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July 30, 2007-BAD NEWS ALL AROUND!!



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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-At the Horton House, Doug tells Julie to go ahead and begin.

Doug: Come on. Go on and give me your sob story again about how you did this for the good of your family and how you know what you did is wrong but you did it for the right reasons. Damn...it's remarkable. This is the way you used to be. Alice used to tell me how you were as a teen. Doing all these things and finding ways to justify them...what the hell happened to you?

Julie: Doug...I lied to you. I broke the law. Look...I know what I did. Maggie and I both do. We were lucky to get away with it legally but we both realize we need to make amends. We appreciate you helping to...

Doug: Get you off the hook? I did it for Alice and for the family. You two deserve what you would've gotten.

Julie: Your right. I still appreciate it.

Doug: All I asked of you was to stay out of it...to stay away from Victor and to not push the Maggie issue but you just couldn't do it. Instead, you lie to me and go off to find Victor to convince him to return...

Julie: Maggie had fallen off the wagon again!! She was in limbo, Doug! She needed closure, one way or the other.

Doug: And look what happened. You encourage Victor and he comes up with some messed up plan to push Maggie away by pretending to sleep with Nicole, causing Maggie to fall apart even more. The woman got drunk, torched her own restaurant, and nearly killed me and several others. I was in a coma for weeks, Julie!! You lied about it, damnit!! You helped Maggie and Victor cover it up!! You pinned it on Marlena!! I know the woman was nuts then but still.

Julie: We're both sorry. I'm sorry!! It was wrong but Maggie needed my help. Things got out of control but there was no way of knowing that things would turn up how they did.

Doug: With Victor, things always turn out ugly.

Julie: You know...that is the attitude that caused all this. If you had just put aside your jealousy...

Doug: Whoa...jealousy? I am not jealous of Victor. If this is about your past relationship with him, your wrong. I never felt threatened by him or your relationship. Never. I think the man is bad news. He is a criminal. I don't like you or Maggie getting involved with him.

Julie: You were once a con artist and I got involved with you? How quickly you forget...

Doug: That isn't the same. Victor brings violence with him. He brings danger and...he has this way going on with Stefano. I shouldn't even have to explain this. I can't believe your sticking up for him! I can't stand this. I'm out of here!!

Julie: I'm not doing that! Doug! Please!! We can talk. We can work this out! Please!! Don't do this! Don't walk out on me!!

An enraged Doug turns and begins to walk away but then stops and turns around to see Julie's eyes welling up with tears as she begs him to stay. Doug coldly looks at her and then turns around, shaking his head in shame, and then leaves. Upon the door slamming, a picture of Doug and Julie's wedding falls off the mantle and breaks just as Julie collapses on to the floor and breaks down. She looks at the shattered picture frame and the picture and says it's really over. She has lost Doug forever.

-At the courthouse, Shane enters and takes his seat next to Kimberly. Kim asks where he has been. Shane tells her that he just received an important phone call with big news. Kim asks if it's good news. Shane shakes his head and tells her to keep this quiet for now. Kim agrees. Shane tells her the ISA has suspended him pending an investigation for his involvement in the Alan situation. He will need to receive Salem sometime in the next month for London to attend a meeting and doesn't know when he will return or if he will. Kim is shocked and says he was not to blame for what happened with Alan. He was just trying to help Carrie. Shane says he needs to own up to it and will have to go. He tells Kim they will discuss the matter later as he will be leaving after the arraignment to help find Roman. A somber Kim nods.

Meanwhile, Frankie prepares Chelsea for the hearing. He tells her that going with the temporary insanity route is the best. Bo hopes that works, even though he doesn't like it but they don't have a choice. Hope tells Bo that she will just have to go away for awhile for counseling if it works. Bo and Hope tell Chelsea she will be fine just as Caroline comes in, saying she is happy to have made it. Bo tells her Abe and a team of men are out looking for Roman. Caroline thanks him and takes her seat with Victor, Maggie, Alice, Kim, Shane, Max, Steve, and Kayla. Just then, Salem's new DA, Patricia Cromwell, walks in.

Patricia: Well, if it's not the Brady's. Pillars of Salem society. Quite amusing, if you think about it?

Bo: Nice to meet you too, Ms. Cromwell.

Frankie: Careful, Bo. This woman makes Nancy Grace look like a saint. She is ferocious and she has it in for Chelsea.

Patricia: You bet I do!! You don't know how upset I am that the Maggie Horton and Julie Williams case got dropped. Two members of Salem's stories Horton family potentially going to prison? That would've been a major career coo for me! I guess I will just have to settle for a Brady brat, which is big enough in it's own right.

Steve: My, my. Aren't you just a ray of sunshine?

Patricia: Why, thank you! That means alot coming from a Pirates of the Caribbean wannabe like yourself. The cinemas is down the road, Sparrow.

Kayla: Don't talk to my husband that way!

Patricia: He's your husband? My apologies, Swiss Miss.

Judge Fitzpatrick then enters the room and everyone takes their places. The judge states the premise of the case and then gives way to Frankie and Patricia's opening statements. Patricia states that the people are seeking the maximum sentence of 25-30 years in prison. Judge Fitzpatrick then asks Chelsea how she pleads. Chelsea rises and says not guilty by reasons of insanity. Patricia rolls her eyes and says:

Patricia: This is double homicide!! Your honor, are we supposed to believe that this young woman, who has no history of psychiatric problems, just snapped for a few hours and recovered, never looking back?

Frankie: It happens all the time. Your honor, in my report, it outlines the many traumatic experiences Chelsea has been through, as well as what her family has been through. She ran down her own little brother...

Patricia: AH!! She has a record, your honor. That is my second point. Granted, she got off the hook when her stepmother, Hope Brady, dropped the charges, but the facts remain. The girl has a history of getting into trouble it seems and killing her little brother takes the cake.

Frankie: It was an accident that she horrible regrets. I urge you, your honor, to consider what Chelsea has been through. She was raped last May and nearly killed on an island that featured a volcano erupting. For weeks, she thought most of her family was dead but they were really on an island. Then, she gets home and is raped by two men at once. They beat her senseless the day those two men were killed. She was in a horrible state of mind. All you need is to look at the medical report. She fell apart and reverted to bad habits.

Patricia: Oh..how fun!! Please, tell us what these habits were?

Judge Fitzpatrick: Ms. Cromwell, tone it down or shut up! You were saying, Mr. Brady.

Frankie: I'm finished, your honor. You have everything you need. All I have left to say is that we request that Chelsea be released on bail until a court date can be set.

Patricia: She's flight risk, your honor. She's young and...

Frankie: I assure you. She won't run.

Patricia: Your honor...this is a double homicide!

Judge Fitzpatrick: I'm afraid ms. Cromwell is right. Regardless of the reasons for the crime, which we will not get into at this moment, I can not release Ms. Brady on bail for a case like this. My mind simply wouldn't be at ease and it would set a bad example for future cases of this nature. Due to the severity of the crime, bail is denied and a court date will be set ASAP. Good day!!

Everyone rises as the judge exits. The bailiff returns to get Chelsea. Frankie apologizes. Chelsea tells him it's ok. Patricia walks by and says:

Patricia: Round one...to me!! You may as well quit now, counselor. I haven't even dipped into my bag of tricks yet.

Frankie: You have a good one, Patricia.

Patricia: I will. Don't know about all of you, though. Good day!

Patricia leaves. Bo and Hope give Chelsea a hug and tell her she will be fine. She's strong. They also promise to update her on her mother and Jack. She thanks them. She asks them to find her grandma Kate too and tell her. Hope says she hasn't been around but they will inform her. Caroline, Kim, Shane, Alice, Maggie, and Kayla embrace her too. Steve does so as well and assures her she will be fine and he will do whatever it takes to help. Hope overhears, along with Kayla and wonders why Steve keepings acting like he is closer to Chelsea then he is. Victor tells Bo he will do the best he can to help in any way he can. Bo thanks him for that.

Abby gives Chelsea a hug from her wheelchair and tells her she will be praying for her. Forrest says that he has some contacts that may be able to help and he will use whatever means available to help Chelsea. Abby is impressed with him yet again and embraces him, saying he is doing enough already. Forrest says it's nothing as a worried Max looks on. Chelsea is worried and tells Abby to be careful. Abby says she is fine and tells Chelsea to keep praying for her dad and Billie. Max then embraces Chelsea, who whispers to him it's up to him now. He is the only one who can help Abby. She warns him there is no telling what Forrest is capable of. Max assures he knows as he looks at Forrest and Abby in an embrace.

Chelsea is then led off in handcuffs as everyone wishes her luck. Doug then shows up, apologizing for being late and asking what happened. Hope fills him in. Doug is horrified and embraces Hope and tells Bo he is sorry. Bo says they just have to have faith that it will all work out in the end. Doug tells Bo sometimes that doesn't happen but they do need to be optimistic. Hope asks if he is ok. Doug nods and tells his "princess" he is fine now. Maggie thinks Victor is wonderful for wanting to help out. Victor says that Chelsea is his granddaughter and he will do anything for family. Maggie tells him that that is why she loves him so much. They kiss as Doug approaches, causing his face to turn to one of rage.

Shane tells Kim he has to go and to tell the rest of the family he is leaving. Kim says she will and says she thinks Bo and Hope may be along to help in the search soon. Shane nods and says they will talk about his having to leave Salem later. He asks her again to keep it quiet. Kim says she will. Shane kisses her on the cheek and leaves as a heartbroken Kim tells herself she doesn't know where will be without Shane. Meanwhile, Shane exits the courthouse as a mysterious figure watches him and follows him out of the courthouse.

Back inside the courthouse, Kayla asks Steve why he is acting so strange in regards to this Chelsea thing. He is acting like she is more then a niece through marriage to him. Steve says he just wants to be there for all of them. He missed so much time and just wants to prove he will always be there for them, just in case they have forgotten. Kayla smiles and says they haven't as they kiss and she embraces him. Steve then recalls remembering, while with Orpheus on the ship, being with Hope at Maison Blanche and them getting close, kissing, and possibly even making love. He remembers what Orpheus told him regarding that and how he told him Chelsea is his daughter with Hope.

Kayla says she will be right back and goes over to Caroline. While alone, Steve decides he just can't sit around and think about what he learned. He has his life back and his past, with the exception of where he was while "dead" other then a few blurred memories. Steve vows to get the answers he needs to learn if it's all true about him and Hope and about Chelsea. He decides that the only way to do that...is to go to NEW ORLEANS!!

The scene then freezes on Steve's face and fades to black.




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