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June 25, 2007




-The MCF laughs and tells everyone in attendance in the cruise ship ballroom, via his or her voice changer, that it's time to begin this evening's program. The MCF says he or she will now reveal the truth behind his or her first few months in Salem including how he or she appeared for the first time in Salem at the Halloween Ball and watched several Salemites from the shadows. The MCF also reveals his or her involvement in the explosion at Sami's apartment and proclaims that as his or her first official act of vengeance. The MCF notes that they all must know that already since Jack, Billie, and their merry band of detectives discovered surveilance tapes of some of his or her early appearances. The MCF commends them on their superb investigative work. Jack coldly looks at the MCF, who snickers.

The MCF moves on to explain how he or she effortlessly made it appear he was both a Kiriakis and Dimera lackey at the New Year's Eve ball. Stefano and Victor both fume with anger, saying no one interferes in their business let alone someone like him or her. The MCF laughs and explains how easy it was. The MCF then reveals how he or she was the real person who shot Roman. He knew Bo was asked by Victor to do it and that part of his and Roman's undercover operation with the ISA was to fake it so the MCF interfered and shot Roman for real. It made it appear like Bo did it and it gave the MCF time to escape, even though he was seen by Maggie, Jack, and Billie and nearly caught.

Bo can't believe that is what happened. He thought things went wrong somehow and wondered if Victor had switched the blanks in his gun with real bullets. Victor says he had no reason to do such a thing. He assumed at that point that Bo was on the up and up. Roman reminds Bo he was wearing a vest. The MCF reveals he had a special type of bullet in his or her gun, designed by the ISA to pierce said bulletproof vests. Roman wonders who the hell he or she is.

The MCF goes on to mention the happenings at the warehouse a short time after. Bo was on the run and so was Victor due to the shootout and Roman having been shot. The MCF admits that he or she found out their whereabouts and he or she was the one that called the police and Hope. The MCF knew that calling Hope would also drag Caroline into this, along with Maggie. The MCF had hopes that all hell would break loose and it would be a bloodbath, thereby getting rid of so many of his or her enemies. Caroline can't believe they were all manipulated like that. Hope says she knew the person who called her was laying a trap. She never thought about this a lot because of everything going on. Once the MCF became a popular name around Salem's parts, she figured he or she was behind the interference that day. The MCF laughs and then says he or she knew that the explosion of Victor's limo was nothing more then a ruse so Victor could get away. It was too easy.

Victor wonders how he or she knows so much. The MCF says that all will be known in due time. He or she still has much more to reveal. The MCF then says that the fun is about to begin as he or she says it's time to move on to the night where he or she upped the ante on his or her plans and began to lay the groundwork to this very day. Everything was child's play until this point. Almost like warning shots, even though someone could've very well died, which wouldn't have bothered him or her. Whatever the case, the MCF moves on to talk about a night of new life and great suffering...one that was followed by a night of mass murder that shocked Salem. James watches and realizes the MCF is speaking of his family's murder. Marlena watches as well, wondering if the MCF will actually admit the truth with James right there.

The MCF explains how they all already know the truth behind Carrie giving up her beautiful child. The MCF explains how easy it was to run interference. He or she just stopped Alan's car and took the baby and made sure Eric and Nicole found it at Green Mountain. The MCF explains that was not the initial plan but it's funny how so much of Salem played into his or her hands. Their lies, deceptions, actions...all made his or her plans easier. He or she then jumps into the future and explains how he or she used Nicole's desire to keep Evan to get her under his or her control in the event that he or she needed her, like when he or she asked Nicole to deliver a letter to someone. Nicole would also be the scapegoat if the truth did come out. Nicole is angry from afar but the MCF laughs, saying that would have been unlikely. Besides, the original plan was to have the whole Evan debacle revealed so that it would aid on luring everyone to the ship, just like it did tonight.

The MCF adds how shocked he or she is that it all worked out so wonderfully. So much of this was based on whether they would all come of their own accord and so many of them did. Some were forced but that was the clear minority. The MCF then looks at Kate, saying she is another example. Her pathetic interference in her children's lives reared it's ugly head again. He or she knew it would so he or she relied on that to help his or her plans. The MCF reveals how he or she called Kate and made sure she saw Carrie holding Evan at Salem Place. He or she put Kate on the right track and Kate put the pieces together via DNA testing and found out the truth about baby Evan. The MCF adds that the truth couldn't come out yet so he or she made sure that Kate would keep her mouth shut by threatening her family. Nicole would keep an eye on her and Carrie, who soon learned the truth herself. The MCF reiterates he or she wasn't ready for the truth yet to come out so he or she threatened that Carrie would never see Evan again and threatened her family. Crisis averted.

The MCF laughs about the wedding of Carrie and Austin, saying how much fun it was seeing Carrie tortured with that secret and beginning her marriage with a lie. Carrie lunges for the MCF but Austin holds her back, saying she put herself in that position and has no one to blame but herself. Carrie looks down in shame. The MCF says Austin is right. So much of Salem left the door open for him or her to manipulate them and use them all to his or her advantage. It was truly pathetic. The MCF says that wedding wasn't all fun. He or she was nearly caught and needed to jump over a balcony. The MCF looks at Kate and thanks her for being his or her shield that night. The MCF mentions regretting the loss of his or her beloved lair in the warehouse but would rather have given up that then getting caught and having everything ruined.

The MCF looks at Jack, Billie, Frankie, and Greta and calls them royal pain in the asses but pain in the asses he or she had to count on. The MCF needed people on the trail of his or her plans. It was all part of the game to help lure them all to this lovely ship. It also allowed him or her to toy with them all. The MCF does admit that they came too close a few times to the truth but he or she had James on their trail, although he was hard to keep in line at times. Billie mentioned the night in the warehouse they were nearly torched to death. The MCF says that was James and Alan. James wanted revenge on them for their part in his family's death. The MCF mentions how JJ and Angel worked with Jack and Billie on the case and had seen the MCF with Marlena, James, and Alan. They put Jack, Billie, and the others hot on his or her trail, which the MCF had wanted but not at that moment. James says that his family died because of the police, Jack and Billie and their whole investigation, and also at Marlena's hand. The MCF adds that James was and still is in a lot of pain. Billie apologizes but it's too late according to James.

The MCF quickly moves on as Marlena laughs from a distance, saying she knew the MCF wouldn't say a word about who really killed James's family. The MCF says it's time to go back to the night Carrie had her child. The MCF knows they all now know about Alan and Will's unplanned tryst. Sami tells him or her to go to hell. The MCF admits he or she was quite appalled but realized the situation would work to his or her advantage and it did. It helped get them all to the ship on this night and any suffering that is brought on the Brady's is good for him.

Roman: Why is that? So much of what you did focuses on my family. On the Brady's. Why do you hate the Brady's? Why do you hate all of us in this room?

Ernesto (coming forward on stage): Let's remember, Roman, that I am also involved in this and that this room is filled with a combination of my enemies and the enemies of our esteemed cloaked friend here. Some in this room are enemies I and the cloaked one share in common.

Roman looks at the MCF.

Roman: Why not take off that damn cloak? I mean, it has to be hot under there. It's summer, for heaven's sake. LOOK AT US!!! LOOKS AT YOUR ENEMIES!!! THE PEOPLE YOU TORTURED FOR SO LONG!! LOOK AT US....FACE TO FACE!!! DAMNIT!!! ENOUGH OF THE GAMES AND THEATRICS!! WE'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH!

The MCF turns away.

Roman: The time has come for the truth. For all of us to learn who has terrorized us for all this time.

The MCF laughs as Nicole watches from the back of the ballroom and Marlena watches from behind stage as James, Alan, Ernesto, and Steve watch from on stage. Cal, Katherine, Doug, Julie, Maggie, Caroline, Bo, Hope, Roman, Belle, Carrie, Austin, Sami, Lucas, Will, Kate, Eric, Jack, Billie, Frankie, Greta, Max, Shane, Abe, Lexie, Celeste, Stefano, Cassie, Victor, Philip, Tony, Anna, Kayla, Abby, Chelsea, and Forest all are in the room and look at the MCF as he or she continues to laugh and the screen fades to black.


MCF to Bo: What's the matter? Big, bad Bo Brady learned he got some from the uncle and now he isn't so bad anymore.

Bo to MCF: You bastard (punches MCF).

Julie to Doug: You have to believe me!! I never wanted this.

Doug to Julie: I can't even look at you!!

MCF to Chelsea: Why don't you tell them what a cold hearted monster you really are?

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