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Work Tomorrow and other ramblings



Enter The Chandler Zone

I sooooooooo don't want to go to work tomorrow. It's not that I hate my job, it's just that there is nothing for me to do until our new director starts. It's the ideal job for someone who likes to be bored, but I can't deal with it for much longer. Yeah I have a great view of the ocean, and yeah the boardwalk is right outside of our gate, but it's been too damn hot for me to be out there. Plus the humidity messes up my hair. If I spike it in the morning, it'll completely fall out by mid afternoon.

Anyways, back to work, I need so many things for my office. I need a new computer for one thing, I also need the city to network my office to the main building so I can have internet access, I also need the IT guys to set up my city e-mail account. I know things are slow, but jeeze, I've waiting for Internet access since April.

We so need some young hot girls in my department. There's like nothing but old people near me. Now I don't mean this to insult the elderly, but it sucks not being attracted to anyone in my department. I guess the brightside is I can roll over to my window and check out the chicks on the beach. I must say, South Jersey has some pretty hot girls. Gotta love them.

Anyways, today we have a meeting with the new director after the board of director's meeting. The new director starts October 3rd if I'm not mistaken. Thank god she's coming. I hope I won't have any problems with her. The past interim director didn't like the fact that I worked for city hall at my young age. It's not my fault I can type better than most of the people at City Hall.

I noticed Na'Velle posted his blog entry and mentioned Rockland County. I am also a part of Rockland County. I play Elijah Phillips. Now I've been playing a guessing game with the creator of RC (Roger Newcomb) about Elijah's past. I think Elijah is the illegitimate son of the powerful Paul Ramos. I have no proof to back this up, it's just a feeling. Anyways, I want to thank Roger for letting me be a part of the web soap. I personally hate my phone voice, so I try to play with it a lot. I guess he never chooses the version that I like, lol. I've been told I'm getting better though. It's kinda hard to play a scene one sidedly. Anyways, here's a plug for Rockland County! Rockland County airs Wednesday's and Friday's at 9:45am ET on Radio Loger and repeats on Soap Opera Radio (Live 365) throughout the week. Each episode is about 10 minutes long. RC is also available on podcast. Check out the Rockland County Website

Yeah, that's what's happens to me. I jump from topic to topic and begin rambling like I am now. The readers will get used to it. It happens a lot. Later on today I'll be covering the personal issue that kept me away for almost two weeks.

Chandler Out!


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heh, he isn't kidding about the rambling part. he will, he does at AIM all the time. LOL! And coming from one South Jersey person to another...we do have some hot chicks here.

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