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EPISODE 35 (AIRED 08/31)




Original airdate: 08/31/07

Written by: Steve Ungrey


We see the Petterino kitchen and Giovanni sitting at the table enjoying a cup of coffee. Victoria comes down from upstairs and goes toward the coffee maker, and Giovanni comes over and embraces his daughter.

VICTORIA: Dad… are you still sentimental from a couple nights back?

GIOVANNI: Ah, forgive your dad. He’s wishing both his daughters – and his son – weren’t so damn grown up.

VICTORIA: If it’s any consolation, Dad, I’m still the youngest in the family. Annabella told me about the discussion you guys had.

GIOVANNI: We’ll be fine, honey. We always are. How was work last night?

VICTORIA: Good. Alana is out of danger.

Giovanni looks up as if to say “Thank you, God”, clasps his hands together and bows his head slightly.

GIOVANNI: That is wonderful news, darling. How much longer before she’s back prowling the corridors of the hospital?

VICTORIA: At least a couple weeks. Patrick seems to think she’s out of danger and improving rapidly, so we’ll see where it goes from there.

GIOVANNI: Which means you’ll probably be putting more time in at the hospital, right?

VICTORIA: What else would I be doing?

Victoria laughs and makes a cup of coffee. Music plays as Victoria goes to sit back at the table with Giovanni and we change scenes.

CUT TO – Somerset Register

Norman Vickery is coming into the lounge at the newspaper and he spots a male figure with his back to the camera. Norman goes over and shakes the figure, and as the face turns we see it is Mike.

NORMAN: Must have been some big story to keep you here all night.

MIKE: (Sits up) It’s morning? Lucky I brought a change of clothes with me.

NORMAN: Did you come back to the paper after being at the hospital last night?

MIKE: Yes. I wanted to check my messages and make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything important. I got a couple of stories finished and in the can for you to look at…

NORMAN: That’s dedication, Wagner, but I honestly didn’t expect to see you in here until Alana was doing better.

MIKE: She is. (Smiling) Her fever broke last night and I thought I’d come here…

We see a brief flashback of Alana, feverish and delirious, crying out “I love you” to Mike. Cut back to the present.

MIKE: To clear my head.

CUT TO: City Hall

Nick is just logging onto his account when he hears his cell phone buzz. Looking down, he smiles when he sees the number and he presses the talk button.

NICK: Hey, you.

We see a shot of Donna driving her car on the interstate.

DONNA: Hey, handsome. You sufficiently recovered from last night?

NICK: I think so. I’ve had to put cream on my lips, though – I think they were still burning this morning.

DONNA: Oh, come on. I’m not that good a kisser.

NICK: If you’re not that good, then why the hell couldn’t I stop thinking about that kiss last night?

DONNA: Didn’t I tell you friends with benefits would be fine?

NICK: You did. Where are you now?

DONNA: I’m in Pennsylvania heading back south, but I wanted to call and say hi. Keep in touch with me so I don’t get too antsy, OK?

NICK: When are you back in Somerset?

DONNA: Toward the end of next week. I want to close down my apartment here, find a place to live up there…

NICK: And a thousand things to do in between.

DONNA: (Hears line beeping) Oop, I better get this. You have a super day, OK?

NICK: You too, darling.

DONNA: Ooo, pet names. I like. See ya. (Clicks line over) Hello? (Pauses) Yes, I’m on my way back… I swear you must have mental telepathy or something… you knew the exact moment I got back from my date last night, I’d swear you’re spying on me.

Donna continues driving for a bit while the person at the other end is talking.

DONNA: Of course I can see you tonight. Do you want me to come over there when I get back into Washington?

The Somerset theme begins playing as Donna finishes her line.

We see an overhead shot of downtown, with the camera slowly pulling away from the buildings. The Somerset logo pops on the screen and goes into position at the center.

This… is Somerset. Part 1 of Somerset is brought to you today by Jif. The peanut butter with that fresh, smooth, roasted peanutty taste. No wonder choosy Moms choose Jif.


At the hospital, Mike is walking up to the front counter on the fourth floor, just as Taylor is walking out from the back area.

MIKE: Hey, Taylor. How’s the patient?

TAYLOR: Awake… and already asking where you are.

MIKE: You’re kidding, right?

TAYLOR: Why would I kid about something like this? Seriously, Mike, she’s in the same room and she wondered this morning how long you’d been there last night.

MIKE: Oh. Well, then… I guess I’d better get back there and show her how grateful I am that she’s on the road to recovery.

TAYLOR: Right back there… (realizes he knows) but then again, you knew that already, didn’t you?

MIKE: I can’t forget it.

Mike walks down the hall and peeks around the corner, where he sees Alana calmly sleeping in the darkened room. Coming in, he sits at the bedside and watches Alana. She slowly opens her eyes, looks over at Mike and smiles.


MIKE: Hey you… you gave us quite a scare, you know that?

ALANA: That’s what I hear. Sorry for the darkness. My head still hurts a bit and Patrick told me I’d have a little light sensitivity for another day or two.

MIKE: But you’re in the clear otherwise?

ALANA: Not quite. My fever’s down, and that’s a good sign. But I’m still going to need plenty of antibiotics and bed rest. That’ll teach me to overwork myself.

MIKE: It wasn’t your job that did this to you, was it?

ALANA: Heck of a way to earn a vacation, right? (Laughs and slightly grimaces) No, the chances are I came in contact with someone who had this and it mushroomed from there. I’ve been fighting a small cold over the last week.

MIKE: Well, I’m happy to see you’re talkative.

ALANA: I hear my fever broke in kind of a dramatic way last night. You were here, Patrick said?

MIKE: Uh… yeah, I was. I’m still trying to get the feeling back in my typing hand.

ALANA: (Smiles) I’m sorry.

MIKE: You’re forgiven. I’m just glad to see you awake.

Mike smiles as Alana takes his non-typing hand and softly squeezes it. The music plays as the picture fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.

The lives of Maxie, Robin and Georgie intertwine with those around them and create rich, powerful drama. GH Sisters, part of the MySONTV lineup. Weekdays on SONBC.

We see a still shot of the Somerset logo with the accompanying music.

And now the second half of Somerset, brought to you today by the easy, breezy, beautiful cosmetics of Cover Girl.


We see the Cleypool estate, nestled in its familiar perch high above Somerset. Going inside, we see George busy at the dining room table as Fenwick comes in with coffee.

FENWICK: Refill, Master Cleypool?

GEORGE: (Sticks the cup out) Please. I could use a pick-me-up this morning after looking at the financial news. Maybe I need to buy the Register and create my own good headlines.

FENWICK: (Rolls eyes) If it were only that easy.

GEORGE: Is Zachary here or did he take off early?

FENWICK: He is upstairs getting dressed, sir. Do you need him for business purposes?

GEORGE: No, it can wait. (Drinks coffee)

FENWICK: Then I shall check on breakfast, Master Cleypool. It should be almost ready. (Fenwick turns and exits the dining room)

As Fenwick leaves, George’s cell phone buzzes. Picking it up, he answers.

GEORGE: This is George? (Pauses) Oh, good! You’ve got the package I wanted.

Zachary comes in as George is talking, so George somewhat changes the subject.

GEORGE: I shall look forward to seeing that document, then. Thank you very much. (Puts down phone) There you are! Were you at the hospital last night?

ZACHARY: Yes… and Alana is doing much better now.

GEORGE: Well, good to hear! I was wondering if she would come out of the woods anytime soon.

ZACHARY: Those are good words from you, Dad… considering you think the hospital is largely staffed by incompetents. (Laughs a bit)

GEORGE: Son, I haven’t changed my tune that much and I’m not a cruel, heartless bastard – am I?

ZACHARY: You’ve had your moments.

GEORGE: I see I asked the wrong person.

ZACHARY: (Grabs coffee pot) You asked my opinion, I offered it. But all in all, it evens out in the end.

GEORGE: That it does. Are you headed for the office today?

ZACHARY: I’m heading out to a construction site you wanted checked before the end of the week. Your condo project on the north end of Somerset by the interstate?

GEORGE: Ah, yes! It does seem like the growth is just exploding up that way. If I can’t have downtown the way I want it, then maybe Cleybank will have to settle for the suburbs.

ZACHARY: I’ll grab something while I’m out. I want to check the site over before noon and then get back with you later today.

GEORGE: Don’t speed on the way out. You’ve still got the walking boot on…

ZACHARY: I’ll be fine. (He leaves the room)

George smiles to himself as he sips his coffee. He’s obviously waiting for a package, but what’s in it? The music plays and the scene switches over.

CUT TO – We see the Petterino kitchen, where Victoria and Giovanni are still talking over coffee.

GIOVANNI: Are you thinking about moving out, dear?

VICTORIA: The thought did cross my mind. (Sees her dad’s face sink) Dad, you know I’ll always love the both of you. I’m just thinking that eventually I’ll have a nurses’ salary and be able to live on my own. I have a chance to make some good money if I get into a certain specialty.

GIOVANNI: It’s not about the money, is it?

VICTORIA: No, no… it’s about the security. I might be entering the dating scene…

GIOVANNI: (Pretends to clutch chest) Don’t give your father reason to go to the hospital.


GIOVANNI: I kid, I kid. (Embraces Victoria) I support you and Annabella in whatever decision you make. (Pauses) Have the two of you thought about living together?

VICTORIA: No, Dad. She needs my space and I need mine. We still love each other, though. We’re two separate people. Annabella’s thought about getting a house, did you know that?

GIOVANNI: I did. I hope she chooses wisely. We shall see. What about you?

VICTORIA: If I choose to move, I was thinking about one of the high-rises by the hospital. I’ve always wanted to live downtown.

GIOVANNI: Now that Jack’s X Project is slowly becoming reality, it might not be so bad.

The music plays as the scene fades to black, as Giovanni and Victoria sit at the table finishing coffee.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


Nick is busy clacking away on his keyboard when he sees Susannah in the doorway.

NICK: Susie! Come on in.

SUSANNAH: Hey, there. (Leans down and kisses Nick on the cheek) Congratulations.

NICK: Did you come to give me good wishes?

SUSANNAH: Yes. You landed yourself a pretty good catch there. I met Donna yesterday and she’s such a sweetie. She couldn’t stop talking about you.

NICK: You came all the way over here to tell me that?

SUSANNAH: No, I was over here in a meeting with Joseph Reynolds. You’re right, he knows his stuff. We were talking renovation of the city blocks, the People’s Building… I think this is a do-able project for Jack.

NICK: Great. That will make his day. (Pauses) You’re cool with what happened, aren’t you?

SUSANNAH: Of course I am! Why do you ask? (Pause) Why, Nick Barclay… would you have asked me out again?

NICK: You’ve got a lot to offer someone. Patrick, perhaps?

SUSANNAH: You know I’m not ready to pursue anything serious. Had anything developed with you, I would have felt the same way.

NICK: Don’t worry about it. I’ll see how it goes with Donna. Hopefully everything goes very well.

CUT TO: Along the interstate

Donna sees her cell phone vibrate and she picks it up.

DONNA: Hello? (Looks) Passing through central Pennsylvania, just by Allentown. I’ll be in Washington by 4, probably. I’ll want to take a nap, I suspect… (Pause) What do you want to know about him? (Pauses) Well, we can do a little gossiping later.

We cut to the other end of the conversation… we see that the person Donna is talking to is female.

WOMAN: That’s good, dear. I’m looking forward to hearing about your new job. I am soooo proud of my daughter.

As we slowly digest the caller is Donna’s mother, there is one final scene change…

CUT TO – The Cleypool estate

FENWICK: Sir, you have a package. (Hands it over)

GEORGE: Ah, yes, Fenwick. Just what I was waiting for… thank you very much.

FENWICK: I’ll be in the kitchen if you need me.

GEORGE: Thank you. (He opens the envelope and sees the contents) Oh, hell no.

George has photos in his hand – photos of his son with Victoria.

GEORGE: Now I see why you didn’t want to tell me the nurse’s name. (Shakes his head)

The music plays in the background as George realizes Zachary’s interested in Victoria. We fade to black and end another week… the commercials air, followed by the Somerset theme.

Join us again each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for Salem Lives, coming up next over most of these SONBC stations.

This program was pre-recorded.


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