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Point Palace returns from its unnanounced hiatus on April 23rd. Series Creator and Executive Producer Matt Politylo has been busy with his other career, acting. Dawning the stage name Matthew Preston, he is to star in the off broadway peformance Villains as the infamous John Wilkes Booth. He's also to play a jaded photographer named Alex in the indie film The Weekend and on the popular Yahoo web series Something To Be Desired in May as the ever curious Josh.

What's to come for the characters of Point Palace? Politylo dishes and gives a few tidbit previews to how the rest of Season 5 will pan out:

- Carrie's loud mouth may cause problems for Dylan and his mother Lana while ex-boyfriend turned uncle Victor still can't get over his first love.

- Marissa cuts ties to Antonio to continue to go after Alley and John.

- Marli's past comes to light and a huge secret will be revealed which will be a huge advantage for Bryan to get back at Blake.

- Ava takes revenge against Sky and Nate's caught in the middle.

- Ginny offers to give up her ownership to Tanisha and Agatha but only on her own terms.

- Carlos searches for Jenny while being lured by Nan as Jenny fights to survive and sees Anna Lee as a key to her exit.

- Jace becomes weary of Alicia and Will's interaction and things become a little violent for the quadrangle.

All of this and more when Point Palace returns!

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WOW... Congratulation Matt!!! Have to say, I missed PP, and cant wait for the show return... Good luck with the projects man..

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