’t believe you have a break scheduled for another half hour.

Bridget: Dr. Solis, I had to come by the lab on this floor and noticed a friend of mine was having a check up so I didn’t think it would hurt if I stopped by for a second.

Dr. Solis: Wouldn’t hurt? Wouldn’t hurt? How stupid can you be? There are patients that are hurt that need your care! How did you ever make it through med school? You stupid little…

Nick: Alright that’s quite enough!

Insomnia Café

Rick and Phoebe are having coffee as C.J. watches from behind the bar.

Rick: You have beautiful eyes

Phoebe: Thank you.

Rick: You really surprised me the yesterday with the kiss.

Phoebe: I’m not the same innocent little girl I was before you left town. I’ve grown up.

Brooke Walks In

Rick: Mom, over here.

Brooke: Hello, honey. Phoebe, I didn’t know you were going to be here.

Phoebe: I was here getting my coffee and ran into Rick. I’m going to let you two talk (she moves to the bar where CJ is at)

Brooke: Was it just a coincidence?

Rick: Of course mom, you don’t think..

Brooke: No. I was just making sure.

Rick: Ridge put you up to it?

Brooke: No.. well yes, but I think this crazy idea that you and Phoebe are hooking up is just in his imagination and I think he is beginning to realize it.

At the Bar

CJ: So what’s that all about?

Phoebe: What?

CJ: You and Rick, you two looked pretty….involved.

Phoebe: Involved? We were just talking.

CJ: Yeah and I also know Rick .

Phoebe: Well I know him too, and I know what I’m doing.

CJ: I hope so. I’d hate for you to have your heart broken.

Phoebe: That’s not going to happen.

Forrester Creations

Jackie, Clarke, and Donna are working, although Jackie seems a million miles away.

Clarke: Jackie, do you like this one? (Holding up a design)

Donna: Oh, I like that one a lot Clarke, don’t you Jackie?

Clarke: Jackie, earth to Jackie?

Jackie: Hmm, oh I’m sorry I am just so worried about Nicky.

Clarke: What about him?

Jackie: He says he’s happy, but I’m not so sure.

Donna: Well it is no doubt in my mind that he would be much better off if he was with my sister.

Jackie: But Brooke has moved on. She’s back with Ridge.

Clarke: Like that has ever stopped her before. She ping pong’s from Ridge to Eric, to Thorne, to…

Donna: Okay Clarke, that’s quite enough.

Clarke: I’m just saying that at the end of the day Brooke always ends up with Ridge.

Jackie: Clarke is right.

Donna: I’ll admit that that has been the pattern, but what if Brooke was to break it off with Ridge, could Nick step in to comfort her.

Jackie: I have no doubt in mind; do you know something we don’t?

Donna: Well, I know things have been rocky between them since Rick has come back to town. Ridge is convinced that he is going after Phoebe.

Jackie: So all we would have to do is get Ridge to witness a compromising position between Rick and Phoebe and then….

Clarke: And then Ridge would go ballistic, make a scene and Brooke would leave him.

Donna: It could work.

Clarke: Don’t you feel bad destroying your sisters marriage?

Donna: I know that Brooke would be much better off with Nick. Ridge is controlling and arrogant, plus he’s always talking down to Thorne. Ridge needs to be brought down a peg or two.

Jackie: He sure does, and Nicky could finally be happy.

Clarke: Umm.. you two are forgetting one thing.

Donna: What?

Clarke: Taylor. What about her and her happiness?

Jackie: Clarke’s right, Nicky would never leave Taylor, not in the condition she is in.

Donna: Condition?

Jackie: Well, I’m really not supposed to say.

Clarke: Its too late Jackie, the cat is out of the bag.

Donna: Is Taylor ill? Is that where Nick had to go when he practically sprinted out of the office?

Jackie: No, not ill, just pregnant.

Clarke: Well don’t jump for joy or anything grandma.

Jackie: Don’t call me that. And I am happy that Nicky is finally going to be a father, it what he has always wanted. It’s just that the mother of his child is the wrong woman.

The Hospital

Dr. Solis: Excuse me, but this is a personnel problem and if you wouldn’t mind stepping back.

Nick: No excuse me. I am Nick Marone. My father is Massimo Marone a board member and long time contributor to this hospital. He is currently unable to attend meetings and I am his proxy. Now if you wouldn’t mind apologizing to aahh ( he reads her name tag) Dr. Forrester (he winks to her)

Dr. Solis: I apologize doctor. You do have rounds to do. (he walks away)

Bridget: Thank you, but you shouldn’t have done that.

Nick: I couldn’t let him talk to you like that.

Bridget: Something tells me I will be changing bed pans for the next year.

Nick: Just let me know and I will have another chat with Dr. Dumbass.

Bridget: I have to go or Dr. Dumbass will be back, Taylor is right in there.

Nick: Thanks.

He enters the room

Nick: Hey babe and baby.

Dr. Jackson: Was that last one for me?

Nick: Sure.

Taylor: Sucking up to doctor will not make me less mad at you for being late.

Nick: Sorry, but I had a situation out in the hall to take care of.

Dr. Jackson: Well, you are just in time for to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the very first time.

Nick: I can’t wait.

The doctor begins the procedure

Taylor: I don’t hear anything..

Dr. Jackson: Don’t get excited let me just check some things.

Taylor: Nick…

Nick: Don’t worry things are going to be fine, right doctor?

Dr. Jackson: I’m so sorry.

Taylor: Sorry?

Dr. Jackson: There is no heartbeat.

Next on The Bold Ones:

Taylor grieves over the loss.

Storm asks Felicia out on a date.

Paul Williams moves to Los Angeles.


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