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CUFFS - Episode 5



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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The three of them put there heads together and came up with a plan to bring down the biggest crime lord on the East Coast, one that has evaded them for years, it was time he was taken out of commission. The three sat for a few hours coming up with a strategy, and thought the best way would be an undercover op, trying to get Jack into Alcazar's organization would be no easy task. Zander and Jack didn't overstay their welcome, and decided to find a place they could stay for a while. Zander had the perfect place in mind. He knew Jack surely wouldn't object.

They left Lucky's loft and headed down the street towards the docks. "Where we going?" Jack asked as they turned the corner.

"You'll see." Zander replied as they walked a little further.

They came upon a tavern, a little run down, but it was open for business.

"Jake's?" Jack said with his eye brow raised.

"Yeah, my old stompin' grounds. I'm sure Coleman wouldn't mind new tenants." There was a sign in the window "Rooms for Rent" below the flashing neon beer sign. "Come on, I'm thirsty." Zander said as he walked into the bar and Jack followed.

They walked into the bar room, patrons sitting at the bar, a few shooting pool and a pretty young lady on the pay phone. They sat on two bar stools at the far end of the bar and waited for Coleman.

"Hey man." he said as he approached.

"I, uh see you got rooms still for rent." Zander said.

"I do. Can I get you's something to drink?" Coleman asked as Jack eyed the bottles of liquor behind him.

"Yeah just a bottle of Jack and two glasses." Zander requested as he pulled out a wad of cash from his pocket. He laid a twenty dollar bill on the bar, plus another hundred.

"Dude, the bottle of Jack isn't that much, besides, it's on the house." Coleman replied as he noticed the money Zander laid down.

"We're gonna need two rooms for at least a week, maybe longer." Coleman took the hundred and put it in a metal box behind him. He set a bottle of Jack down on the bar and reached for two shot glasses.

Jack didn't wait for Coleman to open the bottle, as soon as there was a glass in front him, he began to pour the alcohol into it. He swallowed the full shot in one gulp. "Smooth." he said as he felt the first shot as it went down.

"Only the good stuff for you guys." Coleman answered. Jack poured Zander's shot glass to the top and poured himself a second.

The two sat at the bar till the bottle was down to the last swallow. Jack held his liquor well, and wasn't quite as wasted as Zander. He helped his partner up to the room after getting the keys from Coleman. "Up the stairs and to the right. The last two rooms at the end of the hallway." he instructed as Jack and Zander headed towards the stairs. Jack opened the door to one of the rooms and closed it behind him. He flopped Zander down on the bed, who was out as soon as his body hit the soft mattress. Jack threw the room key on the dresser and left his partner to sleep it off.

He opened the door to the room next door and went inside. The room wasn't much to look at and it smelled musty, but it was clean and the bed looked comfortable. He slept in places before worse then this, he'd survive. He removed his jacket, then his holster, before sitting down on the edge of the bed so he could remove his boots. He hoped the shower had hot water, cause he certainly could use it. He removed his tee shirt, a muscular form was revealed. He threw his shirt onto the bed and walked towards the bathroom. He peeked inside to find the light switch and turn on the light. He got undressed and turned on the shower. Hot water spurted from the shower head, a nice stream fell on his chiseled body as he stepped inside.

He emerged from the bathroom, refreshed. After the exhausting day he had had, he needed sleep. He pulled back the blankets on the double bed and climbed in. The soft mattress fitted his form perfectly as he laid his head down on the pillow. It wasn't too long before he drifted off to sleep.

The morning sun shone through the curtains as Jack turned over and the warmth of the morning sun fell against his face. He slowly opened his eyes and quickly closed them again, he pulled the covers over his head, he wasn't ready to get out of bed just yet. He was startled by a knock on the door. "Jack! Let's go! We got criminals to catch!" Zander shouted from beyond the wooden door.

"Go away!" Jack hollered back.

"Come on Jack! I got breakfast!" his partner standing in the hallway with coffee and danishes from Kelly's.

It didn't take Jack long to get to the door once he heard the word breakfast. He opened the door to find Zander holding the coffee in his hand and a paper sack in the other. Zander walked in and set the items on the desk. Jack not quite awake grabbed a cup of coffee and breathed in the aroma of the hot liquid. The steam felt good against his face and the fragrance made his senses awaken.

Zander took the other cup of coffee as Jack reached for a danish that was in the bag. Stroking his goatee Zander said "So .. are you ready to go catch us a bad guy?"


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