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August 17, 2007-ROMANCE IS TAKING OVER!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor and Maggie have finished dinner and are now dancing to some romantic instrumental music.

Victor: This has been a lovely evening. Thank you so much for putting it together.

Maggie: I wanted to. We've never had an evening like this to ourselves. Now that we are a couple, we can have many more of them.

Victor: A couple? Never thought I would hear myself being called that with anyone again.

Maggie: Well, that's what we are and I couldn't be happier. It took us so long to get to this place. We were there for each other so much in the past year from Mickey and Jennifer's death to Philip nearly dying...

Victor: To your falling off the wagon twice and me putting you through hell with my plot to drive you away. I am so sorry, Maggie.

Maggie: We agreed that was in the past. It's ok, Victor. Boy, so much has happened but it only served to bring us closer together. It was fate.

Victor: It was something for sure.

Maggie: You came into my life just as I lost Mickey and you were such a Godsend. I think he helped our relationship from beyond once he passed. He knew I would need someone and he wanted me to find love again.

Victor (smiling): Perhaps my Isabella was in cahoots with him to find me happiness.

Maggie (smiling): Perhaps.

Victor: I'm just happy we are together after all we have been through. I want you to know...I know that Mickey...

Maggie: Will always be in my heart. You told me. I will always love him but I do love you. So much. Just like a part of you will always love Caroline. I understand that.

Victor: I know and thank you. Your right about that. See, Maggie, I just want us to be honest with each other and to go into this without reservation.

Maggie: We are. Now, enough about the past...let's talk about the here and now.

Victor: Ok.

Maggie: You look so smashingly handsome tonight.

Victor: Why, thank you, my lady!

Maggie: So handsome...that I want to take you upstairs.

Victor: Upstairs? As in...

Maggie: Uh...yeah. What are you a soap writer? People over 65 are allowed to still...

Victor: Yeah, I know. Are you sure, though?

Maggie: I put off so much after Mickey died. I was afraid to move on and missed him so. I am ready now. We're finally together, Victor. I know it hasn't been long but we have felt strongly for each other for so long. I don't want to wait anymore. The whole cruise ship think...it taught me life is too short. We need to make the most of what we have...of the now. Let's do that. I know Mickey would want me to keep moving on and I think it's time to take this step. I'm ready and I do want to.

Victor: Maggie...

Maggie then grabs Victor and pulls him into a passionate kiss.

Maggie: Now...let's go upstairs.

Victor: You made your case and it seems I must oblige. I just hope I can...

Maggie: You'll be fine. Don't worry.

Maggie then holds out her hand. Victor gently takes it and they both walk upstairs.

-On the island, Jack finds Billie on the beach as he returns with firewood. He walks over to her:

Jack: You haven't said much the past two days. I know your upset. What's wrong?

Billie: I'm fine. Just don't feel much like talking.

Jack: Well, we're on an island. It gets lonely if there isn't much talking.

Billie: You know....your right. I have been silent the past two days for the most part and it's because I can't talk to someone who isn't being honest with me or himself. You admitted to me on the ship that you were in love with me. I admitted the same. So, what the hell is your problem? Why do you keep pulling away from me since we found each other here? What are you afraid of?

Jack: Nothing. Is that what is bothering you? The fact that I was pulling away from a kiss?

Billie: Kisses and yes. You know, Jen told me that you were afraid of commitment early on with her and that you let demons from the past get in the way alot. She said you always had a tendency to feel unworthy of love due to the mistakes you made and your past. Is that happening here, Jack?

Jack: Just leave it alone, Billie.

Billie: No! I need to know. Are you afraid to move on? Can you not get over Jennifer? Are you just not ready? What, Jack?! Tell me. I need to know. After what you told me on the ship....after what we told each other. I need the truth. What's happening here?

Jack: We just need to get home, Billie. We have to work to survive and we need to find a way to get home to our kids. That is what I am focused on. All this other stuff...

Billie: What? It doesn't matter. Yes, it does. Nothing else is happening here, Jack. We only have each other. There is no way out until someone finds out and we have done all we can. We can only send up smoke signals so much. I want to get home just as much.

Jack: I don't think I found enough wood for the fire. It's going to be a cool...

Billie turns Jack around and grabs Jack by the face.


Billie then kisses Jack passionately and holds on so he can't pull away.

Billie: This is what people in love do, Jack. They don't pull away. You didn't lie to me on the ship. You would never do that. I can see it in your eyes. You do love me. Something is just holding you back. We'll be ok. Don't worry. I was afraid before but life is too short to be afraid now. We have a good thing here. Let's ride it...

Jack: I...

Billie: Just feel...don't think...look at me and just feel...

Jack and Billie slowly grow closer and into a kiss from which neither pulls away from. Eventually, Jack pulls away as Billie gets upset.

Jack: I can't do this. We can't. It's not right.

Billie: Why? Why are you doing this?

Jack: Just leave it be, Billie. I have to go...walk...somewhere or something.

Billie: Jack!

Billie follows but Jack stops, turns, and says:

Jack: I want to be left alone, please.

Billie: Oh...fine.

Jack turns and walks off, leaving a confused Billie behind.

Billie: What is wrong with you, Jack Deveraux. Why are you afraid to love me? Why are you afraid of "us?"

-Back in Salem, at the park, Abby wheels herself down a path and turns a corner. Max is standing and waiting. he turns upon hearing her arrive:

Max: Glad you could make it. You didn't bring your lackey?

Abby (rolls her eyes): "Fred" isn't here and was that necessary?

Max: Sorry.

Abby: You said in the note that you wanted to talk to me so go ahead. I want to get this over with.

Max: Abby, this talk is long overdue. We have yet to talk since...

Abby: Everything happened with the miscarriage? That's right.

Max: As I said months ago, I screwed up. It was just the emotions of Cassie losing our child and...

Abby: You chose to believe her and her faulty evidence over me, someone who belongs to a family you trust and someone you claimed to care about. Nice.

Max: Look, I plan on spending the rest of my days making up for all that. I am sorry, Abby.

Abby: You know, right before I was kidnapped, I was going to forgive you and try to make it all work but I had alot of time to think while being held captive and I realized that your not worth it. After what you did, I decided I'm better off without you. I can't be with someone who would believe a proven liar over me.

Max: I know I was wrong...look, this isn't doing us any good.

Abby: It isn't so let's just both leave. Good...

Max: No! I wanted to talk about our relationship issues but I also wanted to talk about Forrest.

Abby: Forrest?

Max: Chelsea told me everything.

Abby: Damnit! She promised!

Max: She's worried about you and so am I. All of your loved ones are and most of them don't even know he is Forrest. The guy is fascinated with you and you keep encouraging him.

Abby: He is a comfort to me. I've been through alot and he has helped me. He's trying to help me walk again and is also trying to find my dad and Billie, along with making some calls to help Chelsea. He's a good guy. We're not in love or anything.

Max: Maybe you should look at how he looks at you.

Abby: Stop! He is a man who seems to have lived a lonely life. He has been great to me and I don't know where I would be without him. I think you are just jealous he is a better man then you are or ever will be!

Max: Nice. Good one.

Abby: Sorry. Look...

Max: No, your right. I screwed up and I deserve it. I just want you to know that I care deeply for you. What I feel for you...I'm not sure what it is other then it being strong and powerful. I can't bare to see you in pain. I think about you all the time and dream about you and...Abby, if you won't forgive me for the Cassie thing, at least listen to me. We don't know much about Forrest. He is an Alamain and you know the backstory there. I am worried about you, along with many of your loved ones, and I think you need to stop seeing Forrest or at least cutback.

Abby: No! He's a friend, Max. He's harmless. The man saved my life on the ship.

Max: This could all be a game or a plot or...

Abby: Why? Why would he target me? I met him on the ship when Chelsea and I were brought on board as prisoners. There is no way he could've set all that up or knew I was coming...

Max: Abby...I won't just sit back and watch you get hurt...or worse. I care too much about you...

Abby: Just stop this!! Enough!!

Max: Just believe me when I say this guy is bad news. Everyone...

Abby: Now, how's it feel? You did the same thing to me with the Cassie situation, even when everyone else was on my side and now, here you are, in the same boat. Ironic?

Max: Please, Abby.

Abby: No! I've had enough! Good night, Max.


Max follows Abby as she wheels away. She stops and says:

Abby: Just leave me alone or I will do something to make sure you do.

Abby then wheels away as Max looks on. As she wheels away, Abby thinks about what Max said and, with tears beginning to stream down her face, says:

Abby: The way he described how he feels...he's in love with me. I could feel it. Max...I can't put my heart on the line again. Not for you. I just can't be hurt like that again. I just can't.

Abby then wipes her tears and wheels off. Meanwhile, Max kicks around some stones and says:

Max: I just know Forrest is bad news. Please, God. Let her listen to me because, if she doesn't, I shudder to think of what will happen.

The scene then shifts from Max back to the island where Jack is walking around, thinking about what Billie said. he heads back to the beach and sees Billie near the fire, alone. He is about to approach her but hesitates and then walks away as Billie recalls Jack and herself admitting their feelings for each other on the ship.

Billie: I'm not giving up, Jack. What's going on here is special and I feel it to strongly to just give up. I will find out what is wrong, no matter what.

The scene then shifts from Billie back to Salem, where Victor and Maggie enter the bedroom. He lights some candles as she emerges in a red negligee while "My Destiny" begins to play CLICK HERE AND PLAY THIS SONG AS YOU READ THE VICTOR/MAGGIE LOVE SCENE FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF THE EPISODE!!. Victor smiles and appears in awe of her beauty. He has no words. She slowly walks up to him and kisses him. They then move towards the bed and he slowly lays her on the bed as they passionately make love.

Later on, they bask in the afterglow. Maggie and Victor turn to each other:

Maggie: That was amazing!

Victor: That was everything I expected and more.

Maggie: I love you, Victor Kiriakis.

Victor: I love you, Maggie Horton.

They then kiss again and begin to make love for a second time as "My Destiny" continues to play while the scene slowly fades to black.




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