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Monday July 16, 2007-FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL!!




The cruise ship has gone down, the impact of which has caused several lifeboats to turn over. This has put many lives in danger on the very dangerous stormy seas as we rejoin our beloved Salemites in peril...

-Roman is pulling a lifeless Marlena with him as he struggles to swim through the stormy seas. He promises he that he will protect her and won't lose her...not after just getting her back. They hear a women crying out for help. Roman recognizes the voice. He then hears someone swimming nearby. It's Jack!!

Jack sees Roman and asks if he has seen Billie. He can hear her screaming but can't find her. Roman says he has heard the screams but has not seen Billie. Jack explains that Billie and himself managed to reach the top of the ship and jumped off just before the ship sank but he hasn't been able to find Billie since. Roman explains that he pulled an unconscious Marlena out through a cargo door. Jack asks about Orpheus. Roman says he either got away or went down with the ship. They hear Billie's screams again. Jack goes after her. Roman follows him, pulling Marlena with him and continuing to yell for help.

Meanwhile, several lifeboats are turned over and loud screams for help can be heard by many. Bo is swimming around the stormy waters, screaming for Hope. He prays that he hasn't lost her...not when they just reunited. He then hears Hope screaming his name and swims around looking for her. Eventually, he reaches her and lovingly embraces her. He reminds Hope that he told her to hang on. Hope says that the force of the ship going down was just too strong. That is why nearly all the lifeboats tipped over. Bo tells her they need to hope help comes soon because there is no way they can stay alive on these waters.

The scene then shifts Chelsea and Max search the waters for Abby. Chelsea fears she is dead as Abby is paralyze. They find her empty folded up wheelchair. They then hear Forrest yell out that Abby is fine and turn to see him on the lifeboat with Abby and Shane, who has managed to tip the lifeboat back over. Chelsea and Max look at each other, dumbfounded over Forrest coming to Abby's rescue again.

-Sami and Lucas swim over to Shane and the lifeboat he is on. She tells Lucas they have to find Will and the others. She tells Lucas she saw both Carrie and Evan go under. Lucas tells her they will. Belle then comes over, pulling a defensive Kate. Kate asks her why she didn't just let her die. She deserves it after what she has done and she won't be able to live with herself. Belle says she has children and grandchildren to think about and tells her to start thinking about them. Lucas searches for Sami and Evan but finds a lifeless Nicole. He gives her mouth to mouth and she comes to. Sami swims over and tells Lucas to find Will and let the bitch die. Nicole tells Lucas that he should've let her die. Lucas shakes his head and swims away. Sami and Nicole coldly state at each other as Shane comes over and helps Nicole to the lifeboat.

Lucas swims around and finds Carrie, holding Evan while holding on to a piece of debris. He swims over and tells Carrie to come with him. Carrie tells Lucas the water is so cold and Evan could get sick. She tells him she can't lose anyone else she loves. Lucas assures her it will be ok. Meanwhile, Sami searches for Will and hears someone screaming in the distance. She swims around, calling out for Will. The voice answers back, screaming for help. Sami realizes it's Will and swims over. She finds him and embraces him. She tells him it will be ok and they swim back to the lifeboat.

-Bo and Hope find Doug swimming around. They ask him why he isn't in the lifeboat with the others. He says that Julie disappeared after the lifeboat tipped over. He calls out for Julie and says he needs to find her...even after what she has done. He still cares about. Bo and Hope help him look.

The scene then shifts to Cal and Katherine, who help pull Lexie and Cassie on to the lifeboat. They join Tony and Anna. Abe and Celeste then swim over and get help being pulled up. Abe and Celeste go to embrace Lexie but she moves away. Abe asks what is wrong. Lexie doesn't answer. Victor makes his way over with Maggie. Cal pulls them up. Victor asks about Greta, who soon swims over with Philip. Greta says she can't swim and Philip helped to save her before she went under. Victor tells Philip that he owes him a debt of gratitude. Philip asks why as Greta is nothing to him. He was just saving a life. Victor is silent. Caroline and Frankie are then pulled on board.

Cassie then asks where Stefano is. They hear a cry for help in the distance. It's Stefano. Cassie says they need to go help him. Victor says there will be no such thing. He looks out toward Stefano and yells out "Nothing personal. It's just good business, old friend." Maggie remembers that Stefano said that right before leaving Victor and her to die. She tells Victor that she knows where he is coming from but saving Stefano could end the war. Victor shakes his head and says it won't end until one of them is dead. They have the opportunity to let Stefano die now and need to take it.

The sound and sight of a large boat gets everyone's attention. Stefano turns and sees the boat. It's the Coast Guard, who yell out through a speaker for everyone to hang on.

Meanwhile, Bo and Hope help Doug search the stormy waters. Hope sees an object floating in the distance. Bo tells her that isn't an object but a body. It's Julie. They swim over and give mouth to mouth. Doug prays she is alright. She comes to and tells Doug she knew he still cared. Doug is silent and turns away from Julie. Bo and Hope help them to the lifeboat, where they join Steve and Kayla. A still injured Steve says it was nice going for a little swim. Kayla laughs and says she only wishes the water were warmer. Bo sees the Coast Guard cutter and announces that help has arrived.

-Later, many of the cruise ship guests are now on board the coast guard ship. Towels have been given to them all for warmth. Julie comes over to Doug and tells him she knows she made some mistakes but thinks they can still work it out. They do love each other. Doug gets up and walks away, leaving Julie all alone. Maggie sits with Victor, fearing that the war between him and Stefano will be much worse now given the events tonight. Victor says he doesn't care. Caroline comes over and says Victor had the right idea...to let Stefano die. Stefano comes over, laughing. He says that he wouldn't have died anyway. He is the phoenix, afterall. Victor and Stefano coldly look at each other, acknowledging the fact that both left each other to die. Victor says it seems the way is back on. Stefano nods, telling Victor he will see him back in Salem. Stefano walls away, leaving behind a worried Caroline and Maggie and a determined Victor.

Max tells Chelsea he doesn't like this Fred Allen guy as he watches Abby with Forrest/Fred. Chelsea admits to Max that something is up with him and she doesn't like it and hasn't since meeting him. Philip asks Greta what is going on between his father and her. Greta says that he will have to ask Victor. Bo and Hope walk in after talking with the coast guard. Kate is sitting alone when Nicole walks by. They exchange cold glances as Kate tells Nicole she should be the one dead. Nicole blankly stares at Kate and walks away. Sami sits with Carrie and asks if Evan is ok. She thinks he is. Sami tells Carrie they will get through this and embraces her. Lucas tells Carrie that Sami is right. Carrie is silent.

Belle comes over, saying she is worried about their father. She notices Bo and Hope have returned. Bo comes over with Hope. The whole room listens in as Bo says that everyone is accounted for except Orpheus, Roman, Marlena, James, Jack, and Billie. Just then, Roman is brought in with Marlena. He places the unconscious Marlena on a cot. Belle, Carrie, Kayla, Bo, Hope, Caroline, and Sami embrace Roman. He fills them in on what happened and his belief that Orpheus got away. He also tells them of James's death and says he was killed by Orpheus. He also shares that it took everything he had but he got the "real" Marlena back...at least, he hopes. Roman adds that Marlena has been unconscious ever since she passed out after she seemed to fight her way out. Sami says she is sure that if he saw the "real" Marlena back, she's back. Their love brought her back. Roman hopes so. They all need her right now.

Bo says that means only Orpheus, Jack, and Billie are not accounted for and he doesn't expect to find Orpheus. Roman says that Jack was searching for Billie after they jumped ship before it went down. Roman explains he followed Jack but he lost sight of them and couldn't hear Billie screaming anymore. Chelsea begins to get worried along with Kate, Lucas, and Philip. A coast guard officer then comes in and Bo informs him that only 3 are unaccounted for. The coast guard officer says the storm has gotten too nasty and their men are doing their best but the chances of anyone surviving out there is going down with every hour. A worried Abby breaks down with worry for her father, saying she can't lose him too after losing her mother. Forrest comforts her as Max watches. Chelsea says that Billie and her had issues but she still cares about her. Max comforts her before Bo comes over, embracing her and promising they will find her mom as Hope watches, knowing she is her real mother.

The scene then shifts back to the stormy seas as Jack searches for Billie. He can't hear her screaming but sees something floating in the distance. It's Billie!! he swims over and discovers her not breathing. He begins mouth to mouth, hoping he remembers how to do it. He begs her not to leave him now as continues mouth to mouth.

The scene then freezes on an unconscious Billie and then fades to black.




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