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CAT FIGHT!Dahlia is arrested!HUGE EPISODE 12





written by: ML Cooks

mark_mortimer_5.jpgMark stops Dahlia outside of S.G.Fashion Outlet.


"I can't believe you kissed her. What is your problem?"


"I didn't kiss her. I put my hand out to shake and like I said she just grabbed me and before I knew it she was kissing me. It all happened so fast, right before you came out the dressing room."


"Yea, o.k. But you two didn't stop kissing until I came out the dressing room!"

Natalia walks outside.

Dahlia looks at her.

"How dare you kiss my man? You knew he was off limits when we walked in the store! You knew we was together!"

nattysm-1.jpgNatalia (lying)

"Look, I'm sorry! But I did not know he was with you. Honestly."


"Yea right. And I was born last night .We were holding hands and hugged up! How did you not notice that Mark was not my man?"

"Dahlia Salem?"

Everyone turns around and sees officer Mike Dietzvictor2.jpg.

"That's me, what's going on officer?"


"Dahlia Salem put your hands behind you back, you are under arrest."

Natalia has a big smile on her face.


"Mike there must be a mistake."


"Dahlia is being charged with theft."


"I'm not a thief. I don't steal!"


"Uhm.. Yes you did. You walked out this store with that outfit on and its not paid for. You broke the law."

Dahlia is arrested and is put into a cruiser. As Mike drives off, Natalia waves at her. Natalia even has the nerve to blow her a kiss!


"You are a devil!"

Mark leaves to bail Dahlia out of jail.

High Klass Hairweave-1.jpg

Looking into Sharan's pretty brown eyes, Dondre answers her question honestly.

"Yes Sharan. I do have feelings for you other than friendship. I'm tired of denying them. I know you are with Kevin, and I've tried to fight the way I feel , but I can't."

Sharan immediately feels uncomfortable and moves away from Dondre.

"Wow, I didn't know you felt like that. Dondre, you have to know that I love Kevin and nothing is going to change that. "


"Sharan, I don't want this confession to ruin our friendship."


"Dondre, I really don't know. I mean I think it may be odd for you to work here with your attraction toward me. I already told Kevin that you don't harbor feelings for me. But now that's not true."


"What you saying Sharan? You told me to be honest and I did that. Now that you know I have feelings for you, what happens now?"


S.G. Headquartersdtownpapasena.jpg

Sabryn2313416530.jpg charges after Ashleyashsmall-1.jpg, grabbing her neck .Sabryn starts to choke Ashley as they land up against a wall. Ashley's faces is turning red, due to her oxygen source being cut and she tries to pry Sabryn's hands from her neck. In a last ditch effort, before passing out, Ashley takes both her hands and yanks Sabryn's hair to the left causing Sabryn's head to tilt. Ashley then takes a fist and begins to bang into Sabryn's cranium repeatedly. Sabryn then releases Ashley's neck to avoid further blunt blows to the brain. Sabryn hijacks Ashley in her knee with her heel of her high heels. Ashley then punches Sabryn with a right and then a left hook. Blood begins to gush from her mouth. Sabryn loses her balance from the two tko's and falls back on her desk. Ashley not wanting to miss the opportunity to an easy victory, and to teach her foe a good lesson, jumps on top of the desk, sitting on Sabryn. Ashley gets a firm grip on Sabryn's head and begins to bash Sabryn's head onto the desk, until Sabryn's passes out, unconscious.

Bryan sits at his bar inside his club,"The Jump Off"bar2.jpg

Part time Bartender Chris greets him.

"What will it be boss?"


"Get me a mgd.jpg."


"What's going on man? You look stressed out."


"I messed up Chris. Big time. I did something stupid."


"You cheated on Sabryn?"


"Yes. And she caught me man. I don't know what I was thinking."


"What made you do it then? You always talk about how much you love Sabryn?"


"I was being selfish. Between me running this club, and her at S.G. and all her travels around the globe, we didn't have a lot of 'us' time. And I like to have sex on a nightly. She would be to tired, or to stressed out. Man we would go weeks without having sex."


"Maybe you should have talked to her instead of cheating?"


"Chris, I tried. She just wasn't listening. So I met this chic named Ashley. You know,... she was willing to have sex on the regular and I just got caught up with her."


"So now what are you going to do?"


"I don't even know Chris. I think I might have lost Sabryn for good" He finishes his beer.

In another one of downtown Pasadena's Skyscraper resides Ivory IncApr18_0003.jpg., a cosmetics and fragrance company owned by Kevin Williams, and co owned with his younger brother Karim Williams.

Kevin walks into the conference room and sees Karim sitting alone at the table.


"Where the hell have you been? I have been fending off this meeting and b.s. for over an hour. You could have at least called man?"


"I apologize Karim. Sharan and I had to sign the contract for the tie in with Sabryn's company. Then get this man. You know Dondre right?"


"Yea, the dude who works with Sharan at the shop right? Yea what about him?"


"He calls Sharan's phone as we was leaving S.G. and tells Sharan that there was a break in at the shop. To come find out when we get there, I guess he didn't know I would be coming with Sharan, this nigga had a romantic breakfast set up for he and Sharan."


"Word? For real?"


"Yes man."


"That sound like an ass whoopin' then man"


"I knocked his ass out and let him know he crossed the line."


"And Dondre is still at the shop?"


"Yea man. I am not worried about him. Sharan has reassured me she loves me and I have nothing to worry about. I trust her. You know that."


"Yea I know that. But it couldn't be me man. I'd go crazy if someone tried to take Ria away from me...."

In West wood Park,nightviewofwestwoodpark.jpg Karim and Ria's house

ria3.jpgRia slams the phone down. She picks up back up an dials some numbers. Dondre's voice mail comes back on.

Damn it Dre! I am tired of hearing your voice mail. What the hell are you doing papi? Karim is at work and I need my kitty played with papi. Please don't keep me waiting any longer." She hangs up and wonders where and what Dondre is doing.

High Klass Hair

Sharan, reaffirming her securities with Kevin, once again holds the ice pack on Dondre's jaw.

"Dre, I'm in love with Kevin. I don't want to hurt you but you have to know my heart belongs to him. I cannot see my self with no one else."


"And I respect that Sharan. That's why I tried to fight these feelings because I know how you feel about Kevin. But Sharan, I can no longer fight this. I know in my heart, I can make you happy. I know Kevin can't and wont be able to love you the way I can. Baby girl I just need a chance to prove it to you. Let me prove to you that I can make you the happiest woman in the world. Will you give me a chance Sharan?"


In Sierra Madrepasadenahills.jpg

lib-1.jpgThe Lady in Black's phone rings


"Mona, it's Ty. Is everything going according to plan?"


"Everything is falling into place."(She leaves out the part she shot Ty's right hand man Daniel)


"Good I will be out of her soon" They hang up.<Yes folks, Ty and The Lady in Black, who now has a name, Mona are Ty working together.>

Mona lights up a blunt . In a moment with drugs she sees we.gifShe comes back to reality and looks at her pit she has dug in her basement. She then looks at a picture of Sharan.

"Soon my sweet I will have you, and no one will ever be able to find you.".........


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