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Wednesday February 27 2008



All The Days of Their Lives

The next day...

Carly is in Alex's hospital room. Scotty comes in.

Scotty: I'm suprised you called me. How is he?

Carly: He's fine.

Scotty: How are you?

Carly: I'm ok. Look, I didn't only call you here because of Alex. Well it's about Alex, but you know.

Scotty: What is it Carly?

Carly: Can we just end all of this? For our son?

Bo is waiting outside Hope's hospital room. Dr. Woods comes out.

Dr. Woods: You can go inside now.

Bo goes inside, and Hope has bruises all over her. Shawn, Chelsea, Doug, and Julie come inside.

Doug: My little princess.

Julie: Please tell us the doctor told you differently.

Tears start to form in Bo's eyes.

Bo: He didn't. She's going to die tonight.

Chelsea looks shocked, and Shawn goes to her bedside.

Stefano is lying in his bed, motionless. Marleana comes in.

Stefano: What do you want?

Marleana: Because of you and your stupid plots, one of my best friends is going to die today.

Stefano: Mabye I'd be able to do something if your son-in-law didn't throw me out of a helicopter.

Marleana: Oh shut up!

Stefano: So, who's dieng?

Marleana: Hope.

Stefano: What a tradgedy. I'd come to the funeural, but you understand don't you?

Marleana: I can't wait until you become a vegetable, then Isabella deicdes to kill you.

Stefano: Why would Isabella have any say?

Marleana smiles as she gets up.

Marleana: You two are still married!

She leaves his room.

Scotty looks at Alex.

Carly: I'm willing to give you shared custody of Alex. While lying in that car, I realized that lifes too short to fight over stupid things. Alex needs both his parents.

Scotty: I agree with you. Can we also try to make us work?

Carly: I don't know Scotty.

Scotty: Well, I need to be somewhere now. I'll see you later.

Carly: Ok.

He leaves, and Carly smiles at Alex.

Bo is alone with Hope in her room.

Hope: Bo.

Bo: Hope. How are you feeling?

Hope: Weak. Theres something I need you to know.

Bo: What?

Hope: I know about you and Billie. I'm not upset. Please be with her when I"m gone.

Bo: Hope I'm so sorry.

Hope: Shh. Call everyone in. I don't think theres much time left.

Bo goes outside her room.

Bo: She wants everyone to come in.

Marleana, Chelsea, Shawn, Doug, Julie, and Ciara come in.

Stephanie is in the hospital. She walks into Gina's room.

Stephanie: Aunt Hope?

She looks around.

Stephanie: Oh.

She is about to leave, but Gina wakes up.

Gina: Stephanie!

Stephanie: What?

Gina: I'm not Gina.

Stephanie: What?

Gina: I'm Hope. They switched us. Please tell everyone!

Stephanie: I'll be right back!

Stephanie opens the door, and Carlo is in the doorway.

Carlo: Going somewhere?

Next on All the Days of Our Lives:

Jeannie and Stephanie are tied together to two chairs.

Jeannie: Go in my pocket; theres a lighter.

Isabella, Adrianna, and Dora are in the DiMera manison.

Isabella: Well, I'm going to make sure that the source of this is cut off.


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wow i am really confused, who is who hope or gina gina or hope, i dont even know but other stories are starting to take my intrerest like carly and Alex and Scotty. Who is Alex and what happend to the two? Good episode

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incase your confused, i'll give you a little update. This isn't the Carly that Bo was in love with. This is a daughter that Kimberly had when she was a teenager. She gave her up, and Carly came to Salem looking for her family, because Alex (her baby son, with Scotty Banning) had a blood problem. So Kimberly had an operation to save Alex, and after that, Carly decided to stay in Salem to get to know her family.

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Now i see why my comments aren't posting, you have to approve them. But thanks so much for the update. It clears things up

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