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EP 5:A Whole New Day pt 1



Ep 5:A Whole New Day

[Alden Manison,Cooper is looking at the morning newspaper as Tyler comes down the steps in his boxers]

Tyler:Answering me this question but why are you back here?

Cooper:(walks away from him)Because this is my home and I wanted to come back.

Tyler:So you could check up on me? Make sure I was not into any trouble?

Cooper:(looks at him)Tyler let me explain this to you...I came back home to see my friends and to be nearby the headquarters just in case anything bad should happen..this is not all about you.

Tyler:If anything should happen to the company..I can take care of it..after all you told me that or did you forget?

Cooper:I said that if anything would happen to be me then yes you could take care of the business but I am alive and I am not going to let you do anything.

(Tyler looks at him walking away)

[City Hospital,Angela is walking to her office as she opens the door to see Lorraine sitting in her chair as she comes in and shuts the door]

Angela:What are you doing here in my office?

Announcer:The role of Lorraine Hawkins is now being played by Victoria Rowell.

Lorraine:I thought since it's a beautiful morning in New York I would come in here and make you happy.

Angela:You out of my office would make me happy.

Lorraine:Alot of things would make me happy including (gets up)making sure that my children are always happy with their choices they make in life.(walks to her)You know as parents ..mothers really I truly believe that children should never keep any secrets or feel like they should.

Angela:Is there a point to that?

Lorraine:Talking is my point..sometimes it's not good to keep it all in.

(Frank enters as Lorraine and Angela looks at him)

Lorraine:Frank,how are you?

(Frank looks abit puzzled as Angela looks at her)

[CyberCafe,Shawn is at the counter drinking coffee as Danielle and Brianna comes in as he sees Danielle and goes to her]

Shawn:Are we still on for Friday?

Danielle:I dont see why not,where are we going?

Shawn:Well how about a movie and dinner at my place? (grins)


Shawn:I promise to make your favorite...shrimp fried rice.So around 8ish?


Brianna:Hi Shawn.

Shawn:Hey umm Bree,does Tess need a new photographer for any model shots?

Brianna:I dont know but if I hear anything I will tell you.

Shawn:Nice because I am trying to prove to my sister that I can take good photos as well as she but in order for me to do that I need a high profile job.

Brianna:I will pass that onto Tess..she makes the decisions of who can work for her or not.

Shawn:Right..okay well I will see you on Friday (smiles and winks at Danielle)

(Shawn leaves as Brianna looks at Danielle)

Brianna:So you two are back on?

Danielle:Nah it's Shawn...my friend Shawn...he's a great guy.

Brianna:You know that sounds like Tyler and I...he's my friend--

Danielle:No he's a jerk and one day I hope you really see that.

(Brianna sighs)

[Outside of Alden Manison,a young woman looks inside to see Cooper and Tyler at the breakfast table as she walks away dropping a necklace with the initals "CA" on it]

[CyberCafe,Brianna and Danielle are sitting at the table as Danielle is eating her donut]

Brianna:What is the problem with you and him?

Danielle:He's an Alden...he hurted you....umm do you want me to continue?

Brianna:Tyler is decent..last night we had dinner.

Danielle:(chokes abit)Excuse me what?

Brianna:See this is why I didnt want to tell you...Tyler and I had dinner just to catch up nothing big just a catch up dinner.

Danielle:(looks at her)

Brianna:I know you dont like him..but he is a friend in my life and I already told mom that I would not be stupid to fall for him again--I learned my lesson before.

Danielle:Bree the lesson was for you to never speak to him or about him..so far you failed.

Brianna:See this is why I dont get into your love life..

Danielle:I dont have a love life thank you..I dont believe in relationships and thats why you dont get into it.

Brianna:Maybe if you had a love life..then maybe just maybe you would be happy instead of trying to diss Tyler Alden all the time.Now excuse me because I need to make a phone call.(gets up and leaves)

Danielle:(mocks her)Maybe just maybe you would be happy instead of trying to diss Tyler Alden all the time.(normal tone)What fun would that be?

[Alden Manison,Graham comes in and serves coffee to Tyler and Cooper]

Cooper:Thank you Graham.

Graham:Welcome sir..(leaves)

Tyler:(looks at him)Dad you should rethink about Paris..I mean I came home because of mom and because Paris was becoming what's the word? Boring.

Cooper:Yet you went out every night enjoying the girls.

Tyler:I was young then now I am older and more --I'm what any Alden male is destine to be..a hardworker who wont take no for an answer.

Cooper:I'm your father who is saying no to going back to Paris and letting you in the business.

Tyler:(nods)Did you tell Stephanie or Casey that you was coming back to the states? (notices his face)You didnt tell them,did you?

Cooper:Your sister had school to finish up and Steffi had to finish her--(looks at him then sighs as he place both hands on the table)in about a week or so I will tell them that indeed we're moving here for good but until then ....

Tyler:(gets up and goes to him)Sad sad and more sad.

(Tyler goes upstairs as he notices a window open as he peeks out and around)

[in the Garden of the Alden Manison,Casey looks around the corner and sees Tyler as she ducks as her cell rings]

Casey:(whispers as she grabs her cell)Damn (answer the cell)Hello? (keeps checking to see if Tyler sees her)Yeah I'm back but abit nervous what if dad doesnt want me to be here? I know but I miss you two...I love you (hangs up and sees that it's okay as she walks away but stops in shock)

Graham:Young Casey,what are you doing here?

Tyler:(with shirt on and folds his arms)My question exactly,sis.

(Casey looks at them as she smiles)

[City Hospital,Lorraine,Angela and Frank are in Angela's office]

Frank:Am I coming in at a bad time?


Lorraine:No you are not and let me see you...last time I saw Frankie (looks at him then at Angela)was when he was younger and still trying to figure out if he wanted to be a doctor or a director (looks into his eyes)or something else.

Frank:It's Frank now..Frankie is just a childish nickname and the director thing is out...much focus on being a doctor here at the hospital or clinic.

Lorraine:(shock)Wow little Frank is all grown up ..(looks at Angela)must be a happy mother to know her baby boy can straighten out the right path.

Angela:Alright Lorraine,my son and I have somethings to discuss so in the meantime why dont you go and check in with your supervisior?

Lorraine:(smiles as she leaves)

Frank:What was that about?

Angela:With her I dont know but (looks at him)are you sure you want to work here?

Frank:Well I spoke with Dr.Montgomery and to be honest I want to start working to keep my mind off of other things.

Angela:Okay then...I will speak with the head of the hospital but you have to do your work and not mess up.

Frank:I cant afford to.Hey I am going to take a tour of the food court (smiles)need anything?

Angela:A cup of coffee and a donut.

Frank:You're not a cop (laughs)I will be right back

(Frank leaves out of her office as Lorraine comes to him)

Frank:What now?

Lorraine:I understand that you are a young man with your father's proud manor and I understand you are your mother's baby...but Frank you and I both know that you are a young man who still cant figure out who he really is.

(Lorraine walks away)

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Good episode Candice.

I'm re-reading up on my Loving/The City history so I can follow along and know who these people are. Can't wait for the next episode!

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