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Episode 1: 11/7/07 Pilot




-At the Johnson's new Home, Stephanie is helping her parents Steve and Kayla move into their brand new penthouse that they bought. Stephanie wants to plan a Birthday surprise for her mother Kayla and asks her father Steve if he could have plan a surprise party for her. Steve gradually excepts the proposal but Steve tells Stephanie that he also will have a big surprise for her mother also but won't tell Stephanie. Steve kisses her on the cheek and heads back down to get more Stuff, as Steve leaves the penthouse. Stephanie goes into a corner and pulls a home pregnancy test out of her pants pocket, looks down at it and crys.

-Over at the DiMera Headquarters. EJ sitting at his desk waiting for news from his father Stefano to attack the Kiriakis Empire and take it down forever. As EJ sits at his desk, a mysteries women comes up to him name Stacey Jenkins. EJ is suspicious of her of course but She insists that she is harmless and is just looking for some help. EJ says, " Sorry this isn't no trouble center for battered women. This is a very dangerous Organization." Stacey couldn't agree more but insist she need someone taken down so he would not hurt her anymore, EJ of course starts to feel sorry for her and asks for the persons name. Stacey says, " Trent Becker." EJ looks up in a state of shock and says, " what did you say." Stacey says his name again, " Trent Becker." He then stands up and look Stacey in the face with a evil look and says, " Trent Becker is my father Stefano enemy aside from the Bradys, how do you know him." Stacey starts to feel scared and is afraid if she tells EJ the wrong answer, she might die. Stacey answers his question," he is my husband." EJ was about to get his gun out but then sees a black and blue mark on her arm and realizes she isn't setting the DiMeras up. EJ says, " ok I will help you but only because i want to take Trent and his mob down once and for all." Stacey says, " Thanks." and runs over and kisses EJ on the cheek. Ej says, " get out of here before my father catches you."

Stacey Heads out of the DiMera Headquarters but after she exit the building, she gets a call on her Cell from her boss Trent Becker.

Trent says, " is it done."
Stacey confirms," he's in."
Trent says, " good, its time that the DiMeras learn"

(As Stacey was about to hang up, trent yells wait)

Stacey says," what, i can't have them catch me on the phone to you."
Trent says, " i need you to do me a favor"
Stacey says, " of what. "
Trent says, " I need you to go and get my son."
Stacey says, " What, you have a son."
Trent says, " yea, Max Brady"
Stacey says, " oook but why"
Trent says, " Just do it"

(Trent hangs up and Stacey goes on her way)


-At a New hangout called Radius, Max and Morgan continue there night of having fun together. They sit down at a table from a waitress in bra and panties come over and takes there order. Max orders a Malibu rum and Morgan orders a strawberry marguirita. Max and Morgan joke around while they wait for there drinks.

Max says, " He doesn't remember, when he had this much fun with a girl"
Morgan says, " awwww so Sweet, I feel the same way"
Max says, " i love this song"( Max bumps his head up and down)
Morgan says, " you actually like rape music "
Max says, " why not, it great for dancing"

(Morgan looks at Max with a wield look in her eyes and says, " are you asking me to dance")

Max says, " why not, we are dating and tonight is suppose to be fun right, so come on"

Max grabs Morgan and pulls her out on the dance floor and both begin dancing, Morgan grinds on Max and Both are just having a blast until Morgan sees her sorority sister Ashley being with Ford Decker and he is being rough with her. Morgan tells Max to Stop and look over at Ford.

Max: I am tired of this punk, disrespecting women.
Morgan: What are you going to do about, because if your not going to do anything, I am.
Max: I'll do something, like putting my fist down his throat.
Morgan(Laughs): Thats my Boyfriend

Max and Morgan walks over towards the bar and interrupts Ford and his rough housing with Ashley. Ford Screams, " Morgan, Maxwell, whats up".

Max Looks at him angry and says, " don't whats up me, i seen you been rough with Ashley"

(Ford looks at him and smiles, I was just playing around and plus she doesn't listen to me, you know women sometimes have to be put in there place)

Morgan gets furious after that remark and takes her drink and throws it in Fords Face. Ford gets angry and says, " you will wish you haven't done that." Just When Ford was going to take a swing at Morgan, Max stops his fist and pushes Ford onto the ground.

Max: if you ever take a swing at my girlfriend again, i will kill you

Ford Stands back up and says, " well come on punch me." Max was about to but Morgan convinces Max Don't do it because he will get arrested and be sued alot of money.

Max calms down and says, " ok, hes not worth it anyways, just a punk"
Mogan: Just Come and Dance with me.
Max: Ok

Max and Morgan walks back out of the dance floor and share a slow dance together. Max looks over Morgan's shoulder and just stares at Ford and watches him make out with Ashley.

Over at the entrance of the club someone walks in with a picture of Max and says, " where are you Maxwell, your father wants to see you."

A bouncer comes looks at him and says name. The person says, my name...my name is Jason Zacchara and I'm on the list. The bouncer lets Jason go in and he starts looking for Max. He looks all over the club for Max and spots him dancing on the floor with Morgan.

Jason: Well Well Max, its time to go meet your father, You will ether join him or die by him. Jason calls his boss Trent Becker.

Jason: Found your son
Trent: Good, where is he
Jason: He is at a club name Radius
Trent: Find him and bring him to me and if he doesn't do what you say, hurt him bad
Jason: I will do that but he is with a girlfriend
Trent: Good, you know what to do if a loved one is involved
Jason: I know
Trent: Don't disappoint me

(Trent hangs up and Jason begins walking toward Max and Morgan with a loaded gun)

At Salem University


Over at the Campus, Chelsea is getting tutored by her teacher Nick Fallon because her grades her really low. Chelsea is pretending not to pay attention and just wants to have some fun. When Chelsea leans in to kiss Nick, Nick pulls away and says Chelsea that is inappropriate to do.

Chelsea: What, were dating right
Nick: Well during when we are in school, I am your teacher and mean kissing a student of mine is unprofessional.
Chelsea: Nick, we just got together and this stuff is boring. I want to have some fun
Nick: We can do that after we study and get you good at this material
Chelsea: you know what, its really late. Should we stop
Nick: I guess, let me clean up and i will meet you at the car
Chelsea: Ok, i'll warm the car up because its freezing, I love you

(Chelsea leans in and gives Nick a Kiss on the lips and Nick kisses back, Chelsea then heads out of the classroom)

Outside by Chelsea's car, someone waits for her in the bushes. The person then gets a call on his Cell from his boss Trent Becker.

Becker: Mr. Brasco, you found Chelsea yet
Johnny Brasco: Yea, she is at the university. I am just waiting for her to come out
Becker: Good, as soon as you see her, Kidnap her
Johnny Brasco: I know but can i ask why you want me to do this
Becker: Don't ask questions just do it, its for my own personal use
Johnny Brasco: Oh this has something to do with your son
Becker: You can say that, my son and his adoptive family
Johnny Brasco: Oh, i see
Becker: Just make sure you don't fail

(Trent Becker hangs up the phone and Brasco continues to wait for Chelsea)

Chelsea walks out of the university and then she drops all her books on the stairs. As she starts to pick her books up, Johnny walks out of the bushes and starts walking towards her but out of Nowhere a mysteries black van pulls up and two masked men jumps Chelsea and takes her away. Johnny is stunned by the recent events and gets furious, pulls out his gun and fires a couple of rounds. Johnny says, " dam it, Mr. Becker isn't going to like this."

Nick Hears the gunshots and runs out of the campus screaming Chelsea. Nick sees Johnny standing in the parking lot with his gun and says, " who are you". Johnny points his gun at Nick and Fires one time and runs away to his car and takes off.

Next time on Days of Night

Stephanie finds out she is indeed Pregnant
- Dr Mike Horton: Ms. Johnson, some good News you Pregnant
- Stephanie: Do you know if the baby is your son Jeremy's.
- Dr Mike Horton: What!!!

EJ gets a disturbing call from Sami
- Sami: EJ help Please, hes crazy
- EJ: Samantha, Samantha Where are you
- Sami: Docks, hurry...please

Chelsea finds herself in a abandoned Factory
- Mysteries Person: Well Ms Brady, long time no see
- Chelsea: Who are you
- Mysteries Person: you don't remember
(mysteries person steps into light)
- Chelsea: OMG


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