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Straight Out From Underneath



The first one!! It's my take on the whole baby/alison saga I hope you like!!

It's just a taste of the story to see how you like!!

Straight Out From Underneath


“So, I m going to be late tonight I have a meeting with the manager about my hours at the book store and then I m meeting Paul at his place for coffee,” Will announced as he hurriedly swung his coat on and searched the coffee table for his keys

“Oh ok…” Gwen said softly as she stood in the doorway of the couples bedroom

Will glanced over to her and quickly went back to grabbing his keys and textbooks.

“Do you want to meet for lunch? Or you could come home and I can make something?” she asked timidly playing with her fingers.

Will looked back at her this time his fixated on her small feature and now round belly, he noticed how easy her hand rested on top of it as if it belonged there. He jerked himself away and looked down at his textbooks, “actually, I think I m going to do some studying I have that exam coming up and everything…but I…ummm…I will call you k,” he replied nervously searching for words

Gwen nodded sadly, he didn’t look at her the way he used to. Ever since the doctor said that one small but amazingly powerful sentence, “congratulations, Mr and Mrs Munson it looks like the procedure worked,” nothing had been the same. The so-called happy news had drove Will away more and more. First it was small not holding her hand while walking then it grew. It was like Will was ashamed of her and the baby…like it was a chore to love her.

“Ummm…oh I m going to be late…I will talk to you later,” he finished hurriedly as he ran out the door.

As soon as he closed the door he stood there and sighed, the truth was he wasn’t supposed to be at work for another 3 hours and he knew she knew that. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his wife that couldn’t be more further from the truth…the truth was he loved her too much and seeing her bond with a baby that they both know isn’t hers was something he was never really ready to witness let alone be apart of. With that last thought he headed for the coffee shop where he would spend the 3 spare hours he had in the morning, which coincidently used to be the best part of his day with Gwen.


When Gwen was sure he wasn’t coming back in to pick something up that he forgot she slumped to the couch and broke down in sobs. Gwen cried for and over Will, she cried for her baby who would be burdened with a father that was never around, she cried for herself, she felt deeply alone and guilty for letting Will down. She loved her baby at first she thought having a child would make her and Will a stronger couple but ever since they found out that she was pregnant…she felt as if the pregnancy itself was more of a burdern for their relationship then actual joy…at that moment tears enveloped her and she laid on the couch and poured her out.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

She sat up slowly and wiped the tears from her tired eyes.

She walked towards the door and opened it slowly, “Oh great it’s you,” she sighed heavily leaving the door open and walking away from it.

“Can I come in?” Cole unsure if that was her way of inviting him in or not

“Well, I m not kicking you out am I? Or at least I m not until I hear why you are here,” she said as she began to fold the blankets from off the couch where Will had been sleeping. At first he said it was so that she would be more comfortable, but that was a lie he was disturbed by the fact she was pregnant with his and Alison’s baby it made him uncomfortable…he didn’t even mention that she was pregnant to anyone he knew…he hated that she was and even more she knew he hated her for going through with it.

“So, who’s taking up your couch these days?” Cole asked noticing the pillows and tossed blankets.

“If that was your way of inviting yourself to stay with us it was weak and very useless because I want nothing to do with you,” she stated angrily ignoring the question

“Then why did you let me in?” he asked crossing his arms on his chest and starring straight on her

“You’re right…it was a mistake a trip up won’t happen again so you can leave the same way you arrived,” she snarled back throwing the newly folded blankets on the couch.

“Ok, fine guess you really don’t want to know what Sophie and I have decided to do about the baby…who by the way is your niece or nephew,” Cole shrugged turning to leave

“Wait!” Gwen stopped him and Cole gave a smirk before he turned back around to face her

“What are you going to do about the baby?” Gwen asked softly

“We’re giving it up,” Cole answered as if it were giving ice cream or a favourite toy

“Giving it up? Why would Sophie ever agree to that? She is not as pathetic and self centred as you are,” Gwen stated not understanding what would make her jump to that answer

“Well, let’s say it took some persuading but eventually she hit the right answer,” Cole chuckled

“You sick bast*** what did you do to her…I m calling the cops,” Gwen said as she rushed to the phone. Cole followed quickly behind her and tore the phone away from her and slammed it back down, “You know I may be persuading to go in a different approach…” Cole stated with a smirk moving away from the phone and Gwen.

She looked over at him nervously, “What is that supposed to mean?” she asked curiously

“Well, you want a baby, I want money and it just so happens you have money to spare I have a baby to spare…the math is so very easy,” Cole smirked playing with stuff on the coffee table

Gwen grabbed the stuff away from him, “you would be so sick as to sell your own child…Get OUT!” Gwen yelled she couldn’t look at him anymore the sight made her ill.

“As you wish,” he stated turning on his wheels and walking smugly out the door.

When he was gone she rushed to the phone and dialled quickly, “hey, listen we need to talk meet me at Java in a half an hour…Cole was just here,” she stated nervously as she looked back to the still open door.


Will flipped through the pages of his textbook, he wasn’t really absorbing any of the information that filled those pages he was merely just passing time. Will sighed heavily as he looked up from the book and looked around the small café. As he was paying attention to some of the customers a familiar voice interrupted his thoughts,

“Well if it isn’t my partner in crime,” she giggled

Will looked over to her and nodded, “hey Ali,” he sighed acknowledging her

Alison caught the hesitant tone and became nervous, “sorry that partner in crime was just you know a joke…I guess it was a little off putting, sorry…I will…I m going to go,” she stated about to leave

“No. Alison it’s fine…sorry, have a seat really…my mind was just busy to say the least…ummm…sit, please,” Will stated stopping Alison in her tracks

Alison smiled timidly and took him up on his offer as she slid into the chair across from him.


Gwen paced her living room frantically pushing buttons on her phone, “come on Sophie! Why is it that everyone and their mother has a cell phone in this town but no one leaves them turned on…especially when it’s an emergency! AND THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!” Gwen yelled into the phone then slammed it down in furry on the table

She looked at her watch and noticed it was getting close to the time she was supposed to be at Java, “Ok…maybe he will know what to do,” she said to herself hurriedly as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door.


“Well I deffinently like this one it has a certain ring to it,” Alison laughed as she pointed out a name on her list to Will

“Ya…I don’t know,” Will laughed

“Wow! I haven’t seen a smile on your face like that since before we did this,” Alison replied

Will nodded, “Ya well…just trying to wrap my head around it all… you know,”

Alison nodded; it was six months ago that she had agreed to be the egg donor for Will and Gwen. She knew Gwen wanted a baby more then anything in the world and Will being a father just seemed right so…that’s what she wanted to make happen. However, since Gwen’s due date was drawing nearer Alison had been feeling like she was loosing something a part of herself in that baby was going to Gwen and in a really harsh way it was making her jealous to say the least.

“So how are you doing with all of this?” Will asked turning the focus back on Alison

“Ok…maybe; I don’t know…kind of weird to know that in a little less then 4 months there is going to be a mini me walking around…you know look like me and let’s hope it doesn’t act like me because that…you will have your hands full if that’s the case,” Alison laughed

Will smiled, “ya well…can we not talk about the baby for like two minutes let’s talk about something else like sports or weather,” Will stated not wanting to think about the baby and all the deep rooted emotions he was feeling about it

Alison sensed the tone, “Ok…what about those…who am I kidding I m horrible at any clever sports phrase,” she laughed

“Well you and Gwen share that talent,” Will agreed with a laugh


Gwen looked at her cell phone as she was about to enter Java she looked up and tried to see if she could spot her guest when she noticed to young people laughing and looking comfortable together. As Gwen studied the two, who were deep in conversation, she realized it was Will and Alison and her stomach flopped and then dropped as she saw Alison place a hand on his every so slightly…like it was nothing.

Tears welled in her eyes but she choked them back and walked up to their table not too sure what she would say when she got there.

Will and Alison were so enthralled in their conversation that they didn’t notice Gwen there at first until Alison felt someone starring down at her and looked up.

“Gwen! Hey, how are you feeling?” Alison asked with a huge smile

“Hard to say,” Gwen answered softly as she looked over at Will who met her gaze

Gwen cleared her throat, “So, umm…what are you guys talking about?” she asked looking between the two trying to catch on to what was really going on between her husband and Alison Stewart.

Alison and Will were both standing up beside her one on each side.

“Well, I was just showing Will my list of baby names and I also wrote down a list of all the things that I will need to get before the baby gets here,” she stated excitedly

“I m sure I can manage all of that Alison, thank-you,” Gwen stated in a less then amused tone

Alison caught the coldness and nodded, “right…well I will see you both later I better go before I m late for work,” she said as she turned on her heel and left the couple there in awkwardness

“I thought you had to get to work?” Gwen asked not looking towards Will

Will sighed annoyed at her suspicious tone, “You know you started this ok…both Alison and I are just trying to make the best out of a very awkward situation you threw us into but your happy though it’s what you wanted,”

“Wow, I didn’t know I had such great power that I could make two people do anything I wanted…it was Alison’s offer to give US a baby and you agreed,” Gwen stated just as frustrated with Will as he was with her

“No. I just made you happy,” Will stated as he grabbed his books and left Gwen standing in the middle of Java

She turned and slouched in the now vacant chair and cried, ‘what had happened to her marriage.’

As Will rushed out of Java he stopped and turned back to look at Gwen heartbroken and crying…he was about to go back in, he wanted to…to go in and tell her everything was going to be alright and that he would be fine after the baby had been born but all of this was just too much…they were loosing each other and he didn’t know what to do to get them back.


Gwen tapped her nails on the table as she waited for her guest to arrive, she looked around and back down at her watch when she spotted him walking in.

Tom walked up to Gwen and smiled, “It was interesting hearing from you this morning…I guess Cole is creating more problems again huh,” he replied as he sat down in the open seat across from Gwen.

“How are you? You look good,” he stated making small talk

“Ya…I m fine, listen the reason I asked you hear was because I need to know…if I wanted too could I get custody of Sophie’s baby if she puts it up for adoption?” Gwen rushed out

After her intense meeting with Cole it became clear to Gwen that Sophie would do anything Cole wanted her to do even abandon their child if he told her too. Gwen also knew how much of a sick relationship the two had, Cole knowingly beat her up and Sophie just let him their was no way she was going to let a baby be brought up in such a mess.

“Well, Gwen is Sophie even planning on putting her baby up for adoption?” Tom asked trying to figure out Gwen’s standpoint on what was going on with Sophie and her brother.

“If my brother has his way she will and if she doesn’t…Sophie will get hurt but, she hasn’t listened to me and she won’t listen to Aaron…the point is, is that I cannot, knowing who my brother is, allow him to raise a baby even if the baby has Sophie. Furthermore, Sophie has made in abundantly clear were her loyalty lies and it has nothing to do with what is best for the baby,” Gwen stated seriously

Tom nodded his hand, “Do you have proof that Cole is violent towards Sophie?” he asked seeing where Gwen was going with this

“Yes, I do Aaron Snyder and probably countless other people in this town have seen it too and the bruises she wears they practically speak for themselves,” Gwen replied

“Well…the only way you could ever get custody Gwen unfortunately is if they put the baby up for adoption and you apply to adopt the baby or…” Tom continued

“Or…what?” Gwen urged

“Well, if something were to happen to either Sophie or Cole and the other was not capable, let’s say, to raise the child the baby would be put up for adoption if there was no family to step up and care for the child…of course there would be court proceedings and custody trial but that would be the only other way,” Tom explained

Gwen nodded sadly, the news some dashing her hopes.

“Gwen can I ask you something?” Tom stated curiously

“Ya,” Gwen replied

“You are already having a child, why are you so attached on saving another one?” Tom asked softly

“Because…I guess I connect with what this child’s life would be like. I know what it feels like to be emotionally and physically abused by a family member and having the only other person in it with you act like nothing’s wrong and push all the abuse to the side. I just…does that make sense?” she answered a tear falling from her cheek

Tom nodded, “ya, absolutely…but focus on what you have on your plate right now a baby on the way, a husband, school…try not to rush in and save too many more innocence at once it might hurt more then help, you know,” Tom commented as he stood up

“I got to go I have a date with a judge about a client but, if you ever need anymore legal advice…you know where to find me,” Tom stated as he left the table

Gwen grabbed her purse and headed out only to bump into someone just outside the entrance of Java.

“Oh sorry,” she mumbled not recognizing whom she bumped into

“No it was my fault,” the other stated

Gwen looked up at the familiar voice, “Sophie?”

“Hey…Gwen” Sophie stuttered trying to think of a way out of this situation

“Where have you been…I have been calling all morning but your cell phone was off,” Gwen stated worriedly

“Ya…umm…I turned it off I wasn’t in the mood for interruptions today, but I m fine thanks,” she stated about to walk around Gwen

Gwen stepped over and stopped her from getting away, “Sophie, my brother stopped by this morning he made it sound like you two had come to a decision about the baby…but he also made it sound like he forced you into that decision as well…are you really ok with giving the baby up for adoption?” she asked searching Sophie’s face for an answer.



Sophie starred at Gwen he eyes searching for the right answer and then it hit her, why does she care so much, “You know Gwen whether or not I give MY baby up for adoption has nothing to do with you it’s between me and Cole. Besides your having a baby so I don’t get the need to butt into this child’s life maybe you should be focusing more on your own little family and less on mine,” Sophie stated angrily as she turned and walked into Java.

Gwen watched her leave and sighed heavily knowing that Sophie was right, she was using Cole and Sophie’s problems as a way to distract her from what was going on at her own home. Gwen looked around the entrance and left quickly knowing that trying to start up another conversation with Sophie wouldn’t make her want to tell Gwen what she planned on doing with her niece or nephew more, so Gwen decided to let it rest at least for the day anyway.


It was know close to ten at night and Will sat slumped on the couch, he had been home for close to an hour and still hadn’t seen Gwen. He rubbed his eyes tiredly as he looked around the living room his eyes stopped on the crib that Carly and Gwen had set up just the other day. It was supposed to be the crib for their daughter, at the thought his daughter Will looked away fast. Will quickly stood up and gave a heavy sigh, he walked over to the phone and picked it up, he was about to dial Gwen’s cell but quickly decided against it. He didn’t know how to face her anymore, he looked at her and all he saw was a baby that wasn’t hers but instead a way of covering her feelings about the child that was. He knew Gwen was hurt and depressed but, what she ignored and neglected to take into consideration was he was too and this baby she was having he knew it would only cause more hurt and sadness then joy and that wasn’t fair to Gwen, himself or the innocent baby…but the fact of the matter was the baby was coming and he didn’t think Gwen and his relationship could survive that.


An hour later

Gwen walked into her house and looked around hoping to see Will, he wasn’t there and she nodded softly knowing that even if he was the dead silence that crept through the house walls lately would make it feel like he just…wasn’t.

She shut the door slowly and turned around, it was then she saw Will standing in the doorway of their bedroom with his arms crossed.

“Where the hell were you?” his words slurred

Gwen looked up to Will and studied his angered face. She didn’t answer him just shrugged and took off her coat and placed on the chair not looking back at him not once.

“Gwen it is eleven o’clock” he said walking close to her so that she had no other choice but to look at him “…and I know your in this whole don’t need my husband thing but the fact is I am and…you know what nevermind you’ll do what you want anyway you always do,” he said moving around her and rubbing his face

Gwen just stood there, “What does that mean?” she asked softly

Will was getting angrier, “Are you serious? Look in the mirror and then ask me that again!” he yelled his eyes wide not just of rage but with sadness and there was also a hint of need, the need for his wife to cry with him over what they had lost. Unfortunately, instead of coming together their grief took them into different places. One went looking for a way to cover the scar and her guilt the other went looking…for her.

“If you didn’t want this child why did you go through with it! You had the option of stopping it but you didn’t you lied to me, you said it would be ok and it would help us…” she yelled back tears streaming from her eyes

“BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU WANTED TO HEAR, Gwen you were sick after the miscarriage I saw it, everyone saw it and you know what you are still sick using a child that is someone else’s to cover your pain is sick and all I did was try to steer you in the right direction because I couldn’t push you to not do it that might make you crack my brother said…but did you even once in that entire time did you ever think of what I was going through!” he hissed quickly chocking on some of his words

Gwen stood there and wiped the tears from her eyes, “Of course I did, that’s why I wanted to get pregnant because I knew…I knew it was my fault we lost her and I thought in I guess my sick way that if I gave you another baby then maybe you wouldn’t leave when you realized I m not good enough for you…I mean I thought you would still love me then. I lost a baby and all I could think about was how to make it alright again because I had to, I had to make it ok,” she cried turning on her heel and practically running to the bedroom

Will just watched her leave as tears welled up in his eyes, “It was never your fault sweetie,” he whispered as he rubbed the tears from his eyes. He walked over to the table were a couple of blankets and a pillow laid he picked them up slowly and threw them on the couch. He turned slowly towards the door and just starred at her falling apart on the bed, he wanted to go to her but he couldn’t what good would it do, the words had been spoken and know they were just left utterly broken.



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Wow! You have really good ideas and creativity. I'm a Willen fan!

Good job.

I hope you continue to post these. :)

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