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PC: Episode 288



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PC - Episode 288
Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Written by: Tishy Smith & Ryan Chandler

The beat of the music permeates the air as the doors to the View open up. Serena had to beg Maxie to come. Maxie, still feeling pangs of guilt coupled with her newborn feelings for Dillon didn't feel like going out. In the end, Maxie decided to go out with her roommate to the new club. As they stand just inside the doorway, Serena leans over and tells Maxie that she sees her sometime boyfriend, Hunter. Hunter is sitting at a banquette and she wants to go say hi. Maxie starts to follow but her eyes are wandering. She lets Serena go ahead and orders a beer for herself. Maxie brings the beer to her lips and surveys the crowd. Immediately she sees Lucas, dancing as if he has no cares in the world.

Maxie decides to check on Lucas. She begins to walk slowly towards the edge of the dance floor. She notices there is something very sexual about the way Lucas is dancing. He isn't dancing with anyone in particular, he is dancing with everyone that he comes in contact with, regardless is they are a male or female. His hands grab the hips of the person in front of him and he draws them closer to him. Because he was so attractive, no one cares. Maxie watches as Lucas steps up behind a very attractive guy and starts to grind with him. Lucas is acting very aggressive and very unlike himself. Feeling guilty for her role in Lucas' downfall, Maxie sips at her beer and decides to look out for Lucas. She never notices Dillon approach.
Pain. That's what Lucas wants to get rid of. So far he is making a damn good effort. He doesn't care if he is dancing with a girl or a guy as long as they are hot. He moves behind a guy and starts to dance with him. The guy responds favorably and the two grind away together. Lucas smiles. This is exactly what he needs to take away the pain that he has felt for the last year. Even more so since Bobbie returned home and revealed her secret. The guy, who Lucas has never bothered to ask for his name, leans in for a kiss. Lucas doesn't care and kisses him back. He is making out with the guy on the dance floor when he feels a tap on his shoulder. He ignores the tap and prays the person will get the hint. They don't. It gets more insistent and Lucas gets annoyed. He pulls away from the guy and angrily turns around, "What the hell do you want?"

Lulu stands there, arms crossed across her chest. "Lucas I need to talk to you. Now."

Lucas turns towards the sound of Lulu's voice, "Lulu, I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone."

"This is important Lucas." Lulu states, tapping her foot impatiently. "We really need to talk.

The person that Lucas was dancing with moved away. Sarcastically Lucas replies, "Since when did you become my mother? Not like I have a real one anymore, but you get my meaning. Why do you have to constantly interrupt me like I am a child?"

"Lucas..." Lulu starts to say, "I just want to help you."

"You can help by leaving me the hell alone Lulu. And tell everyone else the same thing too." Lucas heads for the bar so he can get another drink.
"Hey Dillon. I'm surprised to see you here." Maxie leans forward so that Dillon could get a good view of her cleavage in her shirt. "You doing all right?"

Dillon tries not to notice Maxie's blatant attempt to get his attention. "No, I needed to get out of the house and now seemed a good time. Good party." Dillon's eyes kept drifting to the dance floor.

Maxie smiles. "Yeah, my roommate and I just got here. She convinced me to come." Maxie noticed that Dillon wasn't paying attention to her. "Yeah and then she and I are going to go back to our dorm room with her boyfriend and some of his friends and have sex with them. Do you want to come?"

Dillon finally drags his eyes away from the dance floor and Dillon finally focuses on Maxie. "What did you say Maxie?"

"Whatever Dillon." Maxie rolls her eyes and watches as Lulu approaches. "Great. I so don't want to deal with Lulu, so I am out of here." Maxie takes off to the dance floor and asks a guy to dance with her. The two start to flirt and dance seductively.

"Dillon, I know you and I haven't talk much in like ages, but I am really worried about Lucas." Lulu lays her hand on his arm. "He is drinking so much tonight. He also seems so angry."

Dillon's eyes look over Lulu's shoulder to where Maxie is dancing. Dillon can't help but notice how cute she looks in her blue top and tight jeans. "Um, yeah Lulu, of course he's angry what do you expect?"

"I expect someone to help him!" Lulu exclaims indignantly.

Dillons eyes go back to the dance floor where Maxie is. "You can't honestly expect me to be that person do you Lulu?"

Lulu gasps as she follows Dillon's gaze. Maxie was stepping off the dance floor. " Are you kidding me? You have a thing for Maxie?" Lulu exclaims.

Maxie walks up to the two of them. "Lulu, you are still here. Why don't you go away?" Maxie waves her hand away and grabs her beer.

Lulu bristles in anger, "Not that the two of you care, but Lucas needs our help. And if you two won't help him, I will!" With that, Lulu heads off back to the dance floor.
After fortifying himself with another drink, Lucas walks back onto the dance floor. He moves onto the floor and starts to dance with the first person who grabs him, a beautiful, captivating blonde named Alexa. Lucas is so drunk he doesn't care. They start to move together to the music. Her arms reach up around his neck and she lightly brushes her lips across his. Lucas responds by putting his hands in her pockets and pulling her closer. "I have something for you Lucas." Alexa whispered.

Lucas looks at the Ecstasy tab in her hand and looks up at Alexa. She smiles seductively. "Come on Lucas, I promise you that you and I can go back to my room and" she trails a finger down his chiseled chest, "well, I am sure we can figure out something to do. This will make everything all better and take away all the pain that I can see hidden in your eyes."

Lulu appears out of nowhere and grabs onto Lucas' arm. "Lucas, what the hell are you doing? Who the hell is this?"

"Leave me alone Lulu, I so don't want to talk to you. Can't you take a hint?" Frustrated, Lucas feels close to pushing Lulu away from him.

"You need to lay off the drinking." Lulu states. "How much have you had? And why is this," Lulu stares Alexa up and down in disapproval, "girl giving you Ecstasy. You are better than this Lucas. What is the matter with you?"

Alexa moves in front of Lucas and stares at Lulu. She stands her ground. "Um, Lucas, who is this girl? Are we going to get out of here?"

Lulu crosses her arms across her chest and regards Alexa. "No, Lucas isn't going anywhere. I have to talk to him and I have to talk to him now." Lulu narrows her eyes at the blonde. "So if you don't mind."

"Actually Lulu, I mind. Do me a favor….go away and I am going to stay here and dance with Alexa. Leave me the hell alone." Lucas turns to Alexa, "I just want to stay here, so let's go back and dance." Lucas leads Alexa back onto the dance floor. Alexa throws Lulu a glaring look of triumph. Annoyed, Lulu stomps back to Dillon.
Next on Port Charles…
- Maxie shows some compassion
- Lucas has a freak out moment after he's flooded with memories of Brandon
- Dillon still denies any feelings for Maxie
- Lulu's mouth gets her in trouble with Serena
- Lucas opens up to Dante

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