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#76 Friday, July 20




Jill calls Brad out for his true interest in Sharon

Tyler, still getting accustomed to the Newman ranch, finds himself wandering in the grand living room. Looking around, he smirks to himself at all the things ‘rich folks are used to having.’ As he is letting his eyes roam over the room, he spots a beautiful black baby grand piano in the corner. Without realizing it, Tyler makes his way to the piano and sits himself down. In a matter of minutes, Tyler is playing Braham’s Lullaby by complete memory. Being taking with the music, Tyler doesn’t realize that Nikki, who upon hearing the music, is standing watching him in complete awe and fascination.

Paul and Maggie, who are having their usual coffee date at Crimson Lights are discussing business as usual when he makes mention of leaving for Atlanta with Michael. Raising a curious eyebrow, Maggie jokes since when did he and Michael take trips together. Shaking his head, Paul tells Maggie that Michael requested his services in locating his biological father, Lowell Baldwin. Maggie questions what brought on the need to search for him; to which Paul explains the letter Michael received. As the two are talking, an unnoticeable Kevin, who is doing what he does best, hears everything that is being said, and makes it a point to talk to Gloria about it during his visit with her.

Hugging Phyllis tightly, Michael tells Phyllis that all of her nine lives should have been up a long time ago. Smiling a little, Phyllis says that she’d give all her lives just to bring Summer out of the woods. Michael tells his friend that he offered his blood donation and is assured that Summer will get well. Phyllis, not wanting to talk further about Summer’s dire situation immediately asks Michael how he’s been. Michael lets Phyllis know that he received a letter from his father. He also tells her that he plans on locating him to find out why after so many years, would he contact him. Phyllis tells him to just be open to hear whatever he has to say. Scoffing, Michael says that Lowell Baldwin better have some really good reasons for writing him to begin with.

A startled Tyler quickly removes himself from the piano, quickly apologizing for being in the grand living room. Nikki waves off the apology, and instead asks Tyler how long he’s been playing the piano. He admits that he’s been playing since he was about seven. Wanting to talk to him further and share her love of piano, she offers Tyler a glass of lemonade. Sitting across from her, Tyler is curious to learn that Nikki has been playing the piano for many years. Without hesitation on either ones part, each begin talking about their favorite composers and what melodies they’ve played the most. After finishing his lemonade, a slightly flustered Tyler tells Nikki he should get back to the stables.

Jill is picking up take-out at Gina’s when she spots Brad and Sharon at a table together. Glancing at them, she sees Sharon is in completely taken by Brad’s over the top charm. Rolling her eyes, she nearly wants to gag when she sees Sharon swoop in for a kiss and then excusing herself to go to what Jill believes could be the ladies room. The moment Sharon is gone, Jill approaches Brad demanding how far he’s willing to go with ‘Ms. Pop-Tart.’ Smirking at Jill, Brad takes a sip from his glass and informs Jill that he is very well aware of what he is doing; and he’ll do whatever he must to get whatever information to put the kibosh on Newman Enterprises. Before leaving, Jill tells Brad to be careful before he winds up having everything explode in his face.

Olivia makes her way into Phyllis’ room to let her know that a matched blood type was found. Phyllis, thinking to herself that it could be Nick’s blood that will save Summer, asks if they are going through the transfusion now with Summer. Olivia informs her patient that Daniel was the perfect match for his baby sister. She tells Phyllis that she will return to give her updates on Summer as soon as she can. As Olivia is heading towards her office, she approaches one of the lab technicians who ran the blood tests. She asks him if either Nick or Phyllis were suitable donors, just in case Summer is required to have another transfusion. Looking over the files, the tech states that neither Phyllis or Nick were suitable matches and makes his way back to the lab. Olivia can’t understand why neither parent had Summer’s matched blood type.

Gloria is more than thrilled when she sees Kevin paying her a visit. Touching her hair, she quips to Kevin that she’s sorry for looking slightly a mess. Kevin tells his mother that she looks fine, despite the lack of a dye job. Gloria shushes him and asks him if anything new has been happening for either him or Michael. Kevin, not missing an opportunity to spill some news he’s overheard, begins to ask his mother about a Lowell Baldwin. Narrowing her eyes, she quickly asks Kevin why he’s curious about him. Kevin points out that he’s not interested in the man; Michael is. Gloria insists on knowing everything that Kevin has heard. Kevin says that Michael and Paul have planned to take a trip to Atlanta to find him. Staring directly into Kevin’s eyes, Gloria tells her son that Michael is in for a lot of heartache and regrets if he lets ‘that man’ back into his life.


  • Olivia has news for Phyllis and Nick about Summer
  • Jill gives Sharon a warning about Brad
  • Colleen begins skimping on her meals to shed pounds


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