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Original airdate: 09/05/07

Written by: Steve Ungrey


FADE IN – Petterino kitchen

It is morning in Somerset as Rose is in the kitchen making breakfast. She hums to herself at the stove as Victoria comes downstairs with a couple of books in her hand.

ROSE: (Looks over) How is the studying going, honey?

Victoria looks up and grimaces, suggesting things aren’t going very well.

VICTORIA: This is the hardest exam of all of them I have to take. Alana’s told me not to let the stress or the pressure get to me, but obviously if I ace this test I’m on the road to a full-fledged nurse’s position.

Rose continues mixing egg yolks as Victoria talks.

ROSE: I thought you were already there. You can’t let one test distinguish you from being a full nurse and not being one.

VICTORIA: That’s just it, Mom. I want to distinguish myself. Alana has said some of the higher-ups on the hospital board are calling me one of the best nurses to go through the program since…

ROSE: Who? Florence Nightingale?

VICTORIA: I wish. No… since Alana. She was the last one to really wow the board to the point where they viewed her as God down at Somerset Hospital.

ROSE: One step at a time, dear. One at a time.

Rose sits down, still mixing yolks, before she puts the bowl down and picks up one of Victoria’s books.

ROSE: Ay yi yi – incredibile. Pesante.

VICTORIA: Mom, I know it’s difficult. You don’t need to tell me twice.

ROSE: Well, you’ll do just fine.

Victoria shuts the book and looks at her mom.

VICTORIA: I do have a question. Are we back on good terms?

ROSE: I never thought we weren’t on good terms, why did you?

VICTORIA: Because of the way you lashed out at me when I said I was seeing Zachary Cleypool.

ROSE: Oh. That.

The music plays between scenes as Victoria has an inquisitive look on her face, wondering what her mother is thinking.

CUT TO – An area north of Somerset

Zachary is outside a trailer, ostensibly on a construction site. He sees a familiar face approaching him, as Mike has stopped by.

ZACHARY: (Extends hand) Welcome to the future of retail in Somerset.

MIKE: I see. (Shakes Zachary’s hand and cranes his neck to look over the site) What’s all going in here?

ZACHARY: Shopping center, sites for several restaurants… it’s the new Cleybank Corporation way of doing business.

MIKE: So has your dad given up on downtown?

ZACHARY: Oh, hell no. He’s just having me work on this site to make sure it’s all right. Dad’s got a lot of irons in the fire. You saw the homes being built out here.

MIKE: But will those homes sell?

ZACHARY: I would think the credit crunch wouldn’t affect this part of Somerset. There are some higher-end properties and some very affordable ones as well. Are you here to see someone about this project?

MIKE: Yes, actually. Got a front-page story going in the Register tomorrow.

ZACHARY: I’ll hook you up in a second… but first, how’s Alana?

MIKE: I’m glad you asked.

As Mike starts talking, the Somerset theme begins and the city skyline is shown.

We see an overhead shot of downtown, with the camera slowly pulling away from the buildings. The Somerset logo pops on the screen and goes into position at the center.

BILL WOLFF: This… is Somerset. This portion of Somerset is brought to you today by Zest, the only deodorant bar that rinses you cleaner than soap. Zest is available in different colors and scents.


FADE IN – Petterino kitchen

We directly pick up from the previous scene where Victoria is quizzical about her mother’s intentions.

VICTORIA: I see you haven’t changed your position.

ROSE: Actually I have. I was just hoping you’d forgive my boorish behavior of a couple days ago.

VICTORIA: Yet I sense you still don’t approve.

ROSE: Face it. He wouldn’t have been my first choice for you.

VICTORIA: I didn’t know Italians arranged marriages, Mother.

Rose gets back up with her bowl and puts it on the counter.

ROSE: I was going to say what happened with Alana changed my way of thinking on a lot of things. Alana falling ill reminded me of how short life can be at times.

VICTORIA: So it took an illness to make you realize it?

ROSE: Honey, all I know is this. (She sits back down) I saw the look Annabella was giving me and I could tell I really struck a nerve. I thought Bella was going to have a fit there for a minute.

VICTORIA: She was upset, Mom. And so was I.

ROSE: Honey, I…

Victoria rises and turns away, looking toward the kitchen window.

VICTORIA: Do you realize all these years you’ve begged me to lead a normal life? You and Dad… pointed out eligible guys for me at restaurants… all but told people I was single and told me to get with the program before I became an old maid…

ROSE: Since when did we ever tell anyone you were an old maid?

VICTORIA: You never did, but you hinted it.

ROSE: Honey! (Grabs Victoria and firmly plants hands on her shoulders) You stop talking about yourself like you’re going on 50, looking back at your life and wondering what you could have done differently.

VICTORIA: I’m not there yet, Mom.

ROSE: No, but… you’re in your early twenties. You’re gorgeous. You have an entire career ahead of you. You have your whole life ahead.

VICTORIA: And you don’t?

ROSE: Oh, Tori… you have no idea what’s ahead for me and your dad.

She gets back up and finishes the eggs as she speaks.

ROSE: Yes, I was in college when I met Giovanni. He was a smooth talker, but above all he was a principled family man. He may have been an only child, but he knew what he wanted when he was in school.

Rose turns toward the table.

ROSE: And I knew I wanted Giovanni to be a part of my life. I fell for him the minute he first touched my hand that day we first met.

VICTORIA: What’s been the secret to your success?

ROSE: To roll with the punches. Honey, we may have been married over 30 years, but that doesn’t mean life hasn’t been an adventure. I wouldn’t trade one second of it.

VICTORIA: So you’re saying live my life like it’s an adventure?

ROSE: Yes. (Pauses) If trying out a date or two with Zachary is what you want to do then I can’t stop you. If you fall, you know I’ll be here to catch you.


ROSE: He won’t need a net. I have a feeling he’ll be holding on to you every step of the way.

Victoria wipes a tear from her eye as she embraces her mother over really soft music. The picture fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


BILL WOLFF: We’ll continue with the second part of Somerset following station identification. This portion of today’s program has been presented by the moist desserts of Duncan Hines.

ANNOUNCER: A Beautiful Family joins the SONBC daytime lineup. Check out the newest daytime drama here, weekdays.

Music plays over a still picture of the Somerset logo.


FADE IN – The construction site

Zachary is working at the table inside as the door opens. George steps in and catches his attention.

ZACHARY: (Looks up) Surprised to see you out here!

GEORGE: Can’t a dad come visit his son out at a construction site? Or check out the site period?

ZACHARY: ‘Course, dad. You’re always welcome out here.

GEORGE: Good. (Looks outside) The site’s taking shape fabulously.

ZACHARY: It is, isn’t it? Mike Wagner was out here interviewing someone earlier…

GEORGE: Ah, good. I see Vickery must have gotten my hint that there were big doings going on out here.

ZACHARY: When did you run into Norman, Dad? On the golf course?

GEORGE: He and I played a round of 18 with two other people last week. Helps to have connections here in Somerset, you know.

ZACHARY: (Nods in sarcasm) Oh, of course. You’re not planning on upstaging Jack’s big X Project, are you?

GEORGE: Why, son… whatever gave you that idea?

Zachary looks at his dad a bit warily as the music bridges scenes…

CUT TO – The Petterino kitchen

Victoria has left for her hospital shift, and Rose is in the kitchen scanning that day’s Register as Annabella enters the room.

ANNABELLA: Morning, Mom.

ROSE: My, you were a late sleeper this morning. Hot plans last night?

ANNABELLA: (Slowly turns her head toward Rose as she’s pouring coffee) Well, mother… (smiles) if you must know, Scott and I went out for drinks and pool last night.

ROSE: He’s a nice man, Bella.

ANNABELLA: Enough with the matchmaking, okay? I got an e-mail from my Italy rendezvous earlier today.

ROSE: (Surprised) I thought he’d be one and out for you, considering how you never talk.

ANNABELLA: Mother, his job situation means he’s busy a lot. And don’t worry… like you said once, if I ever got screwed over by him I’d have guys falling at my feet around the clock.

ROSE: (Laughing) I did say that, didn’t I?

ANNABELLA: Yes, you did. (Changes subject as she drinks coffee) Did I tell you I might have a roommate?

ROSE: No! That popped up awfully quick…

ANNABELLA: Nick was talking about his new friend Donna needing a roommate when she moved to Somerset, and I thought why not?

ROSE: What if you two don’t get along?

ANNABELLA: I don’t think that’s going to happen. But to be on the safe side Nick’s introducing us when she comes back to Somerset. I’m going to be gone back to Italy for a week or so but I was hoping to get this wrapped up.

ROSE: Well, then… more power to you.

Annabella smiles as she finishes her coffee – the picture fades to black over music.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


FADE IN – Somerset Hospital

Taylor is at the nurses station as Victoria comes down the hallway.

TAYLOR: (Sees Tori, puts down phone) Hey there. How’s our patient nurse – or is that nurse patient?

VICTORIA: (Laughs) Alana’s doing fine. Patrick is very pleased about her progress, enough so she might be out of here in a couple days. Her fever’s gone way down and she looks much better.

TAYLOR: I heard she was grilling you in her room.

VICTORIA: She’s pumping me up for the nurses exam… I hope everything works out.

TAYLOR: I do too. You could use an opportunity to unwind.

VICTORIA: I know. (Cell phone buzzes) Oop, I better take this. I’ll be back.

Victoria ducks into the nurses lounge, sees the ID on the phone and opens up.

VICTORIA: Hi there.

On the other end is Zachary, busy poring over some sketches.

ZACHARY: Thought I’d call to see how you were doing. How’s the studies going?

VICTORIA: I’ll live.

ZACHARY: Think you can arrange a break to go out to dinner tonight?

VICTORIA: Ooo, sounds so tempting.

ZACHARY: Come on. Your exam’s not tomorrow.

VICTORIA: So true, so true. All right… I’m here until 6, so I’ll want to head home and change quickly. Where do you suggest?

ZACHARY: I’d say Giovanni’s, but that might be pushing it.

VICTORIA: You think? (Laughs) How about The Finial?

ZACHARY: Wow. You must want some quiet time.

VICTORIA: Why? That place isn’t that expensive. Despite it being on top of a high rise, that is.

ZACHARY: Finial it is, then… I can check and see if they have an open table.

VICTORIA: Figure on 8 for sure.

ZACHARY: Sounds good. Wanna meet there?

VICTORIA: Also good too. See you tonight?

ZACHARY: Tonight it is then.

VICTORIA: Take care… bye.

Victoria hangs up, shuts the cell phone and briefly presses it to her, like a teenager in love would do. With a skip in her step, she heads back out to the fourth floor.

CUT TO – Petterino kitchen

ANNABELLA: I hear you and Tori came to an understanding.

ROSE: It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I could see your eyes forming daggers at me.

ANNABELLA: That wasn’t it, Mom. I just wanted you to know how I felt. I’ve met Zachary a couple times and he’s nothing like George. That’s a good thing.

ROSE: I suppose you’re right. Now try telling that to Giovanni.

ANNABELLA: (Nods) I know. I know.

As Annabella realizes Giovanni might not approve of Tori’s blooming relationship with Zachary, the music plays and the program fades to black for the day.


The Somerset theme plays as the credits roll over a still picture of downtown Somerset.

BILL WOLFF: Hospital wear by Lydia’s. Men’s shirts by Perry Ellis.

Join us each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset. And be sure to stay tuned for Salem Lives, coming up next over most of these same stations.

This program was pre-recorded.


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