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My Weekend (Short Version)



Today is my first offical day returning to SON. After about two weeks of dealing with some family issues and my own personal problems, it's nice to be able to get back online and just do nothing, lol.

I celebrated my 19th birthday on Saturday, September 24. My roomates took me out for my birthday. I really enjoyed it. The club was really awesome, I plan on going back in a few weeks. Saturday started off pretty late. My roomates and I stayed up until like 3 on Friday just hanging out with some girls we met a few weeks ago. I ended up taking some Nyquill and slept until 2. Not my perfect idea of a Saturday morning, but it felt good to sleep so damn late.

Today was pretty good. I stayed home and shook off what happened last night. The SON meeting was pretty productive and we managed to get a lot done. Thank gone we're back up and running. I HATE Ezboard.

Anyways, that's it for my first blog entry.

Chandler Out!

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