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November Sweeps!!! HW says good Stuff ahead for Salem



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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November Sweeps for Days of Night

"Head Writer Terry, says good stuff is coming up with the Mob Wars and Shocking revelation will occur during November Sweeps"

Stephanie/Ford/Jeremy: Jeremy returns to Salem after getting a call from his dad mike stating he could be the father of Stephanie's baby. The truth of what happened between Stephanie and ford is finally revealed and Stephanie isn't real happy. Ford and Jeremy gets into a nasty fight and one could lose their life. HW Terry says that people will love Jeremy after this story is over.

Max/Morgan: This two will get into alot of trouble during this time because of Max's father Trent Becker. Max never wants to see his father ever but it spells trouble for the resident of Salem, until Max agrees to join sides with his father and become a member of Becker Headquarters, people will continue to get hurt especially the people Max loves like Morgan. Max and Morgan goes on the run. Good Times which will bring romance for Mormax says HW Terry

EJ/Sami/DiMeras/Trent Becker:
The big event will be involved in this story. Sami is in love with EJ and wants to marry him soon. EJ and Sami has a big wedding on a tropical island, all the Bradys and DiMeras are there. Promises will be held, Promises will be broke. Blood Shed will happen, romance will occur, a huge storm will hit the island and a chase to find the killer who is killing people one by one and with a shocking ending you will never see coming.

Chelsea and Nick: Nick has to go on a huge adventure to find Chelsea and come to a face off with someone from Chelsea and Nick's past. HW Terry says, Nick and Chelsea will have a great action packed adventure this coming November

more on Mob Wars: A mysteries handsome hunk comes into town and has his own agenda against the DiMera/Kiriakis/Trent Becker and the Bradys. He trys to bring down a hotel called Kiriakis Grand Canal. Everyone will attend a party which ends in tragic for many couples and familys. Remember the metro crisis on GH, it is alot like that but different says HW Terry

Stay tune to Days of Night because lots of exciting things will go down


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