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1/10/08: HELPLESS PART 2



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Hope and Maggie arrive. As Maggie tells her she is going to find Victor, Hope sees Bo with Caroline. As she begins to walk over, Bo sees her as well.......and then turns and walks away with Caroline. Marlena then comes around the corner, long enough to see Hope crying once again. As Marlena asks Hope what’s wrong, they sit down and Hope tells her everything that she did. Marlena tells her it will ok and as she hugs her.........

The Brady's are in front of Frankie’s window. Caroline asks if there has been any change and Mike says he’s still the same. Abby asks when he might wake up and Lexie can’t give any answer. Abby then says she talked to Stephanie and was told Kayla and the baby are stable. When Caroline asks about Roman, Bo says it doesn’t look good for either him or Lucas.

Inside Frankie’s room, Max tells him to get better so they can have poker night again and Abby tells Jennifer to watch over him. She also reminds Frankie that he promised her mom he would be there for her and J.J. so he has to wake up.

Jack then arrives and stands behind Abby, asking if Frankie has improved. She says no. Billie then walks up and Jack tells the Brady's how sorry he is. Abby then suggests that Jack and Billie go in and see him. He would like to know his friends are there. Jack looks at Billie, who says it’s ok, and they both go in. Once in his room, Jack has to hold a crying Billie as they both look at him.......laying there, helpless.

In Greta’s room, she insists on seeing Frankie. Victor says she’s not strong enough but Greta tells him that she wants to say to him what she should have said all along. She wants to tell him how she feels because she believes he saved her life that night. As Maggie fights back tears, Victor tells Greta that she isn’t going anywhere until she is stronger. Greta tells him that he doesn’t understand and if it were Maggie laying in a hospital room and he had a chance to say something to her.......would he pass it up?

Victor gets a wheelchair and tells Greta’s nurse that he will accept full responsibility for her.

Outside Frankie’s room once again, Hope and Marlena walk up to the family. Bo turns and gives Hope another cold look, making Caroline and Kimberly uneasy. Marlena sees this and suggests that her and Hope go and see Kayla. Bo says that is a good idea and, as the women walk off, Hope turns and looks at Bo, who has turned his back to her.

In Kayla’s room, Steve wipes his face as she starts to wake up. She looks at him, asking what is he doing there. He just says he’s happy she’s awake. She turns her head back, saying he shouldn’t be there. She says she needs to stay calm and he says that is what he’s there for. Kayla ask if he was there for Hope when he slept with her and produced Chelsea.

Steve says that he has no feelings for Hope and Kalya says he has a funny way of showing it. She then says he needs to leave. She has to stay calm and he’s not helping. Steve says he is not leaving until he knows she’s ok and Kayla’s monitors start going off. Her blood pressure starts shooting up and she grabs her stomach. As doctors and nurses rush in, Rich tells Steve he has to leave.......now.

Steve reluctantly walks out and joins Hope and Marlena, who have arrived, right before Kayla passes out from the pain.

Stephanie walks out into the hallway and sees Steve and Hope standing. She is appalled, saying that they can’t even keep their hands off of each other while her mother is fighting for her life. Marlena and Adrienne watch as Steve tells Stephanie to watch her tone. Stephanie walks up to Steve and Hope and tells them both......

Stephanie: Watch This!!

She then hauls off and slaps Hope hard, making her take a step back. Hope holds her face and looks at her in shock as Adrienne takes two big steps over, grabs Stephanie by the arm, and tells her in no uncertain terms that no matter how pissed off or scared she is, that will NEVER give her the right to behave like that.

Stephanie says how sorry she is to everyone and then runs off, crying. Adrienne chases after her as Hope starts crying once again in Marlena’s arms. Rich come out, telling everyone that they are trying to bring down Kayla’s blood pressure for her and the baby’s sake. If they can’t........

They both may die. Steve can’t believe how bad everything has gotten and, as everyone looks at him, he does only one thing..........

Blame himself.

Abe and Celeste then walk up to Frankie’s room, asking how he’s doing. Bo is sitting next to Caroline and says there is still no change. Greta is then wheeled around the corner by her father as Celeste says that something is about to happen. Jack and Billie look at Frankie as his eyes start to slowly open and then, in a whisper, he says.....

Frankie: At least.......I woke up in time......to see the NFL playoffs.

Everyone laughs as Jack goes to get a nurse and Greta is taken into his room. As Jack runs out, Billie leans forward and Frankie asks her to do one thing......

Frankie: Tell my family.........how much I love them. Tell Greta too. And.........tell Ma.........thank you.

He then goes into cardiac arrest as Caroline jumps up and has to be restrained from going into his room. Greta is taken out and so is a crying Billie as Mike and Lexie race in, along with a full medical crew.

All Greta hopes is that she gets the chance to tell Frankie how she feels......and blames herself for not saying it sooner.

The blinds are closed as the family waits and, fifteen minutes later, Mike walks out with Lexie right behind him. When Caroline walks over to him, followed by her family and friends, she asks Mike how her son is doing. Mike looks at her.........grimly, and tells her........

Mike: I think it’s time you called Father Jansen. There isn’t much time left.

Bo stares ahead as a tear rolls down his cheek. Greta starts crying and, as both Victor and Maggie try to comfort her, Caroline asks to go in and see her son. She wants to be there when he dies. Abe and Celeste and Kim, Max, and Abby look on as Caroline is helped into Frankie’s room by Bo.......

And as they look at a brain-dead Frankie, the scene sees Caroline crying in Bo’s arms......and then slowly fades to black.





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