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CUFFS - Episode 4



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CUFFS - Epsiode 4

Outside of Kelly's

After a hearty meal at Kelly's the three of them stepped outside onto the terrace. "I got my files back at my place, if you want to take a look at them." Lucky offered as they stood on the terrace just outside Kelly's.

"Sure, why not." Zander replied as he pulled up on his jacket. He had forgotten how cold it got at night on the docks. He had gotten used to the warm weather of Miami, as a cool breeze brushed against his face.

On the docks heading towards Lucky's loft apartment

The three of them walked down along the docks towards Lucky's loft. "So how does it feel to be home, Zander?" Lucky asked as they walked passed the wharf.

"It feels strange. It's been a long time since I've been home, though not much has changed." Jack noticed the lights out in the distance.

"This may be a strange question, but who would build a house out in the middle of the lake?" Lucky and Zander chuckled.

"That's Spoon Island. And the house on it is called Wyndamere. You don't ever want to go there Jack. It's a deadly place to be." Lucky explained.

"Oh yeah, why?" he asked.

"The Cassadine family owns it and lives there, and the rest is a long story and I think you're better off not knowing." Zander replied as they had made their way to Lucky's home.

Jack was fascinated with the island and watched the lights grow dimmer as they walked further in the opposite direction.

Lucky's Loft

"Come on, I live upstairs." Lucky said as he opened the front door and invited the two guys in.

They walked into the loft apartment and Lucky closed the door behind them. "Make yourselves comfortable, I'll go get my files." he said and he left them alone in the living room.

Jack was drawn to the window and looked out into the night, only to see the lights of Wyndamere flicker.

"How does one get out there, Cuffs?" Jack asked as he pointed out towards the island.

"By boat, Jack."

"Have you ever been out there, Cuffs?" Jack asked as Lucky returned with his hands full of files.

"I've been there, and I have no desire to go back, so get it right out of your mind." Zander replied as he was handed case files from Lucky.

"So why do they call you Cuffs, Zander?" Lucky asked as he took a seat on the other side of the table.

"Cause he's got the best arrest record on the force, that's why." Jack said as he came over and sat down on the couch.

"Really." Zander tugged at his collar, impressed with himself.

The three laughed as Lucky handed Jack one of his files. He opened it and read over the papers inside.

"These are all the arrests and charges we have on Lorenzo, from his connections, to his shipping schedules. We know Alcazar better then he knows himself." Jack raised an eyebrow.

"Then why isn't he in prison?" he asked as he picked up another file folder.

"We never had enough to hold him on or to make a case stick. He's always found a loophole someplace and released on a technicality." Lucky replied as he leaned back against the cushion of the chair.

"It sounds like we need a plan, Cuffs." Jack said. He knew his partner always had a plan.

"Well, since Lorenzo probably knows me, and he certainly knows Lucky .... you're our best bet there, Jack." Zander replied as he sat forward and laid the file down on the table.

"Are you up for it?" he asked.

"Am I up for it? Do you have to ask? Hell yeah, I'm up for it .... let's get this son of a bitch!"


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