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effing ghost!

Ms. Walsh


I didn't want that last entry up top...it makes me too upset.

This fricking ghost keeping shutting the door! This is the third time today. People say that there is no such things as ghosts...well, they need to spend a day in my room and they'll start believing. The thing isn't even scary...except that night that it turned on the light. It's just annoying!!

Since I really can't find interesting enough History classes here, I might take a class at UMass. Here's why:

1. UMass classes are generally easier than Smith courses (surprise...surprise)

2. it's a good way to unstress...getting off campus.

3. ummm...CO-ED institutions?? Trust me...I'm not some horny prep school girl, but it will be nice to step away from all that estrogen for a while.

we'll see how it goes.


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