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Frankie is with Greta in her room. They are both eating ice cream, laughing, and having a good time. Greta can't believe he was able to sneak ice cream in again. Frankie smiles and says he just had to as they are celebrating her breakthrough today. Greta doesn't think it's such a big deal. Frankie disagrees, saying that her walking down the hall with minor assistance was a big step. Her physical therapist said she may be home before Christmas, especially since she isn't paralyzed and just needs to build her strength. Greta hopes he is right. Frankie nods and says he knows he is.

Jack then arrives, apologizing for interrupting. They all three greet each other. Frankie tells Jack about Greta's breakthrough. Jack thinks that is good and says he is proud of her. Greta thanks him and says she will be back at The Spectator soon to whip his butt into shape. Jack smiles and says he would like nothing better as he thrives on the pressure. Jack then asks Frankie if he can talk to him for a moment. Frankie says sure and both men excuse themselves.

Outside Greta's room, Jack tells Frankie he has a problem with Billie and fills him in on how she has been acting and treating him since the hostage crisis last night. He mentions that Billie even disowned Kate. Frankie thinks there must be something going on and that something must've happened while she was with Orpheus. Jack agrees, saying he knows his treatment of her before the hostage crisis upset her but she wasn't acting like this.

Frankie says he will talk to Billie and see if he has better luck but also advises Jack to give Billie some space and to lay off a bit. Jack isn't sure he can do that but Frankie thinks he has to or he may end up making things worse. Jack thanks him for his help. Frankie tells him to just go home and take care of his family for right now. He will let him know how things go with Billie. They shake hands as Jack thanks him again.

Jack gets up and tells Frankie he has one more thing to say, which is that he knows Greta very well and he thinks that Frankie needs to make a move. She's a good catch and someone will pounce if he doesn't eventually. Frankie asks what Jack means. Jack smiles, saying Frankie knows what he means. He's wasted enough time and he needs to go for it. Jack bids Frankie goodbye as Frankie chuckles a bit and returns to Greta's room, where she has finished her ice cream and asks if he plans to finish his. Frankie just stares at her, lovingly. She asks if something is wrong. He smiles and says nothing is. He then says she can finish his ice cream. She smiles and thanks him as he continues to look at her, continuing to smile and wondering if Jack is right as the scene shifts to...


Lucas wakes up bleeding in the lobby outside his office as his cell rings. He touches the back of his head and his hand becomes covered in blood. He wonders how that happened and realizes he can't remember anything but arriving and meeting Joelle in his office. His cell is still ringing but stops as he finally goes to answer it. He discovers he has 8 messages, all from Will and Maggie, who are concerned about where he is and why he hasn't called.

Lucas gets up and is shocked to see his office door opened and his office trashed. Lucas wonders how this could happen and remembers it's Saturday so not many are around, including the janitor until late in the day. He realizes he should get checked out and get back to the hospital to let everyone know he is fine but promises to get to the bottom of this as the scene fades to...


Orpheus enters the warehouse as Nicole is sitting, saying she has been waiting and very bored. Orpheus hands her a tape, saying that should make her happy. Nicole asks how he was able to get it so fast. Orpheus says he has his people and the task was much easier as many of Victor's employees are quite busy working on the electrical maintenance. Nicole tells Orpheus that the security camera footage she is holding is her ace in the hole. She just hopes it wasn't too dark and that the cameras were still working. She needs to make sure Steve and Hope making love can be clearly seen.

Orpheus thinks it will be fine. Nicole still can't believe all that he told her last night about Steve and Hope sharing a past while they were presumed dead and how Chelsea is their daughter. Nicole admits being shocked Hope kept the secret for so long. Orpheus figures Steve found out recently after he told him about Chelsea on the ship and thinks the affair started only recently. Nicole says she is surprised he sat on the Chelsea secret. Orpheus admits it was of no interest to him. He just used it to toy with Steve and Hope on the ship a bit. He has bigger fish to fry.

Nicole says she has to get going. Orpheus reminds Nicole of the deal. He gave her what she needed at the moment and he will be calling her soon with what he needs. She smiles and says sure thing before leaving. Orpheus then calls to Micheal. Micheal walks over and Orpheus tells him to put out a tail on Anna Fredericks. He must know of her every move so he knows the perfect moment to strike at the woman who destroyed his plans. Micheal nods and walks off as Orpheus smiles and the scene shifts to...


Jack arrives to find Alex packing bags. He asks what he is doing. Alex says he is going to Switzerland to go through his mother's things and deal with her affairs. He also has alot to think about, as in where he should go next. Jack insists his home is here with his family. Alex isn't so sure of that. Jack remembers what Frankie said about giving Billie time and space and suggests that he go with Alex. He thinks it would be a great way for them to bond and to get past the tension between them. It would also give them both piece of mind when it comes to his mother.

Alex doesn't think that is a good idea. Jack reminds Alex that he did love his mother and she loved him. He asks Alex to just give him a chance. After a few moments, Alex tells Jack he can come as he knows that he will come even if he says no anyway, being who he is. He just wants Jack to stay out of his way and to not assume this means he is letting him into his life now. Jack nods in agreement and says he will make the arrangements. Alex nods and goes to pack some more as Jack smiles, picks up the cordless phone, and calls the airport to make the arrangements as the scene shifts to...


Hope and Steve walk down a hallway. She can't believe that he came to the hospital the same time as her. Steve says it was a coincidence and he is there to support the family the same way she is. He then asks if it's always going to be like this and if she is ever going to trust him again. Hope isn't sure after he disregarded her fears and worries for weeks and now they have had an affair. Steve says he feels horrible and admits he should've listened to her and backed off. Hope fires back it's a bit late for that and they just need to make sure no one learns the truth. Their spouses would never understand how they could lose control and knowingly do this.

Steve agrees with Hope, as much as he hates lying. It's just the right thing to do under these circumstances as there was no drugs, manipulation, mind control, or alcohol involved at all. Hope admits she is worried someone saw them or that a security camera caught him. Steve reminds her that everyone that was in the building was at the ball and the power went out so the generators were on. He doesn't think all the cameras can run with the generators. Hope points out he doesn't think but it could've happened. They could've been caught on camera. Steve tells her not to worry. It's going to be fine. They both then hear a voice that says:

Voice: Are you about that?

Hope and Steve turn and are shocked to see Nicole. Nicole suggests they go out on the balcony and talk. Hope and Steve look at her curiously and nervously, wondering what they would have to talk about. Nicole says their dirty laundry and adds she is only being considerate and trying to keep their private matters private. Hope asks what she is talking about.

Nicole: I guess I can remind you two forgetful souls. I'm talking about the fact that you two jumped each other's bones last night during the ball. Not to mention the fact that you have a past and a daughter together and lied to your cherished loved ones about it. Ring a bell?

Steve and Hope are stunned as Nicole shows a devilish grin and the scene shifts to...

Outside Sami's room. Philip is getting some coffee when Belle shows up with Marlena. She asks Philip what he is doing there. He says he is there for Lucas. An uneasy Belle nods as Marlena suggests they go inside. Marlena gives Philip a cold look before going in to the room. Philip smiles and drinks his coffee before entering the room himself

Inside the room, Maggie fills Marlena and Belle in on Lucas going to Roberts, Inc and never returning. Philip says he can go after him. Just then, Lucas shows up. Everyone is overjoyed. Will races over from near Alice, Doug and Julie and embraces Lucas, saying he was worried. Lucas says he told Maggie where he was. Will says he still worried, especially with how Lucas fell apart after mom "died." Lucas says he is fine. Will asks what happened to his head. Just then, Patricia walks in with two officers and...

A bruised and battered Joelle. Everyone is stunned. Lucas asks what is going on. Patricia says they are there to arrest him...for charges of rape nad assult. The officers grab him and start reading his rights. Everyone is stunned as Lucas looks at a trembling and silent Joelle, shaking his head in confusion and disbelief as the scene freezes on him...

And then fades to black.



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Oh HELL no you did not do that to Lucas! Get my Sami out of that bed and have her kill that bitch.

Nicole has some balls. Like that

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