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EPISODE 34 (AIRED 08/30)




Original airdate: 08/30/07

Written by: Steve Ungrey


It is quiet solitude here in Somerset as the show opens with an exterior shot of a car on a hillside. Nick’s car is parked overlooking the city, and he and Donna are in the back seat. Donna has her head on Nick’s shoulder and her eyes are closed, and Nick has his arm around Donna.

NICK: (Looks down) Comfy?

DONNA: Mmm-hmm. (Nods, smiling) I’m sorry I’m wimping out on you. I’m just a little groggy. It’s been a long day.

NICK: Hey, there will be plenty of time to get to know each other.

DONNA: You got that right. (Looks up at Nick and out the window) I never knew Somerset had such a gorgeous skyline at night.

NICK: What way did you come in here when you arrived last night?

DONNA: The interstate.

NICK: Okay, that explains it – you get a good look at the city when you’re coming down the hill, but there’s nothing like the view from up here.

DONNA: You told me there were two scenic overlooks in this city. Where is the other one?

NICK: See the hill over there? (Points) You can barely make out a few car lights. It’s on the other side of downtown. This is the quiet overlook. A few guys with convertibles come out here and park sometimes, but many times this area’s not busy.

DONNA: (Smiling) Is that why you took me out here?

NICK: Well, the thought crossed my mind…

DONNA: Good. (She closes her eyes once again, resting her head on his shoulder) I can’t wait to tell my friends who I met today in Somerset. They didn’t want me to meet anyone on the rebound.

Nick smiles to himself – until it is obvious Donna said something she shouldn’t have. His eyes spring open, with accompanying low-key music. The scene changes…

CUT TO: Somerset Hospital, in Alana’s hospital room

The lights are still dim in Alana’s room as Victoria stops by to check on Alana and sees Mike there.

VICTORIA: How is she?

MIKE: Fine… (Looks at clock) Hey, I didn’t realize visiting hours were over.

VICTORIA: Sit. You’re fine. Patrick and I are here and we give you permission to be in here.

MIKE: Much appreciated. She’ll like having someone to keep her company.

VICTORIA: I’ll be down the hall if you need me.

MIKE: All right.

As Victoria leaves the room, Mike turns back to Alana and sees her eyes closed. He weakly smiles.

MIKE: You see, honey? You see everyone waiting here for you to get better? You just better hear everyone, you know that?

We see a shot of Alana lying there.

MIKE: And I meant what I said. I want that cup of coffee. I want to share so much more with you. I –

Suddenly Alana’s body begins trembling. It appears as if she’s going into a seizure.

MIKE: Wha – wha – what’s going on – (Yells) Patrick! Tori!!

Alana grabs Mike’s hand, clearly still unconscious but aware someone’s in the room with her. She’s squeezing his hand tightly.

MIKE: Hey, easy on the typing fingers… (His hand is being squeezed)

We see Alana’s forehead, which is perspiring. She’s broken out in a sweat, and she’s calling out.

ALANA: Mike… Mike, no… don’t go…

MIKE: I’m not going! I’m not going anywhere…

ALANA: (Still unconscious) No… Mike… no, don’t… I love you…

Now it’s Mike’s turn to be stunned by what he hears. He looks straight ahead at the camera in shock and then down at Alana. The Somerset theme begins.

We see an overhead shot of downtown, with the camera slowly pulling away from the buildings. The Somerset logo pops on the screen and goes into position at the center.

This… is Somerset. Part 1 of Somerset is brought to you today by Era. The detergent that uses protein to get out your toughest stains… and by Luvs, the diaper that gives your baby comfort at an affordable price.


A direct pickup from the previous scene, as Mike is agonizing over Alana’s sudden seizure and perspiration. Tori and Patrick both run into the room.

VICTORIA: What’s going on?

PATRICK: (Notices Mike’s hand) What the hell did you do?

MIKE: Me? She grabbed my hand! Can you help pry my fingers loose?

PATRICK: Sure thing. (Pries at Mike’s fingers)

MIKE: She began shaking uncontrollably when I was talking with her… she’s sweating…

PATRICK: (Looking surprised) Sweating? Tori, take her temperature and let’s see where this is headed.

Victoria puts a thermometer in Alana’s mouth and leaves it there until the thermometer beeps. When Patrick sees it, he smiles.

PATRICK: Ahh, this is good.

MIKE: What’s good? Patrick, details.

PATRICK: (Shows Mike the thermometer) 99.8 degrees. Mike, I think her fever has broken.

The music plays as Mike musters a smile on his face. We change scenes back to the hillside.

CUT TO: Nick’s car

Nick pulls away from Donna, who nearly falls down in the back seat.

NICK: Oh, I just KNEW there was a catch to this!

DONNA: (Sits up and looks at Nick) Catch? Nick, what’s wrong?

NICK: You said on the rebound…

DONNA: Oops. I have to remember not to have too much to drink at times.

NICK: It’s not funny, Donna. I need to know what’s going on.

DONNA: Nick, please… what’s got you bothered?

NICK: The fact that someone with a… great smile… great personality… (scans down) great legs…

DONNA: Keep this up, hot stuff. I could get used to all these compliments…

NICK: Is in a car with me, having a great time, and there must be some sort of catch. What is it? Do you have a boyfriend back in Washington? Are you engaged? Are you married?

DONNA: Nick, calm down. (Smiles) I can explain everything.

NICK: That has to be it. You must have a ring on your finger (notices Donna’s hand) and you don’t have a ring… on your finger… God, do I feel stupid…

DONNA: (Snuggles up to Nick) I think it’s cute.

NICK: That makes one of us.

DONNA: Let me explain. I don’t have a boyfriend or a husband. When you met me in Washington, I had just broken an engagement three weeks before.

Nick has a surprised look on his face as Donna admits her broken engagement and is ready to hear more details as the music plays and the picture fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.

You loved her as Gina Capwell on Santa Barbara. Now a new day is dawning for Robin Mattson, who joins the cast of A New Day Dawning, seen weekdays as part of the MySONTV lineup. Only on SONBC.

We see a still shot of the Somerset logo with the accompanying music.

And now the second half of Somerset, brought to you today by Crisco Oil, for fried foods with no cholesterol and no grease.


Donna continues explaining her background to Nick, all the while holding his hand to make it more sincere.

DONNA: That party where I was… that barrister’s party? It actually was my farewell party they were throwing for me.

NICK: So you actually left your own farewell bash to come down to the bar?

DONNA: Hey, I knew the Marlins were in town and I had to see how they were doing against the Nationals. A few of my friends didn’t want me to get drinks bought by guys or for me to hang out with anyone male that night.

NICK: Sort of the all men are pigs theory? Or were they just hoping to set you up with one of their own?

DONNA: (Laughing) I don’t know. When they came downstairs to grab me after I was talking to you, I wasn’t happy. I chewed out a couple of my friends when we left the bar. When I went back to see if you were there, you were gone.

NICK: You came back – for me?

DONNA: Someone had to, sweetie. Anyhow… (Pauses, hems and haws a bit) You’ll probably hear a lot about this guy in the next several days, so here goes. I was engaged to a Washington lobbyist… his name was Clarke. Clarke Freeman. And they were grooming Clarke for higher political office.

NICK: I see.

DONNA: I didn’t want to be a senator’s wife. Not yet, anyway. I also didn’t feel like having a husband who was going to be gone on trips and junkets all the time. So I backed away.

NICK: Took guts to do it.

DONNA: So… I’m kind of concerned because you’re Somerset’s city manager…

NICK: (Nodding) I get it. And a politician. Donna, ask Jack. He’s grooming me for higher things but he’s also going to make sure I stay grounded. Well-grounded, if you get my drift.

DONNA: So you can probably imagine I’m not in a hurry to jump into something major with anybody – that said, I want to tell you how wonderful a time I’ve had this evening and I’m hoping we can do this again a lot when I get back.

NICK: You want to take it slow… sort of friends with benefits or something like that?

DONNA: Does that sound bad?

NICK: Not at all. Why didn’t you say so before? Donna, if you’re not in a hurry to get involved with someone right away, I can’t very well pressure you to do it. So we’d be friends with benefits.

DONNA: Exactly. (Checks watch) The booze is starting to kick in again. Can you take me back to the hotel?

NICK: Well, I guess…

DONNA: (Smiles) You can walk me up, handsome.

NICK: Well… (Opens door to get in the front seat) Let’s get you back downtown.

As Donna and Nick get back in the front seat, the scene changes back to the hospital.

CUT TO: Somerset Hospital

Patrick is checking Alana over once again and has Tori take Alana’s temperature to make sure it’s staying down.

PATRICK: (Checks thermometer) It’s back up to 100.6, but I think Alana’s out of immediate danger.

MIKE: So her fever broke just like that?

VICTORIA: It happens a lot. Sometimes when we give a patient antibiotics and the medicine builds up, it can overwhelm the infection.

PATRICK: You told me Alana was shaking uncontrollably when her fever broke. I’m going to recommend we take Alana up to neurology for the night and have a CT scan done on her.

VICTORIA: (Senses Mike’s apprehension) Mike, it’s strictly a precaution. The fact Alana’s fever broke so suddenly is a great sign. Patrick just wants to make sure there’s no brain dysfunction.

MIKE: I see. Can I see her when she comes back down?

PATRICK: We’re probably going to leave her up there overnight. Tell you what. I’ve got your cell phone – why don’t you head back someplace where you can relax and I’ll call if there are any changes? I really think she’s coming out of the woods, though.

MIKE: (Stretches) Sounds good to me. If she wakes and asks for me…

VICTORIA: I’ll tell her how good a guy you’ve been. (Hugs Mike)

MIKE: Much appreciated, thanks.

Mike’s relief is evident on his face, as it is on the faces of Victoria and Patrick, as the music plays and the picture fades to black.

We’ll return to Somerset in just a moment.


Mike has gone to Bernard’s for a beer, and he’s replaying the events in his mind from earlier in the show.

ALANA: Don’t go… I love you…

We hear Alana’s voice repeating “don’t go” and “I love you” a few more times. As Mike drinks his beer, we see the confusion on his face. Is this something where Alana was unconscious when she said it – or did she really mean it?

CUT TO: Somerset Inn

Nick is walking Donna back to the hotel room.

DONNA: Thank you for the great escort back.

NICK: It’s the least I can do. Sort of this friends with benefits thing, I guess.

DONNA: (Smiles) I could show you another one of the benefits if you’d like.

NICK: (With a resigned, happy look on his face) Okay, I’ll bite. What’s another benefit?

DONNA: (Leaning in closely) Pucker up and you’ll find out, sexy.

For the first time, Nick and Donna lean in close and share a kiss. Donna quickly overpowers Nick in the romantic clinch, delivering a kiss he’ll remember for decades if not centuries to come.

Nick and Donna break free and Nick pulls back a bit, spent. Donna, breathing heavy, can only mouth the word “wow” as she opens her eyes.

NICK: Who needs health insurance and a 401K? (Leans in and kisses Donna again, this time a lot quicker) I better let you get some sleep.

DONNA: I had a lot of fun, I really mean it. You’ve got my e-mail and my cell… keep in touch with me while I’m in Washington so I don’t go stir crazy… and I’m going to need someone to help me find a place when I get back here.

NICK: Count on it. Sweet dreams.

DONNA: Sweet dreams, handsome.

As they quickly kiss once again and Donna goes into her hotel room, she can feel her cell phone vibrating. As she shuts the door, Donna opens up her cell and sees the call on it. Her eyes widening, she clicks the start button and talks.

DONNA: What were you doing all night, spying on me?

A mysterious piece of music plays us into commercial break, followed by the Somerset theme.

Join us again each weekday afternoon at this time for the continuing story of Somerset.

And don’t forget to stay tuned for Salem Lives, coming up next over most of these SONBC stations.

This program was pre-recorded.


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