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Ep:4 Nightfall Pt 2



(Just to wrap it up)

Ep 4 pt 2:The Nightfall

[Loft,Danny and Madison comes in as he turns on the lights as Madison sits down on the sofa and looks up at him]

Madison:So who is that girl we stop to see?

Danny:An old friend of mines.

Madison:Who has her own business...too.

Danny:Yes she does.

Madison:Okay who is she? I must know.

Danny:Her name is Allison Rescott (walks to the sofa and sits down)she's an old friend of mines who I wanted to see.

Madison:You could have called her.

Danny:It was better to see her in person.

Madison:Uh huh well..(looks around)I guess now that you seen her that we can move onto more important (looks at him)and yet serious issues.


Madison:(grins)Me (moves into kissing him)

[bowman Photography Studio,Ally is looking at the view from her window as Ava stands in the doorway watching Ally]

Ava:Once upon a time you used to hate being at work til nighttime.

Ally:(turns and sees her)Aunt Ava.(gets up and walks to her and hug)

Ava:Nice to see you too (pulls back and looks at her)what's wrong?

Ally:Nothing just (bites down on her lip)it has not been the best day for me.(walks ot her desk)

Ava:I could tell...(sits down)business is okay?

Ally:It's great well Shawn wants more to do and Rebekah went to Port Charles to meet up with a new computer tech.


Ally:(sighs)Cooper is back.

Ava:Cooper Alden?

Ally:And Danny.

Ava:Get the beer and pizza I'll pay.

(Ally looks at her)

[Wilder Modeling Agency,Tess looks up at Brianna]

Tess:Know what?

Brianna:It's no secret that you and the Aldens never gotten along as well and thats why you might not hire Tyler because of that.


Brianna:I mean I know I should not be the number one person to say this but Tyler is a hardworker and he could help out in the mail room or how about bookkeeper?

Tess:Brianna,Mr.Alden is indeed a nice man but I cant imagine him here...now with you I can because you are reliable and understanding if something goes wrong but he's an Alden and that means --

Brianna:What if I keep an eye on him for the first few weeks? I could make sure he was not screwing up.

Tess:You really want him to work here?

Brianna:(sighs with a smirk)People should get second chances.

Tess:(holds her hand out)Let me see that press release.

Brianna:(gives it to her)Here you go..

Tess:(walks over to her desk while reading the press release)If I allow Tyler Alden to work here you are responible for his actions (sits down)




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