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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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It has come to my attention that there is some confusion over me, Tim Lowery (PhoenixRising05), announcing the end of Salem Lives and only a week later starting up a new blog over at DR. I feel the need to clear the air about this issue and I am going to say some things I would rather not everyone know but I feel it needs to be mentioned now due to all the questions so here it goes.

First off, we left things hanging because the plan is to pick up Salem Lives again. I needed a break and the stories on Salem Lives involved many characters and were often complex and needed two writers to keep them organized. We also have a big cast at Salem Lives.

I have alot of personal problems right now, which is why I am not around as much. I have sick relatives and I am ill myself, things I don't like to get into on the boards. That is in many ways why Salem Lives began stalling the past few weeks. I just didn't have time to communicate with Roman on stories and get us all organized on episodes and such. If we can't communicate, the blog suffers and that was beginning to happen to Salem Lives. We started arguing on things because we weren't talking as much, due in large part to me having to take on a second job and having to deal with my family issues and my own health issues. Many people were suggesting the past two months that I take a break. I tried to keep it going and even gave Roman the option to keep going on his own, since he didn't want to quit or end things. However, Roman's just as busy so he chose not to and we both agreed to end it...for now. My plan is to pick it up one day soon and bring Roman back with me, if he so chooses.

This blog at DR is going to be different. Smaller cast, simpler stories, episodes will be shorter most days, and because I am on my own, less time consuming. I don't have to communicate and take all the necessary time needed to go back and forth on story structure and so on. I can just go and write on my own time and post when I have to on my own time. I love writing and need it for my own escape and relaxation. The only way I could continue and fit it in is on my own and the way I am doing it with the new blog.

Roman has given me his support, as have others. I wouldn't do it if that wasn't the case. I love Salem Lives and SONBC. I am itching to return to the stories Roman and I have planned. I just have to do what I have to do right now and I will be happy to address any further questions in PM's. My purpose for posting this was to explain things a bit in hopes that there are no misconceptions. I hope this helps clear the air. Thanks for all your support and understanding and see you all around the boards.


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I, of all people, know where you're coming from. My own personal life became so bogged down, it was miserable. I like doing the blog here for many reasons. I tried starting my blog over at another site because after so many false starts here, I felt it was easier to just start fresh. Didn't work. I'll expand upon that in a future entry. For now, just take heart that I've already done this. I got overcome by events, had to take a break, and now I'm back. You've got a great thing going here. As I told you before, you were my inspiration. So, take some time off. You need a break, you need some personal time, some R&R, and when you come back, I'm sure you're going to be welcomed back just like I was but with an even greater passion.

Don't know if any of that helped, but I hope it did!


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