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"After an adventurous and action-packed 2007, things will shift in a different direction in 2008," says EP/HW Tim Lowery. "My partner and I feel it's a good time to focus on more emotional, family/traditional-type stories. That is not to say we still won't have adventure too but the first month or so of 2008 will be like nothing we have ever done. It's very emotional and can't miss. We will also begin building a HUGE umbrella story that will tie up alot of loose ends and that is filled with mystery, intrigue, and some returns as well."

Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla: "The aftermath of what happened on New Year's Eve will dominate the early part of the year. Bo and Hope's trust issues that seemed solved come back to the surface. Her infidelity and discretion present the biggest test Bo and Hope have faced and the consequences of the secrets that were kept and how they came out will affect many lives. Shawn will also fit into their part of the story down the line, as will a face from Bo's past. Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla face a similar plight. Kayla and her baby are at great risk and Stephanie can't even bare to look at her father. Steve is in for the fight of his life as he faces one of the greatest challenges of his life."

Roman/Marlena: "Roman in in jail for Orpheus' murder and Stefano is pulling all the strings. Marlena and the Brady's will fight like hell to save him while Roman finds himself being overcome by memories of his past, so much so that he becomes immersed in it. That will play a key role in our big umbrella story this year."

Jack/Billie: "Billie's life spirals out of control as she falls back into bad habits to deal with all the problems and revelations she has dealt with of late. Jack knows something is wrong but Billie continues to push him away. He is still determined to save her and to find out what is wrong. Kate and Miranda's relationship will come into play hugely here after Kate tries on her own to save Billie. She finds herself making things worse once again and having to turn to the last person she wanted to ask for help-her estranged sister."

Frankie/Greta: "Frankie has confessed his feelings but Greta hasn't, not wanting to jinx it. That is pivotal in January as Greta races to tell a critically injured Frankie how she feels. They have some really beautiful stuff coming and it's classic love story stuff. Greta has finally found her happiness and so has Frankie. It's going to be an emotional journey for the characters and fans."

Sami/Lucas: "Lucas is in a whole lot of trouble after Joelle's murder and things get worse when he is linked to other crimes. Sami launches her own crusade to prove him innocent and teams up with a shocking ally. Meanwhile, a paranoid Will begins to question his sanity."

Alyson/Belle/Philip: "Philip and Alyson's drunken night of passion was supposed to be nothing more then a one night stand yet they can't stop thinking about each other. Philip's world will get rocked when he learns a shocking bit of info and he will also find himself involved in a world of trouble when he is under suspicion of a crime. Fate will keep bringing Alyson and Philip into each other's orbit while a case of the green eyed monster strikes Belle."

Abby/Max: "They are together and are supporting each other. They will try to have a normal relationship but shocking info Forrest brings to them will rock their world. They will face a new threat and will be quite involved in the big umbrella story too, while also being involved with their families."

Abe/Celeste/Lincoln/Lexie: "After Lexie gives the ok, Abe and Celeste will decide to embark on a relationship but it might not be as easy as they had hoped. Meanwhile, Lexie is back at the hospital and begins her surgical rotation. She will find herself striking Lincoln's fancy and a bond begins to develop."

Tony/Anna/Stefano/Cassie: "Stefano learns of Lexie and Tony working together to bring him down and "fix" the Dimera dynasty, leading to them having to face down his wrath. Cassie turns her back on Tony and Marlena and is closer to Stefano then ever. Meanwhile, Anna and Carrie try to bond and proves how far she will go for her daughter."

Victor/Maggie: "Victor and Maggie try to plan their future while also supporting and helping their family and friends. Victor's plans for Philip will be uncovered. There will be a big complete cast event in February as all of Salem gathers for the opening of Maggie's club."

Nicole: "Nicole is in hiding as her list of enemies grows. She encounters someone who she thinks was sent from Eric and this person brings Nicole to a point where she realizes how far she has gone...but it may be far too late for redemption."

Jean: "Jean and Alyson are on the outs and Jean will do anything to get back into her daughter's good graces. Expect her to strike up a shocking alliance and she still has at least one more skeleton in her closet."

Mike: "He is sticking around Salem for awhile. His explained his reasons for doing so to his family...but is there another reason he purposely left out? There is more to this then meets the eye."

Big Umbrella Story: "The seeds have been being planted for months and the buildup begins fully in January. It's a slow moving story to start but once it gets going it will involve a good deal of the cast and some big returns. It will answer alot of questions and will bring a finality to several ongoing stories. It's exciting, adventurous, and is truly edge of your seat drama that can't be missed. We are excited about it."


We at Salem Lives want to hear from you! Over the next month, several polls will be started over in the poll center of SON that will feature choices for categories like "Best Story," "Best Twist," etc. This is our chance to hear what you think and also feel free to explain your choices in comments below the polls. It's just a way of being interactive with our fans. A link to each poll will be posted in the blog when a poll is posted and will also be posted in the mySONBC discussion thread. We would appreciate all of our readers participating. It helps us see what you liked and disliked and we do this all for you...the fans. We look forward to the results! The first poll is already posted and you can find the link right below this announcement.




Two Returns: Setsiders report that two familiar faces will return in January. See 2008 previews for more.


Arloa Reton (Joelle Young): Reton last aired on January 2 when Joelle succumbed to her injuries. Reton has been recurring as Kate's secretary since 2002 but had been MIA for a lengthy period until being trust into a story with Lucas in August. "We loved her and the fans loved to hate her," says EP/HW Tim Lowery. "She will be missed."


Kale Browne and Jaime Lyn Bauer (Bill and Laura Horton): Both characters will be sticking around for a little while longer as Bill deals with his son, Lucas' (Bryan Dattilo), legal troubles. They have both been placed on recurring status.

Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady): Pease is sticking around a while longer to support her family through their current troubles. She has been placed on recurring status, much like she was in 2007.

Judi Evans (Adrienne Johnson-Kiriakis): While Justin (Wally Kurth) has left, Adrienne is sticking around a bit to support her brother, Steve (Stephen Nichols), and his family. She has been placed on recurring status.

Christie Clark (Carrie Brady-Reed): As previously reported, Clark is remaining on the show for an indefinite period of time and is recurring.

Micheal T. Weiss (Mike Horton): As previously reported, Weiss is sticking around indefinitely and is on recurring status.

Jake T. Austin (Joey Young):
Joelle's son is going nowhere and setsiders say that fans should expect to see more of the young actor in 2008.


-Philip and Alyson wake up in each other's arms!
-Roman is arraigned.
-The evidence against Lucas piles up.
-A new man comes into Nicole's life.
-Alyson wants answers.
-Philip lets Belle have it.
-Steve and Kayla come face to face.
-Greta wakes up, determined to see Frankie.
-The unthinkable happens.



NEXT WEEK: Tragedy strikes. Steve faces his greatest challenge yet. Bo and Hope fall apart. Nicole bonds with her new friend while several Salemites target her. A familiar face returns to Salem.


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