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November 29th



Today, I had no work but was left babysitting my younger brothers. Glad I don't work since it's cold and snowing. I hate snow with a passion.

Got to watch my soaps. I'm surprised my 2 yr old brother agreed. Although, he did try and change the channel during Guiding Light.

Loved Days today. Although, I hate that Jack & Jennifer are getting torn apart it's some great acting by Missy Reeves. I loved the Belle/Marlena scenes. They make such a great mom/daughter duo. And of course being a big Shimi fan, I loved there scenes together.

OLTL is my favorite soap right now. Loving Tess/Nash. They're HOT! Also, love Niki Smith. I just can't find anything I don't like about this show right now. I felt bad for poor Matthew who's mother is in a coma and father was just shot.

I missed B&B. I'm getting very bored with it. I love Stephanie but the rest just puts me to sleep. Instead, I watched Guiding Light. I hate the new actress playing Cassie <_< And I love Tammy & Jonathan. They're hot.

I think I'll go to bed early tonight and just chat on AIM. Might watch the finale of Amazing Race. I haven't watched a full episode this week.

I don't work tomorrow until 3:30 pm. 6 Hours :( I'll have to remember and tape America's Next Top Model, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and the best show on tv LOST.



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